The Assault on Frot Club

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

The Assault on Frot Club


Hi guys.

A few years back Frot Club came under assault from spammers -- who were almost certainly analists --

and I'll explain why it's reasonable to think that in a bit --

and for that reason I had to change the way guys posted.

Instead of allowing people just to put up posts, I had to ask them to send their posts to me in an email -- and then I posted for them.

That worked for a couple of years.

But, in June of this year, Frot Club once again came under attack from spammers, again, almost certainly buttboys, who were exploiting a weakness in the "script" -- the computer language -- which ran the board.

And who were thus able to evade the measures I'd taken earlier to prevent spamming.

Unfortunately, the Frot Club board was designed for us many years ago, in a more innocent age, and it had virtually no security built-in.

And it was *designed for us*, which means it was a "custom script" -- very expensive to try to fix unless the original tech who did the work would agree to fix it.

Well, I wrote to him four times, and he didn't respond.

So -- what I decided to do and what I did was to simply convert Frot Club into a different, and more secure, format, on my own.

And I did it, ultimately, because I don't want the site to be held hostage to techs, who are essentially hackers themselves, and who in my experience are a moody and unpredictable lot.

So this wasn't really a question of money.

Although it's certainly the case that if we'd had an adequate level of donation over the years, we'd have been able to have a far more sophisticated board and could have upgraded it as needed to keep it secure.

But we didn't have an adequate level of donation, we've never had it, and in the current "recession" we're clearly not going to have it.

So, given those realities, I was actually content to do this on my own.

Of course it took a lot of time to do it.

And that's time which I -- and you -- can't get back.

Thomas Friedman of The New York Times likes to say that Mother Nature doesn't do bail-outs.

Well, neither does Father Time.

So your failure to donate over these many years meant that I had to spend more than a month doing grunt work and not writing posts -- posts which you need to read.

I don't need to read them -- I already know what's in my head.

But you don't.

So, as usual, you're the poorer for your lack of generosity.

But of course, you're too stupid and stingy to realize it.

Be that as it may, I feel that saving the posts in Frot Club -- and that was the danger -- that all those posts, dating back over almost ten years, would be lost -- was worth it.

It's true that many of the posts were just "looking for a Frot bud" -- and if they were very old, we didn't need to save them -- and I didn't.

But many others -- a surprisingly large number -- were strong personal statements.

And given how oppressed guys into Frot are by the "gay community," I felt, rightly, that we had to save those if possible.

That it's really part of our mission.

And that's why I did it.

But, like I say, it prevented me from doing other work for quite a while.

And in that respect the spammers, aided and abetted by your selfishness, were successful.

They prevented me from getting important information to you.

Which is what they wanted to do.

Now -- that of course is assuming they were buttboys.

Why do I assume that?

Because there was really no other earthly reason for anyone to spam that board.

It's not, sad to say, a heavily trafficked board.

Spamming it for a commercial purpose -- and given how much work it was to break into the board -- would be ridiculous.

The spamming was done to degrade and ultimately cripple the board.

The quantity of spam was huge.

On just one Saturday in July, for example, someone inserted 94 pieces of spam onto the board.

That's a lot.

And it was a person, not a robot.

He would spam, I would delete, and it kept up all day -- and then he stopped.

Clearly, this was not a machine, because a machine wouldn't stop.

So this was some addled analist or a group of typically demented and deranged buttboys.

And in attacking Frot Club, although they may have conceptualized it as attacking me, in reality they were attacking you.

Because I'm not posted in Frot Club -- you are.

Indeed, thousands of you are.

People sometimes complain to me about the relative paucity of posts in Frot Club.

In reality, those posts were, until I switched to the new format, counted by the script we were running, and the last post which went up was number 12,960.

Now, of course, some of what got counted was spam, so let's pretend that there were "only" ten thousand posts on that board.

That's still ten thousand.

Of course, there are hundreds of thousands of posts on analist boards.

That's because analism is the majority culture.

Nevertheless, ten thousand is a lot.

And that's one of the things which is so striking about analism and the analist establishment -- that it refuses to acknowledge that Men into Frot in any way constitute a legitimate group or even subset within the population of Men who have sex with Men.

Instead, the establishment and its buttboy goons put an inordinate amount of energy into attacking me -- in what are known as "ad hominem" or "ad hom" or just plain personal attacks -- all over the web.

I've read a fair number of the attacks, and not one is on target.

Not even close.

But that's not surprising, given that these are personal attacks made by people who not only don't know me, but have never even met me, and are therefore clueless as to what I'm actually like personally.

Nevertheless, they make them.


Well, for one thing, because they're effective.

As we know from our local and national politics, these sorts of attacks divert attention from the actual issues, and often effectively sabotage attempts to reasonably address those issues.

For example, and as I just wrote about in The Struggle is Important, the actual issue in HIV infection among "men who have sex with men" is gay-identified males infecting other gay-identified males through anal penetration.

Anal is the vehicle.

And the people driving the vehicle are gay-identified males.

By the most conservative estimate, each and every day 72 gay-identified American males -- and the actual number is almost certainly higher -- infect 72 other gay-identified American males -- with HIV -- through anal penetration.

Each and every day.

This is a FACT which the "gay establishment," seeing victory loom for both "gay marriage" and "gays" in the military -- is desperate NOT to have discussed.

Because it exposes something very ugly about the behavior of gay-identified males towards each other.

Very ugly.

That their behavior is very frequently, to use Larry Kramer's word, "murderous."

The narrative which the gay leadership puts forward, and which it wants to dominate the discussion about "gay people," is that they're essentially gentle people who are being oppressed by bullying bigots.


But suppose the public became aware that HIV-infection among gay-identified males is ALL gay-on-gay;

and that in this little matter of Frot vs anal, the bullies are -- GAY.


That gay-identified males attack, censor, and seek to totally silence websites and individuals who dissent from the analist status-quo; while they BULLY their peers into doing anal.

The highest risk so-called sex act known.

Again, the gay establishment and individual gay-identified males attack, censor, and seek to totally silence websites and individuals who question the supremacy of anal and who promote forms of sex universally agreed to be far safer than anal;

while, and at the same time, BULLYING their gay-identified male peers into doing anal.

Suppose the public knew that?

And that when the BULLYING and incessant peer pressure doesn't work, these same individual gay-identified males resort to coercion, aka RAPE.

And that at least one study has shown that there's a shockingly high level of DATE RAPE among gay-identified males.

That's GAY-on-GAY rape -- like the HIV infection, it's VIOLENCE perpetrated by GAYS against other GAYS.

Those very same sweet and gentle people we're always hearing about who just want to be free to love each other.

NOT in my experience.

What they've demanded and effectively achieved with anally-vectored HIV, is the freedom to KILL each other -- without societal interference, which has been painted as politically incorrect.

Suppose the public knew that?

And that the "gay community" and "gay establishment" refuses to address these issues; instead de facto encouraging its members to slander anyone who questions the emphasis on anal, the deaths which result from anal, and the immense pressures brought to bear on gay-identified males to do anal.

An understanding by the larger public of how the "gay community" actually functions and in particular of how it treats the minorities within that so-called community -- such an understanding by the larger public would have what Gore Vidal likes to call a "wholesome effect."

But the gay establishment needn't worry.

In order for that to happen, you'd have go be willing to do a LOT more than you're willing to now.

Which is, essentially, nothing.

And your lack of action is a topic to which we'll eventually and inevitably return.

In the meantime, Frot Club has a new, more secure format, and a new URL:

And anyone clicking on the old URL is automatically and seamlessly directed to the new board.

Which I hope you'll ck out.

There are some additions to the splash page, particularly a section called Frot Club Basics, which are worth a read.

And I hope you'll read the posts too -- not so as to find a partner, necessarily, but just to hear what your fellow Men have been saying all these many years.

Because their words are both affirming and empowering.

And by saving their words, we did what The Man2Man Alliance is supposed to do:

Serve, protect, and defend Men --

Men who believe with all their heart in Frot, Fidelity, and Masculinity.

Bill Weintraub

July 25, 2010

© All material Copyright 2010 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

This aspect of our work is the one that's most disturbing and indeed frightening to our opponents:

That we combine the Love of Man with the Love of Fighting Spirit.

Which is Warrior Spirit.

The Warrior God is the Guardian of that Spirit.

You may call him Jesus Christ as Robert Loring does.

You may call him Ares as did the Greeks.

What's important is that you understand and acknowledge

the vital role He plays in Your Life.

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