values and morals and honour



values and morals and honour


I have just been reading Robert's post We ARE warriors and I agree! He is so right! As he says the world will never be able to take the warrior out of the warrior, he also says that no man, no warrior comes to this web site by accident, I thought I found it by chance when I went from a wrestling site and clicked on a link but, I now believe that I was led here, by Warrior Jesus, who I now feel closer to now that I am free.

Warriors, the time has come, don't be put off by our small number there was once a group of believers who were but 12 in number and they grew to become a world wide movement I am talking about the Christians. We need to go out as did they not just but as missionaries in twos (see Luke 10:1) and as Warrior couples living the life together setting the example. I look forward to getting a man in my life so I can live that Warrior way more fully by being one of a Warrior couple, on my own it does not "show up" to people that I am this way, a man with masculine needs, a need for a buddy, a need to get down with him on the floor and wrestle, and well, a need to frot with him too.

But even a lone Warrior can set a good example because again as Robert points out we must have values and morals and honour, in short a code, I believe most that a warrior is a gentleman and is never rude of course and will always assume that a woman is a LADY and a man is a GENTLEMAN and a warrior unless their OWN behaviour proves otherwise.

So let us set the warrior example.

We ARE Warriors!


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