Cause and Effect


Bill Weintraub

Cause and Effect



"All men are potentially gay. The male G-spot is in the anus."

-- Boy George during an appearance on Britain's Frank Skinner Show, as quoted by The Pink Paper, Nov. 23.

[Boy George, who it would appear is anatomically challenged, is effeminate, promiscuous, and an analist -- and a darling of mainstream gay male culture.]


"The unique advantage of gay male sex is that you can, without props, both be pitcher and catcher."

-- OUT magazine editor Brendan Lemon

[OUT says it has a circulation of 100,000 per month, which, using an old-time journalist's rule of thumb, means that it's seen by 400,000 people 12 times a year.]

So here we have an icon of gay culture to both gay and nongay people, and an editor who controls access to 400,000 readers per month, telling us that gay sex is anal sex.


an email from a first-time visitor to HeroicHomosex:

"I am surprised that other gay/bi -males have the same fantasies as I.

"I agree with your point of view. I wish I had the courage to come out as you have.

"I will forever bear the burden of hypocrisy and cowardice for what I have failed to-....."

[End of email]

The author of this email is neither a hypocrite nor a coward. He's simply someone for whom cultural forces and cultural messages were too strong, and which drowned out his inner voice.

I hope that with the help of the men on this site, he'll find it again.

So, you're not cowards, you're not hypocrites, and you're not alone -- but you have to be very clear about the weight and power of these constant and pervasive cultural messages.

And you have to fight back -- you can't just sit on your hands while more of these lies are generated every day.

That means posting -- here and on other sites -- and telling your friends and other significant people in your life that you don't do anal.

As always dudes,




Re: Cause and Effect


What's the point to this community if no one talks about it. WE need to get the word out about this site and the HEROES one also.

We we all do a little, we can accomplish a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Bill, as always you drive home the point !!!!!!


Bill Weintraub


Re: Cause and Effect


the guy who employs Brendan Lemon as editor of OUT is named Joe Landry -- he also publishes The Advocate, and a new magazine called hiv plus

so one guy controls three major media outlets, all of them touting anal sex and benefitting from HIV

for example, Landry is quoted by the AP as criticizing activists who have questioned the use of sexy, vibrantly healthy models in HIV pharmaceutical ads:

"The fact that people are blaming the pharmaceutical advertisers for the rise in unsafe sex is ludicrous,'' says Landry.

Is it? Those ads are cultural messages, and what they tell people is that HIV is a treatable disease acquired by handsome buttfuckers.

And of course Landry's publications receive substantial revenues from those ads, as they do from condom and lube ads as well.

The reason Landry's complaining is that because of the actions of AIDS activists like Jeff Getty, those ads have been withdrawn and Landry's income has suffered.

So there are a series of interlocking industries in media, health care, condoms, lube, and porn that feed off of and promote anal sex and its discontents.

Taken together, they constitute a cultural tyranny, or, to put it country simple, the Buttfuck Dictatorship.

And one apsect of the battle to overthrow that dictatorship is to ferret out its directors and expose them for what they are -- men who profiteer from human suffering and pain.

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