love and companionship



love and companionship


WOW!!! That is a GREAT website! I agree 100% and I'm glad to know that there are others who think like I do.

I have had anal sex both giving and receiving and I can tell you it never did anything for me. I thought I was the only one in the gay community that didn't get into the "butt-mashing". So it is refreshing to see that you are not either.

I am also amazed at your going against promiscuity. Again, I agree fully with you. This is something that I don't find in the gay community. I have often thought that sleeping around with everyone robs one of a lot of psychological and emotional energy. But it is what guys are using as a substitute for love and companionship. The only problem is, is that it will leave someone more empty, the more they sleep around.

I have had contention with both of these points while trying do right in the eyes of the Creator. I have accepted that my being attracted to guys and wanting to bond with them is something that God has put in me, and it is not for me to change. But I KNOW that it is not his will for me to harm myself by being promiscuous. As well, the anal penetration is the part I was assuming was being referred to as "man shall not lie with man as with woman". I believe the intercourse part is something that should be with a woman, but I feel the need for human touch with man or woman is imperative as we are humans.

I know back in the day, men out in the battle fields must have slept huddle together or in each others arms on cold nights. It is biologically the most logical way to maintain one's body temperature in a cold environment. It is sad that society has put such a taboo on men being able to touch men. I am sure that a lot of men could or would enjoy the feel of another man's solid and firm body. It only makes sense with guys who workout and work to sculpt their bodies that they should appreciate a well sculpted body on another person.

So, there you have it! Someone who hears you loud and clear! :-)


Bill Weintraub

Re: love and companionship



thanks jeroch

jeroch has a personal posted in Frot Club under Akron OH

with a link to his yahoo profile

he's a hunk

and he's a man who's looking for that one other man who can match his love and devotion

is that you?

not if you're promiscuous

for it to be you, you have to let go of your promiscuity, and understand that true happiness awaits you in the arms of one true man

not many



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