The Devaluation of Sex



The Devaluation of Sex


It is my observation that sex has become a very cheap commodity indeed.

Especially amongst Gay men.

Gay men pick up sex, like picking up a burger at a drive through window.

The preferred "mode of transportation" is anal sex. An act so debasing that not only do you not have to know your partner's name, but you don't even have to see his face.

The beauty, the gentleness, the love, the sacredness have all been stripped from sex.

"Wham-Bam-Thank-You-Sam." And sometimes you don't even get the thank you.

And you would think with AIDS ripping through the community like wind-blown wild fire, that alternatives to anal sex, and the subsequent devaluation of it, would cause a change in behavior.

And it did. For ten minutes.

Now these idiots think that the drugs will save them. So of course they fuck themselves silly and then turn around and complain that the government is not doing enough to fight AIDS.

Sex between two people, males, females whatever...should be beautiful and healing and inspiring...and tiring.

It should not be robotic, mechanical, impersonal and as painful as a trip to the DMV.

At least when you come out of the DMV you're not diseased.

Also by The Black Lotus: Real life, fantasy, race, sex, love, religion, and frottage.

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