Urgent and Critical:

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub




Guys, over the summer and fall we've had more than thirty new posts in Personal Stories.

And that's a lot.

And they're good posts too.

Extremely high quality.

Yet in that same time -- over the summer and fall -- donations have fallen drastically.

Last month was particularly bad.

Yet without donations the sites cannot stay open -- and I will not keep them open because there has to be some measure of support for what we're doing.

I know there's a recession, I know people are scared.

But if Warrior Brian Hulme in the UK can tithe to the Alliance out of his unemployment -- you can donate.

And donations must be made monthly and predictably.

Which again, Brian does.

Otherwise it's impossible for the sites to function.

In analism and the analists, we face an entrenched, committed, and wealthy, enemy.

The idea that you can defeat them -- or even evade them, which is what most of you seek to do -- with nothing -- is ridiculous.

Frances proposed a community.

Frances is correct.

Not only would a community give you what you want and need in your lives, it would also be far more stable, and far better able to withstand the sort of economic shock we're now living through.

Most of you, of course, aren't interested.

Most of you want what I call a private solution.

That's a mirage.

Human beings live in their culture the way fish live in the sea.

You cannot escape your culture -- whether it's economic or sexual.

I had a private solution with Brett.

Yet Brett was ripped from me.

By our culture -- the culture we both lived in.

That's a lesson you need to learn -- before you suffer the sort of loss I and so many literally millions of others -- did.

In terms of community -- the history of utopian communities in the US is clear:

They rise or fall on money.

The Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints -- the FLDS who have the Yearning for Zion ranch in Texas -- have money.

Money flows into their organization from their adherents.

And they're successful.

That's another lesson you need to learn.


And let me remind you that our current credit card processor makes it easy for you to schedule recurring donations.

Which are the kind we most need.

Please don't tell me you can't afford it.

$10 a month?

$20 a month?

You can't afford it?

I don't believe you.

And you should be deeply ashamed of telling such a lie.

Particularly after visiting a site which extols Virtue and Selflessness.

Go to analist sites -- where you needn't worry about Virtue.

Or caring about others.

Or anyone caring about you.

I repeat what I said to you.

You want a private solution.

You won't find one.

It's a snare and a delusion.

Your problems can only be solved through cultural change and communal action.

Recently someone named Carl wrote to me praising my work and our sites, and asking about a Regional Chapter in his area, of which of course -- we have none.

Fist Fuckers of America has a chapter in his area.

But we don't.

Which I told Carl.

I also explained to Carl that although the sites were busy in the sense of posts, we were hurting very badly for donations.

Here's a bit more of our exchange:

I really enjoy reading your writings and explanations on your sites.

Thank you Carl.

I wish more guys would get involved.

Carl, I do too.

Once again, Carl, one of the most important things you can do in that regard, is donate.

It's not realistic to think that the sort of changes you'd like to see in the m2m world will come about without any effort or struggle.

All movements for change, including ours, require money.

If you won't donate, then you can't realistically expect to see the sort of changes which would help you, and other Men too.

Carl, thank you again for writing, and for your kind words.

And I signed and sent the letter.

Did Carl donate?


Do you see why I get -- shall we say -- annoyed?

What does Carl -- and the rest of you -- think that NOTHING will produce?

Nothing is nothing and it will result in nothing.

Do nothing, I often say, and nothing will change.

At least and certainly not for the better.

Often it's the case that by doing nothing, things change -- but for the worse.

And that's certainly been the case with anal and analism.

How much worse can they get?

Do nothing -- and find out.

Bill Weintraub


Please keep reading to learn about Warrior Tom's terrific CHALLENGE GRANT offer.

© All material Copyright 2009 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

Bill Weintraub






In response to this fund-raising post --

Warrior Tom, who's the author of Bonds Among Soldiers, World War I, as well as replies to other posts on this Man2Man Alliance Personal Stories board, has offered a Challenge Grant.

Here's how it will work, in his own words:

I am offering another challenge grant, for up to $500, to be structured as follows:

  • Up to $250 to match regular donations from first-time donors, on a 1:1 basis.

  • Up to $250 additional to match other challenge grants, on a 1:1 basis. If one of these dollars were to bring in another 1:1 challenge grant, three total dollars would ultimately be generated for the Alliance.

Deadline: 12-15-09

And I thank Tom, who's a true Warrior.

Those who wish to respond to Warrior Tom's Challenge Grant should make their Donation in the regular way:

Visit our Donations page and donate either via US mail or online credit card.

If you use the credit card service, please say "Challege Grant" in the Comments section of their form.

If you use US mail, same deal -- please say "Challenge Grant" on your check's memo line or reference it in a letter.

Thank you again Tom.

You're a True and Generous Warrior.

And guys, Tom isn't rich, he works for a living, and he works very hard -- at not one but two jobs -- and yet he not only donates, but goes an extra mile to raise money for the Alliance.

Once again, he's a True Warrior.

Join him.

Match his Warrior Spirit --

By meeting his Challenge.

Bill Weintraub

November 11, 2009

© All material Copyright 2009 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.






I am the "Warrior Tom" who is making the challenge grant offer for the Alliance. It won't be easy for me to come up with the grant, but I will, because it's that important.

Please help Bill keep the site alive. He is working hard on your behalf, under very difficult circumstances.


Brian Hulme




I wish to say in praise of Warrior Tom that it is only true MEN and WARRIORS such as him that understand the need to step in with that Warrior Love, the sort of not going back doing what is needed when it is needed, and giving with such generosity.

I only hope that others will be encouraged to take up his "Challenge Grant" in support of the Alliance's unfailing and ever ongoing hard work which is after all to help ALL men.

On Wednesday I will be posting my tithe; I hope this can be used in this offer.

With Warrior Love,


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