Donations are too low to sustain the site

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Donations are too low to sustain the site


Donations are too low to sustain our sites and this work.

And truthfully I'm at my wits' end to know what more to say to you.

How many appeals am I supposed to make?

Let's talk Brokeback for a moment.

The one authentic difference in the human race is the difference between the sexes.

Race is not authentic.

Nor is religion particularly.

Most religions teach basically the same thing.

But men and women do differ in significant ways, based primarily on reproductive strategy.

What's been going on over the last 40 or 50 years is that while most women (and their male allies) have sought for women equal treatment and "comparable worth" --

some women have sought to have power over men.

I've lived through that, I've seen it in action, and it's without question true.

That's what Robert Loring is talking about in many of his posts:

The unceasing denigration of masculinity at the hands of some feminists.

And within the gay male community, many men have been amenable to an extreme feminist / effeminist analysis because they've suffered discrimination and calumny at the hands of straight-identified men.

So gender feminist impulses have a lot of credibility within the gay male community.

Brokeback Mountain was originally a short story written by a woman.

And it is, in my view, a sexual fantasy while being emotionally right-on.

In other words, Annie Proulx, the author, clearly does not understand the mechanics of male-male sex.

But she does understand the emotional dynamic of a relationship.

To make a very personal comparison, my mother was the same way.

She didn't understand the mechanics of male-male sex, nor was it necessary that she do so.

But she did understand that Brett and I loved each other;

and that his illness and death were devastating for me.

That's what Proulx captures about Ennis and Jack.

The problem in Brokeback Mountain the Movie is that what could be read as a metaphor in the short story has now become, on the screen, a very gritty reality.

And that's why the producers made a terrible choice.

Well, people do make bad choices in life.

The problem now is that you guys are making a bad choice.

Because you're not giving us any way to respond to Brokeback.

In truth, our position is moderate and would find favor with the public if we could put it forth.

The public understands that the religious right would curtail individual sexual freedom.

The public is justifiably wary.

The public also understands that anal and promiscuity are not safe or healthy choices.

The public is justifiably wary.

What we counsel is moderate and sensible.

A non-anal male-male act which is very pleasurable and very low risk;

and Fidelity.

Fidelity and Frot.

That's a moderate and sensible program.

But you guys have made it impossible to get that program before the public.

YOU are the problem.

So be it.

My ability to continue this work is rapidly coming to an end.

There are constant frustrations and I'm tired of dealing with them.

Right now these message boards need work.

And we don't have the money to pay the tech.

If I could get 10 of you to send $20 -- they could be fixed in about a day.

Will you do that?

If you don't, the sites will close, because I can't run them if I can't do basic administrative tasks.

And I have other things to do with my life.

So you need to decide;

and you need to decide now.

The level of donation is so low that even the Fight Back jpeg, which you see at the end of most of my posts and which I created in September is, to my mind, becoming a joke.

There used to be a radical chant: They say get back / We say fight back!

But -- I say "Fight Back" -- and you ... run away.

To cower in your well-appointed closets.

A few days ago I got an email from a guy saying he's not a real man because he's attracted to other men.

I said, No, real men have sex with other real men -- happens all the time.

But, I could argue, you're not a real man because you won't FIGHT.

It's what Naked Wrestler said in his post Fighting is Man:

You come out to YOURSELF as a man by realizing that what makes you a man is not what makes your cock hard so much as the willingness to fight.

What makes you a man is not what makes your cock hard --

so much as the willingness to fight.

The Willingness to Fight.

Patrick and I have seen this over and over again in self-defense situations.

People who are willing to fight survive.

Those who won't, don't.

Not only that, but as Patrick just said to me, people who are willing to fight seldom have to.

Let's repeat that:

People who are willing to fight seldom have to.

Isn't that something you learned at your daddy's or your mommy's or whoever raised you's knee?

That you have to stand up for yourself.

That's all I'm asking you to do.

Do you want to be a victim of the buttboyz all your life?

Analism is a fallacious and feeble philosophy.

If you oppose it, it will fall.

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