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Warrior Christendom

The following may upset some people because what I write below may burst some people's bubbles but it is a bubble that needs to be burst I think. The Gospel of Matthew 5:43 says, "You have heard that it was said, "Love your neighbors and hate your enemies." In verse 44 Jesus says, "But I say to you, love your enemies. Pray for those who hurt you."

Love your enemies? Does this mean we are not to fight against those who wish to make war against us or kill us? Does this mean that we are not to stand up like men and defend ourselves against those who seek to slaughter our way of life, our culture, our families, our loved ones? Does this mean that we are to bow graciously as we are enslaved by dictators and tyrants who could really care less about us and our lives? Does this mean that we are to stand and allow some freak to shoot us in the head as we turn the other cheek?

There is a myth being taught in Christianity. Christianity has been compromised. That myth is that Christianity is a peaceful religion. But, the history of Christianity does NOT reflect that it's a peaceful religion by any means. In fact, the history of Christianity reflects that it is a religion of Soldiers and Warriors!

Consider St. Paul's letters to the Ephesians and to Timothy in which he speaks of the Battle Armor of God and in which he encourages Timothy to be a "good SOLDIER for Christ." Consider the whole Old Testament that is ripe with war, soldiers, and battles. Consider the book of Revelation which is overflowing with Warrior symbolism and in which Christ Himself is portrayed as a Warrior, riding a white horse, with drawn sword, blood on his clothing, and leading an angelic and mighty army. Consider the Crusades and all the battles that Christendom has fought since the Crucifixion of Christ! History reflects that Christianity is NOT a peaceful religion but that it is a religion of WARRIORS! But, that is not what we think of today when we consider Christianity is it? Weak Christians have faded the lines in Christendom and they have all but blurred out the Warrior motifs that were once so prevalent in Christianity. They have successfully neutered Christendom and turned it into a wimpy form that has no basis in the reality of original Christianity. They have taken Christendom and turned it into something it was not and, very possibly, into something it was never meant to be. Much of what we know as or call "Christianity" today is NOT the Christianity of the Bible. That is, it is NOT biblical.

This change in Christianity is the result of what has happened in our society. What has happened in our society is a decline of masculinity and this decline is by design, not by accident. American and Western society is now plagued with a cancerous political correctness and this PC is seeking to destroy masculinity altogether. Recent movies such as "Brokeback Mountain" and "TransAmerica" are promoting anti-masculine views, morals, and values. They are serving to further erode the NATURAL masculinity that exists in EVERY male on this planet. American and Western manhood is being systematically destroyed and NATURAL masculinity is quickly being turned into something that is taboo, unacceptable, even mocked, and politically incorrect.

Masculine males today are increasingly being chastised and even mocked for displaying their NATURAL masculinity! Symbols of male masculinity are being torn down and buried in the closet and this includes traditional male historical figures which, today, are receiving less and less space in classroom textbooks. All of the historical and great achievements of masculine men are being de-emphasized and watered down to the point that they are presented as nothing of any great significance or contribution. There is a war today against masculinity and that war has even entered into the realms of Christendom itself!

Traditionally, the masculine male has been somewhat rugged in physical body but at the same time he has possessed elements of inner strength. He has been both rugged yet compassionate and loving at the same time. Weakness in body and weakness in will have NOT been traditional traits of the historical masculine male. The masculine male is a man of convictions. A man who means what he says and who says what he means. A man who, as far as he's concerned, considers his word to be his bond. And, a man who considers other men only as good as their word.

The masculine male is the man who knows the importance of being compassionate and honest. He is a man of noble principles, morals, and values. He is a man who values strength along with fairness and justice. He is a man who values ruggedness with mercy and wisdom. He is NOT a man motivated by greed or by the need for approval from others at any cost. The masculine male has been and still is a man of morals and values which are masculine in nature.

Traditionally and historically the masculine male does NOT rely on females or the school system to teach his male children how to become men. He does this himself believing it is his God-given obligation to teach his sons how to become MASCULINE MEN. He is self disciplined and, in turn, he knows how to discipline others with fairness and justice. Rage and the motivation for revenge does NOT govern the truly masculine male!

The masculine male is a man of values and he cannot be bought or bribed just as he cannot be bullied or intimidated by others. He is one who is strong not only in physical body but also in mind and in spirit. He respects the sacred and does not seek to stain it in any way. He is strong and rugged by he is at the same time gentle, loving, and merciful. He does not lust for power and he is loyal in his relationships and he EXPECTS the same from and in others.

All of these things that are characteristic of the masculine male can be found in the examples of the Bible in both the Old and New Testaments. These masculine traits ARE biblical. Today's male who is weak, soft spoken, somewhat feminine is NOT biblical. The whole concept of Jesus as such a wimp is not biblical and, in fact, is anti-Christ, meaning "against Christ." Christ was rugged! Christ had to be rugged considering the many long miles he WALKED. Christ was loving and gentle yet he was also rugged and could even be the Warrior at times. Christ was a perfect example of a masculine male.

Yet, all of these traits of the traditional and historical masculine male are dying as our society and as Christianity becomes more and more feminized and as our society becomes more and more decadent. Males are becoming soft. Males are becoming something the Creator never intended them to be and that includes Christian males today. The innate WARRIOR in most men today, Christian or otherwise, is already DEAD! Yet, unrealized by these males is that it is the Warrior within us and every male that is our strength. Without the innate Warrior within us the male has NO STRENGTH.

In our Churches today natural masculinity is dying just as it is in our society. There are less and less masculine males who are active in our churches today. Increasingly, it is being left up to women to raise male children and teach them how to become men even though women cannot teach masculinity and manhood to boys. Such is the work of masculine males alone!

Boys are being taught to be effeminate and soft. Their natural competitiveness is being systematically destroyed. Their natural aggression is being eradicated even though there is a gross lack of teachings males how to channel their natural aggression into something good and useful instead of destructiveness. Traditionally masculine sports are being either discouraged or compromised so badly that masculinity is removed from them altogether. Wrestling, boxing, football, and other masculine sports are increasingly being eliminated in our schools and they are being discouraged instead of encouraged. And amid all this there is a LACK of masculine role models in all aspects of our society INCLUDING Christianity!

Traditionally, the masculine male has prided himself on his independence and strength in body, mind, and spirit. Sadly, males today are being encouraged to be weak and unisex in body. They are being encouraged to be effeminate in manners and appearances as well as in their voices and behaviors. The masculine male body is being demonized as something "bad' and something to be ashamed of instead of something to be PROUD OF! Male body hair and sweat are being deemed as unacceptable EVEN though they are NATURAL. The natural male is being turned into an UNNATURAL unisexed male. Yet, some think all this will have no effect on a male in his spirit and mind but I assure you when you replace something natural with something that is unnatural, trouble ALWAYS follows especially in the realms of the mind and spirit.

In times not so long ago males were EXPECTED to be MASCULINE! They were expected to be PROUD of their natural manhood! Boys and men who were ashamed of their manhood were considered to have something wrong with them and THEY DID have something wrong with them in their way of thinking. In those times in the not so distant past masculine men were EXPECTED to teach their boys to BECOME masculine men. They were EXPECTED to teach young males how to become TOUGH physically, spiritually, and psychologically. Boys were EXPECTED to play rough sports and they were ENCOURAGED to play rough sports. Competition and the natural competitiveness of males was HONORED instead of DISHONORED. And, at the same time masculine males were EXPECTED to teach boys how to become CHIVALROUS. The inner WARRIOR was honored and esteemed instead of shunned and destroyed.

The feminizing of males and boys today is destroying manhood. It is destroying the NATURAL BROTHERHOOD that has existed since the very dawn of time between men! It is destroying the innate WARRIOR in males and, thus, is destroying the NATURAL STRENGTH that exists within every male. It is distorting the person of Christ and it is polluting BIBLICAL Christianity. Our nations of America, Western culture and society, and Christianity will NOT SURVIVE without the MASCULINE MALE! Without the masculine male all of these things are fated to DIE!

We MUST return to honoring masculinity instead of dishonoring it. We MUST return to teaching young males how to become truly masculine MEN. We MUST return to esteeming the natural WARRIOR within us! And, we MUST return to the true and biblical Christianity that actually esteems and honors the WARRIOR instead of the feminized, unisexed, degenerate image that is now so esteemed. Christianity was a faith that esteemed the WARRIOR and the Bible is OVERFLOWING with warrior symbolism and stories, morals and values, all of which HONOR and ESTEEM the NATURAL WARRIOR within all males! In the viewpoint of early Christianity the true and honorable warrior WAS the natural MASCULINE MAN and not some ruthless bloodthirsty savage macho-man! Not only must society change but so must Christianity. Both must go BACK to what once was IF this society and Christendom are to have a future at all.

Sir Robert


Robert Loring on Jesus, Independence, and Manliness.

Bill Weintraub:

Our society claims to extol "independence" and "manliness."

But guys who stand on their own on these issues, whether they're gay-identified Frot men; or straight-identified guys who admit to enjoying cock2cock with a bud -- are excoriated by their respective cultures.

The gay-identified guys are accused of betrayal and homophobia, while the straight-identified guys are accused of not being truly straight.

In both cases, guys who are independent and manly are attacked for being independent and manly.

What incredible bullshit.

Robert Loring:

Independence and manliness? In a society that is the historical and traditional EXCEPTION and NOT the norm? Our modern society claims to extol a lot of things but most are only wishful or fanciful thinking. It is in FACT "incredible bullshit"!!

I find it amazing that our society claims to extol manliness yet on the other side males are consistently encouraged to "show their softer side." They are encouraged to be "politically correct" and slaughter the NATURAL warrior within themselves. What society really extols is the feminized, limp handed "man" without balls enough to stand up to anyone or anything. The coward male who is weak and effeminate is what society is extolling today. And a resounding YES, guys who are independent and manly ARE attacked for being independent and manly! In fact, in some segments of our society it's an outright SIN to be an independent and manly male!

In my many travels I get to see a lot of people and, frankly, I see more and more young males who are effeminate. In fact, I see more and more of them that I can't tell if they are males or females. The unisex look is in....apparently! They are not independent and they sure as hell are not manly! Society has succeeded in murdering the natural warriors in these males and that is very apparent. BUT there's another place where this is also taking place in our society and that is in our churches. Growing numbers of males of all ages in our churches are crying out for independence and manliness because the church has succeeded in feminizing and neutering them as well. It is no longer "godly" for a Christian male to be independent and manly apparently. Women are to be the leaders in the church while men are to sit back in the church kitchen and keep silent. Again, the natural warrior in these males has been slaughtered and you can see it in all the faces of all the churchgoing males!

Jesus was not some weak willed, limp handed, pussy! Jesus was, in fact, a prime example of the masculine male. But this traditional image of him has been replaced with the more "politically correct" portrayal of him as some THING between male and female. Jesus as WARRIOR is no longer an acceptable teaching in many churches. Without going into a long theological debate I will simply say that the modern portrayal of Jesus as weak wimp is a FALSE TEACHING embraced by the modern Christian Church. The modern portrayal of Jesus is anti-Biblical, anti-Historical, and anti-Traditional.

No doubt the church has been guilty of much and no doubt many have used the church to hide behind and deny truth about themselves as men. It is still being used for such today. Manly men such as David and Jonathan are seldom spoken of because their relationship is a prime example of truly masculinity which embraces FROT! God forbid men have any kind of sex with other men!! God forbid men discover that it's NORMAL to engage in FROT! And God forbid men come to know God as HE IS and NOT as society wishes HE was! Jesus extolled true independence and manliness but this is now all swept under the carpet in the hopes that no male today will ever discover the true masculine Jesus Christ. What an absolute ABOMINATION much of the Christian Church has become! What an absolute ABOMINATION most of modern society has become!!

Neither the Church nor society extol independence or masculinity today even though they both claim to. What they REALLY extol is ENSLAVEMENT and DESTRUCTION of the modern masculine MALE! And, it is THEY who are winning the battle because what few masculine males that are left in the world today won't even stand up and fight against the assault and destruction of the nature Brotherhood of MAN. Instead they seem content will allowing the WEAK, the DEFEATED, and the FEMINIZED to rule over them! That too is an ABOMINATION!

Of course this site is part of the battle for true manliness and independence. But that battle cannot and will not be won without support from YOU who come to this site! I encourage YOU to support this site in some way however you can. I encourage you to think BEYOND yourself and think of all those frot brothers out there who do not even know about this site and it's message and work. They won't know about it unless YOU start making it known and support this site! I've read a lot of comments on this site asking how you find a frot brother and where they are at. Truth is they are ALL AROUND YOU because frot is NATURAL to males. Today's males are just too afraid to be NATURAL and they will continue to be afraid until YOU liberate them! Do YOU not see the ENSLAVEMENT in the eyes of 99.9% of the males you meet every day? Then surely you are BLIND! When we fail to liberate our brothers by supporting a site/group such as this one or when we choose to hide behind a mask such as the church then WE condemn our brethren to deeper ENSLAVEMENT. That is NOT the sign of an honorable Warrior. That is what DISHONORABLE wannabe warriors do!

The whole of mankind is in dire need of LIBERATION. The whole of mankind is in dire need of a restoration of manliness! The world awaits you who are the True Warrior who are unafraid to be truly masculine and natural MEN. If you are waiting for the BFD or the church to give you an invitation you'll literally be waiting until hell freezes over!

Men who ARE independent and manly ARE constantly attacked because we refuse to be politically correct and stuff ourselves into the societal and religious GARBAGE CANS of modern society. We can wimp-out OR we can FIGHT BACK! Those who are already defeated in their own minds wimp-out. Those who are real WARRIORS FIGHT BACK!

SO WHICH ARE YOU????????????????

Bill Weintraub

Re: Warrior Christendom


Thank you Robert.

Robert Loring is the author of

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In addition he has replies posted in many message threads, including these in Warriors Speak:


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In his reply to A Community of Men, Robert says

When we allow gay culture to conquer us so that we submit to things we detest a piece of us dies inside and that is most often our masculinity. But this part of us can be resurrected and rise like the great Phoenix Bird from out of the midst of its own ashes. That resurrection comes when we make the conscious and purposeful choice to simply be ourselves. To simply be men who love other men, frot, and men who truly love to experience real love with other men.

In his reply to A Confirmation of Masculinity, Robert says

Frot men promote each others manhood and masculinity rather than try to destroy it. Frot men do not seek to depersonalize their partners nor to rob them or themselves of their human manly dignity. Frot is, therefore, not only healthy physically but, in my opinion, it is also healthy psychologically and spiritually. It promotes the man rather than destroys the man.

And in his reply to Why Warriors, Robert says

The Greeks had the right idea and concept. As you say Bill, "They expected men who loved men to be masculine and monogamous, and they were." You also state, "and if we change our expectations, we'll change behavior" which relates to the basic premise of Cognitive Psychology (change the thinking, change the behavior). You are RIGHT and you couldn't be more right Bill. Edgar Cayce once said, "Mind is the Builder, Spirit is the Life, Physical is the Result". Our thoughts form our perceptions and expectations and as we change our thinking we also change our behavior.

"As we change our thinking we also change our behavior."

While in "Procrustean" Robert warns about "those who are defeated in their own minds."

The choice is clear: we can change our thinking; or be defeated in our own minds and suffer psychological, spiritual, and physical death.

Thank you Robert.

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