Finally A Home

Robert Loring

Robert Loring

Finally A Home


Ok I have reviewed many of the post and all the reading material on this site and I feel as though I have come HOME!! The founders of this site should be awarded the Nobel Prize (no joke!!). This is a great site and it is actively reaching out to men like us who like cock2cock sex and still maintain our maleness. What a relief to find such a site as this and especially men like me.

I have always felt out of place. I never have fit into the mold of the hetrosexual community fully and I never have fit into the mold of the gay community either. When I began to interact with the gay community I refused to submit to anal sex, giving or taking. The idea of it just really turned me off. I had read about ancient armies like the Greeks and Romans in my teens and one of the things I read was that these soldiers used to use anal sex against their defeated enemies as a sort of "final humiliation" and, in my opinion, that is exactly what anal does...HUMILIATE and I think it also robs a man of his masculinity.

The sex that I have always enjoyed the most is cockrub with another guy who is NOT gay acting (feminine). My most explosive orgasms have been during cockrub with another man who is male acting like me. I spent many years feeling like I did not belong and that I was alone. I found it hard to find other men who liked to cockrub and who were straight acting instead of "sissy" acting.

Male sex cock2cock is FANTASTIC and we DO NOT have to surrender our manhood as one does in anal sex. In cock2cock BOTH men are equals and there is NO humiliation of one or the other guys.

After many years of searching I think I have found a home with plenty of men like me and this is a blessing as far as I am concerned. My only wish is that this site would have existed a long time ago so I could have avoided a waste in time in my quest for other CockRub Warriors like myself. Oh well, I'm just happy I found this site NOW.

Dudes...we are CockRub Warriors and we RULE !!! So, BE PROUD that you are a CockRub Warrior because I sure as hell am!!

Please feel free to talk with me via posting here or by emailing me. I give my gratitude to ALL of you and to the founders of this site. For myself it and YOU are "life savers"...LITERALLY.

Sir Robert


We need Warrior T-shirts like one of the posts said or something that we can get from this site so we can identify each other and express our pride as WARRIORS.

Don F

Re: Finally A Home


Yours is a tale many of us way too often hear about GUYS who want to be GUYS and wind up nearly corrupted by the gay sub-culture of analism.

Interestingly enough, I suspect if there was NO such "culture" in place, c2c would be regarded as a fundamentally NATURAL expression--which it IS.

Men experience sexual fulfillment in their genitals, not their butts. It makes you wonder how such a gross mis-characterization of homosex could ever have become such an establishment. How "feminization" of one partner as receptacle for the other could be regarded as an ideal for male/male relationships is something many guys just can't accept.

Worse, this is too often "conditioned" behavior foisted on guys who think it's the expected....the "norm."

Not only is frot instinctively NATURAL (guys don't have to be taught how to do it), but it offers GENUINE male/male communion through direct mating of anatomy. BOTH partners experience identical sensations as GUYS together and progress to normal male climax through their genitals, achieving the INTIMACY of shared fulfillment with sexual union of their semen.

It's fuckin' BEAUTIFUL....

It's totally NATURAL...

It's totally MALE.

Welcome "home" buddy.

Don F

Robert Loring

Re: Finally A Home


Thanks Don F. I totally agree...frot is NATURAL, BEAUTIFUL, and TOTALLY MALE. In frot both men are equals and there is no feminization. The BFD promotes an agenda which is enslaving and depersonalizing. Their agenda for anal sex only serves to destroy both partners and to degrade them. I wonder how many "gay" men would abandon the BFD if they learned the other way of frot? Or, perhaps they are too conditioned and no longer have minds of their own. Anal sex is demeaning and destructive. It is the ultimate sign of defeat and degradation. Yet, these are the very things that the BFD promotes.

In short, what the BFD of gay culture is promoting is human destruction!!

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Plus Robert has posted replies in many message threads, such as Nude Combat.

One more good reason to read every post.

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