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Thank you for creating this site. I am a 32 year old gay disabled male. Due to life experiences and religion trying to make me straight, I still haven't been with another man sexually. My disability is being a quadriplegic paralyzed from the neck down and I breathe on a respirator. Right now I live in a nursing home against my will by DHS and the Governor of Iowa. I am a disability advocate myself. Growing up in a straight oriented community, I wasn't given the chance to experiment sexually with other guys at a young age going through puberty. I was a little bit more feminine acting before I got hurt at the age of 17 years old.

With my disability, pain is bad news. I can stroke or die from a medical condition called Autonaumic Dysreflexia if left untreated. It deals with pain/discomfort from where I injured my spinal cord on down to the rest of my body. I broke my neck at the first two vertabrae in my spine. I lost my body after this happened. My mind is sharper than anything. I was always afraid of anal sex because of this.

Now that you have shown me another way, I'll look to sex as being more pleasurable with another man.

Thanks again for calming my fears of having no choice but to engage in anal sex with the right man someday. Now I do have a choice at an alternative technique. I didn't know what frottage was until I found Boomer's story A Little Bit of Olive Oil on Men On The Net Erotic Stories.

Best Regards,


Robert Loring


Re: New To Frot

Welcome Ken!!

We are more than our physical bodies even though much of the world seems not to think so. Frot is not just a phyical experience but it also involves a spiritual touching of each others male souls.

Religion has tried to make many of us "straight" but their efforts fail. You cannot change something that is NATURAL in MAN. Frot is natural for males and since it's natural it can also be said to be god-given.

Again, we welcome you!

Sir Robert

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