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True Man2Man Love: A Warrior Credo


This site is awesome. So many guys get stuck on sex being the focus of their relationship, and when it is, they really can't love someone else truly.

The bond between two guys with a warrior mentality would be so much more intense than mere sex, that the love that could grow there would not only sustain a lifetime and beyond, but be something so intimately spiritual and personal, that only the two men sharing it would ever truly understand it. Does that make any sense?

I think the thing I respect the most about the Alliance is that the focus is more on true, man to man love and a deep bond than the superficial bond that the gay community has come to embrace. Masculinity here is honored, not looked down upon. I can't tell you how frustrated I get that because I dare to wear a jock for something other than lingere purposes, and that I don't use the word "girl" to begin a sentence, that I am looked down on as some sort of freak, plus I get the whole "dumb jock" thing.

Sorry to vent, I just get really fed up with the whole "Who can I stick it in - Let's do the hottie" mentality. It's selfish and stupid, not to mention disrespectful, horny and childishly irresponsible.

But there are those of us who aspire to greater things, and higher values and to us has the honor, dignity and respect been assigned and entrusted. That's what keeps me going.

Re: true man to man love


Further thoughts...

I saw on the site that some of you guys have been catching heat for not "honoring diversity". In other words, they who give you this grief expect you to violate and be disloyal to the disciplines you believe in in order to accept things that you, and those like you, believe to be wrong. That's not "honoring diversity" - that's called "selling out" or in one word - cowardice.

Cowardice and honor do not know each other, and they cannot ever co-exist in the same space. I think back to the great warriors of the past, from the Greek hoplites through the Roman centurions, right up through the men who fought and died for what they believed in in World War II, and even the recent Gulf War. They fought for, stood for and even died for their beliefs, and they did so with honor, integrity and resolve that never waivered in the face of adversity.

There are very few people to whom the intimate understanding of honor are entrusted. It seems ironic that most are warriors. Yet, the warrior is the one who protects the most precious things. In the case of two men loving one another, the warrior protects his honor, his integrity and his loyalty. The warrior protects the spirit, mind and body of himself and his partner, and he loves with a fire and a passion, the one man in his world to the point that he would sacrifice all for that man, just as Jonathan did for David. Defiling the relationship between two of this belief would be impossible for an outsider and unthinkable for a brother.

I salute the men on this site who live and love as warriors, passionate, loyal, and true.


Re: true man to man love

My Warrior Credo...

So many people don't understand the depth of honor, integrity, valor, and loyalty. They avoid things like virtue, and purity of heart. These same people have no grasp of respect and admiration. All of these things are the tenets of discipline, and discipline is the most often avoided thing by those who choose the "easy" path in life.

And the price they pay. They will never know what real love is. They will never grasp the true fullness and depth of passion. They will never look into the eyes of their partner and realize that the true fire of their relationship is manifested nowhere other than in the very spirit and soul of the two. They'll never know the lightning strike that happens when two who love as warriors touch, they'll never know the purity, the energy and the awesome sexuality that only two who love as warriors know. Sex that involves two bodies can be had by anyone, but when the hearts and spirits of two warriors come together, the sexual experience is unforgettable, it is unrestrained and it is uninhibited. That's pure spiritual sexuality as it was intended, with the physical pleasure being secondary. It takes courage to let go like that.

Ever since the beginning of time, the strongest, the most honorable, the very best have been revered by those who respect them, and hated by those who are jealous. Such is the case with today's warrior. Although the days of carrying a great sword, and wearing a noble cape, are long gone, the meaning behind them endures forever. The focus, the discipline, the honor and the stewardship of something greater than ourselves is the same.

Stewardship, a word not used much anymore. I'm certain it's because so few understand it, and many of those who do are intimidated by it.

I'll be very personal now. When I love someone, I love him with every cell of my body, with every beat of my heart, and with every nuance of my spirit. I accept the responsibility, the stewardship if you will, of that person, and when they are my boyfriend, I make a pledge within the sacred walls of my heart between myself and my creator, that I will be a good steward of his heart, and that I will stop at nothing to defend him, and us, from any enemy to our relationship, real or virtual. There can be no "open relationship". My body is my boyfriend's and nobody else's. There is no such thing as "committed but play together." Warriors don't play, and if we do, it's for keeps. Within the sacred bounds of a relationship, my heart belongs to only one, my spirit walks hand in hand only with his. When I kneel, it is only before him, to profess and promise my loyalty, my love and to give him my heart. When I am naked with my boyfriend, I want more than our bodies to be naked. Our hearts, minds and souls must also be. That's true lovemaking, and so few people ever experience it.

Those that attack us within our beliefs, and our disciplines do so because they hate what we stand for. They know the battle is lost. They know that any weapon used against us will fail, and that they are among the fallen because history has proven it so time and time again. They are hateful people, and we are a proud people because we discipline ourselves to do and live what's right. We hold the keys to strength, peace, honor, valor, loyalty and integrity. We own the fire of true passion and love, and our armor is impenetrable because it is made from virtue and filth can never successfully assail that. We must always be good stewards of what we've been given, and who we're given to love.


Robert Loring

Re: true man to man love


Good writings and thoughts Brian!! And you're right in that the bond between two men with the warrior mentality goes further than just physical sex because the connection extends into the spiritual and into the psychological realms of our being and masculinity. I also understand what you mean in terms of the gay community looking down on masculinity. In some gay circles it is almost a taboo or "sin" to even act remotely masculine. I myself have encountered this and have been chastized for being "overly butch" because I like trucks, hiking, working on cars, riding horses, hunting, sports, and just being a man. I have been told that I am not "feminine enough" to be "gay" and one person went off on me giving me a lecture on how I could not possibly be "gay" because I have an aggressive and competive streak in me! I guess the expectation is that I am suppose to be feminine and slaughter my masculinity even though I was born with a penis in order to "fit in" and be "accepted". However, I was not ever willing to do that and, thus, I did not fit in with the mainstream gay community and I still don't.

I never wanted to be a woman because I was born a male not a female. I never wanted to go through the humiliation of being penetrated by another man because I found the practice absolutely disgusting. In ancient times, in some cultures, when a warrior had defeated his enemy in battle that warrior would anally penetrate his enemy as his enemy was dying as an ultimate defeat and act of humiliation. I knew this tit bit of history way before I entered adulthood and I myself viewed anal sex as the ultimate defeat and humiliation, at least, for myself as a warrior.

Frankly, I am turned off by a man who acts feminine and have no desire to even be around such people. I expect that one can like other men and be gay but still act like a man. Of course, this comes from my warrior mentality which I have had ever since I was a boy. I wanted to grow up as a warrior and I studied much about them. I wanted to hold their values and be a guardian over warrior honor and integrity. I wanted to make those warrior values and practices my own and as I grew into adult manhood that is what I did. Frot brothers carry on a tradition that is ages old as apparent from the warrior history posted on this site by Bill and others. Frot brothers carry on the warrior tradition and it is we who have been entrusted with the honor to guard over and to protect. We are truly warriors in mind, in spirit, and even in body. Throw us back 2000 years and each of us would fit into warrior society with no problem I'm sure!!

The establishment of this site has, in a secondary sense, built a "fortress" for us in which we can gather together as frot and warrior brothers (I say secondary because the main purpose of this site of advocacy). It has made a place for us in which we can come together, discuss, debate, share, encourage, and up lift each other as comrades and as men. Until many of us stumbled across this site we were like rogue knights or lone soldiers never knowing that we had brothers like us and who enjoyed doing things like we enjoy and brothers who enjoy being men with pride in their masculinity. Now that we have found and entered into this "fortress" we no longer feel alone nor "odd" and we have finally found a place where we fit in and are accepted for the men that we are. We are more than a gathering of friends because we are frot and warrior brothers in the same tradition of the ancient warrior bond. And, we carry on that bond unashamed and advocate that bond and tradition as an alternative to the depersonalizing ways that are forced upon so many gay men today.

As warriors we hold allegience to each other and loyalty to our partners, to our Cymbrogi, our "brothers of the heart". We do not engage in whoreish behaviors because we know that to do so betrays the trust and love that we have for our partners. Further, we reject the idea of having to be feminine because, for us, to do so would be a betrayal of our own manhood and masculinity. We have values and morals and we do more than just hold them because we put them into action in our lives and live them. For, this is the warrior way, bond, and tradition. And we honor that way, bond, and tradition by living it.

Let them call you a "jock", Brian. Let them label you whatever they wish. Pay no attention to those who mock and taunt you trying to force you into being something you are not and probably, like me, have no desire to be. You are a frot brother and warrior and of that you may be proud!!

Sir Robert

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One more good reason to read every post.

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