Getting fucked up the ass is FABULOUS

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Getting fucked up the ass is FABULOUS


Recently one of our Frot guys -- I'll call him Joe -- who's authentically bisexual and married, encountered a crisis in his marriage related to his bisexuality.

So he wrote to an old acquaintance, someone who like him had been married; but who then "came out" as a homosexual, divorced his wife, and is now partnered with another gay man.

We'll call this gay-identified guy Bruce.

Bruce also runs the Gay Father's group in his area.

Our guy, Joe, in his letter, made two things very clear:

1. That he's bisexual, not gay.

2. That he doesn't do anal penetration -- FROT only.

And he gave the Bruce the URL of the Alliance.

Now, when Joe did this, I cautioned him that Bruce was unlikely to be supportive on two key points:

1. That Joe really was bi and wasn't simply using his marriage as a cover; and

2. That Joe didn't have to do anal.

Sure enough, Bruce wrote back to Joe saying that Joe needed to see a counselor and get a divorce.

Even though Joe had said that he loves his wife and still desires her sexually and doesn't want a divorce.

Bruce ended his letter this way:

"PS Your comments about avoiding anal sex stick in my mind. Don't short change yourself. Getting fucked up the ass is FABULOUS!!"

You know guys, I've dealt with these "people" for six years, and what I don't understand to this day -- I mean I understand it theoretically, but the human dimension escapes me -- what I don't understand is why Bruce couldn't simply say, "I enjoy anal sex myself, but I respect your decision not to do it."

You see, guys, in six years, I've never heard one of these men say that.

They just don't do it.

They can't tolerate one single solitary soul being outside their analist folderol.


The first time they hear that you don't do anal -- they ATTACK.

They proselytize.

They seek to convert.

And to what?

To that utter disaster called "anal sex."

The single most dangerous and deadliest "sex" act known to the human race.

That's why I call them buttboys and shitfairies.

I didn't for years.

For years, I sat there and offered them the olive branch of peace.


They are as nasty as the heterosexists were in the 1970s.

Let's try this out.

Here's Bruce's comment again:

"PS Your comments about avoiding anal sex stick in my mind. Don't short change yourself. Getting fucked up the ass is FABULOUS!!"

Straight guy to Bill in 1971:

"PS Your comments about avoiding sex with women stick in my mind. Don't short change yourself. Sex with a woman is FABULOUS!!"

There's no difference.

That's why I call it a cultural tyranny.

That's why I say it's a ButtFuck Dictatorship.

That's what it is.

It's the dominant culture of anal penetration, aka analism, and it doesn't brook any dissent.


That's who these people are.


Donations are very low.

Too low to sustain the site.

I have a question for you:

What are you going to do when you run into trouble with your marriage -- and there is no Man2Man Alliance?

Write to Bruce?

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Re: Getting fucked up the ass is FABULOUS


So the buttboys and shitfairies, instead of respecting our decision to practice frot exclusively, attack us for it? Fine. Attack them right back--on their home turf. Tell them in no uncertain terms that anal sex is shit sex. It is scat--by any definition of the word. And even most of the BFD admits that scat is deviant sexual behaviour. So go ahead and be merciless in your ridicule of their devaint sexual practices. Stand up to them and call them out--on their terms.

Most likely, you're not going to win them over with that first argument. In fact, it's almost a sure bet that you won't. But I'll bet good money that you WILL shut them up. And I'll bet even more good money that they'll think twice before they bring up the "virtues" of anal sex to you again.

But the really important thing is that you will have planted a seed of doubt. And like any seed, many are planted but few take root. So what? You have an unlimited supply of "seeds". And planting them only requires that you state the truth and stand by it. How simple is that? And if only one of those "seeds' takes root and saves a man his natural masculinity, or saves him from wasting away from a debilitating disease, what have you accomplished? Hell, man, you've just won a battle in the truest and noblest warrior tradition!

So get out there and start sowing. "Win one for the ol' gipper!"

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