finally, a viewpoint I can relate to



finally, a viewpoint I can relate to


Bill, I think I've been a cockrub warrior for a long time, but hadn't realized it until stumbling upon your site. Thanks for presenting a fresh way of looking at things!

At 51, I'm a long-time worshiper of masculinity as expressed in the male body and spirit. Over the years I have had many man2man sexual encounters, cock2cock, JO, oral but never anal. At the same time I have enjoyed long and passionate relationships with women. While I've long been comfortable with my proclivity to be intimate with both men and women, society dictates that my "bisexual" orientation is somehow deviant; many in both gay and straight communities view it as disingenuous to everyone involved, or just plain "wrong".

I have always been guarded about letting other men know about my inclinations; the men I'm attracted to seem more straight(acting) than gay(acting) in the sense of today's stereotypes. I've long been into looking after my own physical and emoptional fitness, and that's what I'm attracted to in other men. The notion of man2man intimacy being a healthy component of masculinity really resonates with me. It's something I've always believed, but have had few occasions to fully express.

As for warriordom, I haven't wrestled in many years, but my first man2man encounter involved pre-teen wrestling naked with a cousin (your site has put that episode into proper context for the first time). I am however a competitive cyclist (road and mountain), into taught shaved calves & quads, spandex, sweat, and checking out the other riders....and I've long fantasized man2man in the woods with a fellow cyclist! Any other warriorcyclists out there in Virginia?

Thanks for putting together this site, I'll enjoy exploring.



Bill Weintraub

Re: finally, a viewpoint I can relate to


hi nick

thank you for your post

although many of the men on this site like to wrestle or are martial artists, being a "warrior" has nothing to do with wrestling

rather, we use the word "warrior" to honor and empower all those men who've stayed true to their dreams of cock2cock and resisted two tyrannies:

1. the gay male tyranny, aka the Buttfuck Dictatorship, which says you're not really gay if you don't fuck

2. the straight tyranny, which says that "real" men -- that is, straight-identified men who are heavily into women -- don't have sex with other men

both tyrannies are wrong and are lying

1. there's nothing exclusively "gay" about anal penetraton -- there are str8 people who are stupid enough to do anal too

what is uniquely man2man is cock2cock / dick2dick / FROT

like penile-vaginal sex, FROT is genital-genital sex

but FROT is genital-genital sex which only two men can enjoy

it's uniquely male and uniquely ours

2. the straight tyranny is lying about what men do with other men

virtually all straight-identified men have same-sex needs and desires

there's nothing abnormal or uncommon about that -- not unusual, not rare, not aberrant, not strange

what's more, most straight-identified guys who act on those desires do FROT and mutual JO -- they don't do anal

so if you look at the entire population of men who have sex with men, anal is the practice of a tiny minority

FROT is what most men do most of the time

but guys like Nick or Doug or Luke have no way of knowing that -- because the Buttfuck and Heterosexual Dictatorships have censored and silenced and attacked any who dare speak these plain truths

so it's up to us to get the word out

and that's what a warrior does

sure, it's fun to wrestle, and we encourage all men to get some martial arts training

but a true warrior fights for what he believes

and that's why we say


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