Frot strengthens your manhood in every way


Bill Weintraub

Frot strengthens your manhood in every way


Frot strengthens your manhood in every way

That's a quote from one of our new warriors, Gerardo, who was also a donor last month.

You can read more of what Gerardo and other true warriors like him have to say on our Warrior Titans page -- their words are well-worth reading, cause these guys are both warriors and titans.

Thanks to those Warrior Titans, we reached our goal for January -- at least in keeping the sites alive -- and I'm very grateful to those who contributed.

That we met our goals for January, however, doesn't mean the rest of you can get away with not contributing.

Because now we're at the end of February and once again we're facing a crunch.

Because people aren't donating.

Last month, someone complained to me that my characterization (in the post titled WAKE UP) of those who don't contribute as "fags" was a cheap shot.

It wasn't and it's not.

It's accurate.

If you're a gay or bi man -- and while I don't object to guys on this site saying they're straight, fact is if you're having sex with both men and women, you are, in the world's estimation, bi -- and you won't bestir yourself enough to keep this site going -- you're a fag.

You're showing that passivity and inertia and self-hate which typifies faggots.

That's why Larry Kramer -- cofounder of Gay Men's Health Crisis, founder of AIDS Coalition To / Unleash Power (ACT/UP) and one of TIME Magazine's "People of the 20th Century" -- titled his 1979 book about self-loathing and self-destructive gay men: FAGGOTS.

So as usual, when people accuse me of being radical, the reality is that I'm not even breaking new ground -- Larry did it first, and he did it a full quarter-century ago.

And I'm just repeating what he so tellingly pointed out:

Men who will not lift a finger or spend a dime to help defend themselves because they're too busy checking out the latest club or following the latest rave or getting buffed at this month's popular gym -- are fags.

Self-loathing and self-defeating.

Now, getting back to donations, which is what we need to talk about:

I'm not asking you to bankrupt yourself -- I'm asking for a small donation firstly to keep these sites online, and then to expand our outreach -- which would directly benefit all of you.

As I keep telling you, $5 a month is the ideal -- and for most gay and bi men, that's nothing.

I also took some flak for saying that absent your donation:

"What little validation you have in your life -- will be gone forever."

Yet that's absolutely true.

Heroic Homosex and The Man2Man Alliance are unique, and are irreplaceable.

Mart Finn's work is superb, he's a brilliant writer and deep thinker and it's a privilege to work and be affiliated with him, but his site does not have the depth that we have.

And yes, there may be, over time, commercial, purely pornographic, dick2dick sites.

Those sites however will never be critical of anal, nor will they exclude it, because no entrepeneur can afford to offend or exclude such a meaty market.

So -- you're never going to hear anywhere else what you do here:

That anal penetration is, as Gene said, a "gruesome sexuality," and that Frot is far superior in every respect.

It simply won't happen.

Nor will you find anyone with my breadth of knowledge and experience to explain to you that not only is anal penetration rare historically and cross-culturally, but it wasn't common as little as thirty-five years ago right here in the US of A.

Instead, the bottomboyz and genderbenders who run the gay media will continue to

1. present anal penetration as the alpha and omega of gay "sex," and assert, wrongly, that it's been that way since the beginning of time;

2. denigrate non-anal sex, and particularly what they refer to as "frottage"; and

3. treat men who don't do anal as immature, incomplete, and psychologically-marred versions of "gay men" -- whom they will continue to depict as anally-receptive paragons of intergendered virtue.

While the religious right will continue to condemn any form of sex or love between men.

Those are your alternatives: the analist left, the religious right, or the tender mercies of the mercantile class.

So guys, you get out of life what you put into it.

And you have to decide whether having these sites online is important to you.

I will not keep them going for twenty-eight people or even thirty-eight people.

It's not worth it to me.

I've had my say, everyone in the gay establishment and a fair number of people outside of it have now heard my critique of the sexual status quo.

Who they haven't heard from is you.

I've told them you exist, but they're not concerned -- at the moment -- about ignoring you.

You have it in your power to make them concerned -- by raising some money and taking your beef into the media via advertising.

If you don't do that, the buttfuck boyz will continue to beat you up, pressure you, coerce you, make fun of you, denigrate you, and belittle you for being masculine and for not wanting to get fucked.

Not fighting back -- not raising a finger to do anything about that -- is, I repeat, faggy.

And I'll keep saying that till it sinks into your skulls that faggots cower, men act.

That's my job -- to tell you the truth about yourselves until you recognize it and fight your way free.

For the billionth time: there is no point in going on the way we have for the last three years -- providing you with a little validation and then sending you back into that implacably hostile gay-straight culture.

The solution is to change the culture.

And that's the only solution.


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