Posted 7/6/01

Hey guys,

Just discovered and joined this community yesterday and I've got to tell you I'm really thrilled about it. I'm still feeling my way around this board so I hope what I'm about to post is considered appropriate and that it's in the correct message board.

For years all I ever thought about doing with another guy was rubbing cocks. Those ideas were almost the exclusive subjects of my masturbatory fantasies from an early age and the act of rubbing/grinding/humping my cock with another dude's cock remains for me the most erotic sensation I have ever felt.

And I've experienced the same discrimination that many of you have: "Oh, is that all you like to do?" or "You must be really boring in bed if that's all you do" or "He's just into vanilla sex...not exciting" You know the scene. Well, you know what? I'm totally proud to be into cock rubbing! I think it's the most intimate, most satisfying feeling that two men can experience together and, yes, it's about all I want to do with another guy.

I wonder if any of you share some of my particular interests? While I very much enjoy rubbing cocks while naked, I really love to rub cocks through underwear. The feel of our bulges straining against the material and smashing against each other is so HOT! I love keeping that up and grinding and humping away until each of us blows our loads into our pouches. I also really love to insert my cock into the fly of my buddy's briefs or boxers and hump my cock against his while both cocks are inside his pouch. Then we both cum inside the pouch...awesome! Of course, it's just as hot when he is on top of me doing the same thing I've just described.

Another intense turn-on for me - and something that seems to complete the erotic "circuit" - is for both of us to rub our bare feet together while we are rubbing our cocks together. Man! That makes me have the most intense, mind-blowing, shuddering, quaking orgasm of all! I love my buddy's bare feet on mine while we are humping or grinding cocks together. It feels so good to massage our bare feet together like that while we rub cocks to orgasm. Whoa!!!

Now I'm all boned up...wish I had a bud to help me out. ;)

Thanks for being here,'s great to know that I'm by no means alone and I hope to hear from some of you who might be into the same things I am.


(in Chicago)

Billy's profile:

In Chicago...late 30s, 5'10", 185lbs, light-brown hair, green eyes, mustache, hairy. Love to rub cocks until we cum, especially through underwear. Also into bare feet, love seeing hot guys drive barefoot; love driving barefoot myself

reply from Warrior Don F

Welcome BillyBuddy - yeah, you found a group here that you finally can relate to without being put down. In responding to your note, I wanna take a minute to get philosophical about some of the stuff myself and others can talk with you about.


You wrote: " I think it's the most intimate, most satisfying feeling that two men can experience together." Most everyone here would agree. Like you we feel it is both natural and logical that homosexual intercourse should directly involve the male anatomy, i.e. joining thru penis and testicles, mating man to man, without the need for "insertion" into some kind of oriface.

Because the sensations are equally shared, as you mentioned, the level of intimacy is greatly increased since both buddies know exactly what the other is feeling at the same time. As we all know too, this process often leads to simultaneous male union, the ultimate sharing between equals. Neither partner is feminized or converted into a "receptacle" for the other. In fact, the most interesting aspect is that there is NO receptacle. Partners are naked in both body and spirit since they mate directly as males seeking union as males -- thru shared sensation.

As intercourse progresses to climax, it happens free, open, and unrestrained, totally uninhibited by condoms or any sort of containment to diminish the glorious peak of shared masculinity at its most critical moment, and very often, partners are able to ejaculate in each other's semen, further symbolizing quintessential male union.

In this way, buddies can give themselves to each other as equals, as GUYS, without one becoming a substitute pussy. It has taken a lot of us years to reach the conclusion that what we feel is RIGHT, masculine and natural----no more apologies to the analists.

So let the butt-fuckers have their condoms. We sure don't need 'em.

WELCOME TO COCK RUB WARRIORS buddy. You belong here!!!!

Don F

bill's note: readers who want to read more about Don F's philosophy of cockrub can check out his entry in The Romance of Frot, his posts in Personal Stories and his article Jocks and Cocks.


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