the hardest and biggest i'd ever been


Dan from Dallas

the hardest and biggest i'd ever been


I have always considered myself a normal guy who loves heterosexual play and disliked any form of homosexual activity. That was until I started masturbating a whole bunch online to yahoo groups. At first I would just jack off to the hot pictures of women. But then after a couple people IMing me wanting to jack off I decided to give some cyber masturbation with a guy a try. It wasn't too bad; it actually felt great making him cum. But the topic would always be jerking to pictures or videos of women. Then one day somebody sent me a link to a yahoo group devoted to guys jacking each other off. I went to the front page and right there was a picture of a cock shooting its cum with someone's hand stroking it. I was shocked. It actually looked somewhat appealing. I joined the group keeping an open mind about everything. I looked through some of the profiles of the members until I came across a picture in a profile of two cocks rubbed up against each other and I had to stop and marvel at it. I thought it was really hot! But then I dismissed that one time and went back to just fantasizing and jerking to hot women while on yahoo groups.

But the day was coming when that would all change. I was on my computer at home when I really felt the need to jack off. I went online and I found a really hot online video of this woman (who I thought was the hottest thing on the planet) doing a strip tease. Then for some reason I went to this Mutual Masturbation group and checked out the files in it and I found a video of two guys cumming at the same time while rubbing their cocks together. I was amazed at how hot it was! I was torn between what to cum to, the hot woman or the two guys cumming and rubbing cocks together. It was my moment of truth. I had to view each in its entirety before making a decision because I knew that whichever I chose would probably decide what I would chose most often down the road. I watched the strip tease and was pretty aroused. But when I was watching the video with the two guys cumming I couldn't control myself and I found myself jerking myself off and cumming with them. It was the hardest and the biggest I had ever been. I think I shot more cum that day than I ever had when I jerked to that woman. Now I look forward to the day when I can have a cock fight with a guy and we can cum together.

Bill Weintraub

Re: the hardest and biggest i'd ever been


thanks Dallas dude

now, for the sake of other straight-identified guys (translation: guys who really like girls) reading Dan's post:

fantasizing about and/or rubbing cocks with another man will NOT take away from your interest in women

my lover's only recently bi and he stills loves squirrel

same for all the other straight-identified guys on the site

what the married guys generally report is that having a cock2cock bud actually improves their life, sexual and otherwise, with their wives

so: going dick2dick with another guy is not going to make you "gay"

but it may make you more relaxed

also guys: please remember that we support fidelity on this site

so when you look for a frot buddy, look for one -- not 10

that will keep you out of that promiscuity meatgrinder which is so destructive physically and emotionally

thanks again Dan -- great post


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