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In a recent private debate I was having the term homophobe was turned on me. I should mention that I wanted no part in this debate, as I could tell it would go nowhere from the intolerant attitudes of the initiators. When people can't even accept what you believe and leave it at that, then there's an issue with intolerance, and that intolerance characterizes the gay community.

As we all know, the frot movement is based on simple and readily observable principles:

1. Anal puts you at higher risk for STDs than any other form of sex.

2. Promiscuity enhances the rate at which diseases are transferred within a population.

3. Effeminacy enhances the effects of anal and promiscuity (just go to your local gay bar and observe the behavior of effeminate men)

Where in the above list could someone derive homophobia? While I was thinking about this it occurred to me what someone would have to believe in order to conclude that we are homophobic for what we believe.

We are critical of one sex act, and positive about men having sex with men. In order to be homophobic we would have to despise the idea of two men having sex in any form.

Saying that we are homophobic is like saying someone is homophobic for not enjoying the act of urinating on his partner. He obviously doesn't like it because it disgusts him and he's concerned about the health risks.

The line has to be drawn somewhere. Either we are not homophobic for criticizing shit sex, or almost everyone is a homophobe for not being supportive of guys who get off on rape and murder.

Then I remembered certain recent posts on this board on the topic of rape. I realized that: rape and murder for sexual gratification really is what the BFD supports, and analists within the gay community support it as well.

That's why the analists call us homophobes -- we don't believe that love is something you can use to justify poor treatment of your fellow man. For example, abuse and stalking are two behaviors which society looks down upon. If you ask the men who engage in these behaviors, they will tell you they do it because they love the target of their affections.

The physical beating of oneís partner is not only NOT an expression of love, it is very much an expression of contempt. How much do you have to loathe a person devoted to you in order to disrespect their bodies with physical violence? Stalkers face the same dilemma when they turn to the use of force and violence.

Anal penetration is no different. It is physical abuse of your partnerís body. The internal tissue of the anus is torn and abraded every time it is penetrated. Sometimes the tissues are torn so deeply that anal fissures form, which can be painful the rest of your life. The penetrated partner is exposed to diseases and infections in a part of the body which lacks the capacity to combat them. Many of these infections result in death. The spirit of the penetrated man is also destroyed. As has been pointed out, a man who has been indoctrinated into the BFD will no longer recognize his own masculinity. This kind of physical-spiritual abuse is the bread and butter of analists within the gay community.

Hiding all of this behind the veneer of love is despicable. Just like the person who beats his spouse loathes the person who is devoted to him, so does the person who penetrates his partner.

This comes through in their assault on members of the frot movement. Their arguments arenít on the level of engaging us on the positions we hold. Any analist who engages you in discourse will usually opt for personal attacks. His goal for victory will be calling you a homophobe, republican, misogynist, and religious fanatic. These criticisms arenít constructive to the discussion. They are intended to be destructive, hurtful, and vitriolic, just like the act of anal penetration itself. The connection is very clear: those who respect and love their fellow man argue with the goal of presenting information in a persuasive fashion. Those who abuse their fellow man and feel contempt for him argue with the goal of destroying their opponent.

There are certain things which are counterintuitive in the name of love, acts which can only be named acts of hate. Anal penetration is one of them.

If gay means supportive of rape and murder, and being a homophobe means fear and contempt of gays, then I am a homophobe.

But if homophobia means the brutalization, rape, and murder of men based solely on their status as gay men, then I am by no means a homophobe. The gay community at large is guilty of homophobia in that respect.

Save your life.

Oppose the type of homophobia that seeks to destroy you.

Embrace the knowledge that will allow you to assess risks in a real and positive manner.

And free yourself from the type of hypocritical dogma that tells you abuse is love.

You all deserve better than that.

Greg Milliken

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