I love FROT



I love FROT


Hey Brothers: In the last 24 hours I have found the absolute web site, yep arrived on it today ..... this is what I have been missing! I have kept to myself due to the fact that sure I am mature and slightly overweight, but people would literally ask me to leave when we got together because I would not be a bottom or a top! Scratch them off the dance card! I love FROT, it is safe, comfortable, like who wants to be pushed into a position we were not meant to be in the first place. Nothing like a good man to stimulate you and get you so wound up, you're flying. Nothing like a good bear hug, nipple to nipple, face to face, feeling the heat, the power and the intimacy.

There is no threat here, just enjoying the other partner, face to face and heart to heart. Just too bad, there are not others out there who enjoy it as much as I do. Add a little oil and you're cooking, nothing safer nothing finer. Thanks for the site and this brings back wonderful memories of the folks who got off on it. Yep I agree that we are a (excuse the word play) driving force in taking off the sexual practice taboo, and enjoying our bodies and caring for those we are intimate with. Would like to hear from all out there, need to communicate with others who feel the same way as I do.

Garth's member description:

Age 51 (an elder) Into Hiking, Camping, Gardening. Not into the Bar Scene, drink little socially. Bald, 5'8" furry and single. Metis ancestry, moved to Sask to be near my father's ancesteral home. Rebel yes, long line of Metis fighters from Batoche, Louis Riel, and proud of it. Enjoy life and it takes on new meaning now that I have found this site. Free to be myself at last. Into body rubbing, kissing, touching, definitely a Frot man. Would like to hear from all out there

RE: QAF ... I agree. Again the Establishment is telling us what to watch, see and do. Were not children, let's be renegades and buck the trend .... FROT is here to stay.


not into dominating


I am new to this club, and would like to say... THANK GOD there are other guys out there like me... I have dated several guys in the past who wanted me to fuck them, but I was not interested, and unfortunately, they seemed to lose interest when they discovered I was not into dominating them.

I would like to meet other like-minded guys in the Central FL area, for friendship and MORE. Thanks guys


Hugging, Kissing, and Rubbing


I'm a 49 year old guy, smooth skinned, young looking, 5'10" 178lbs (1,77 - 80 kg) well educated guy living in NORWAY.

I feel desperately alone here, as hugging, kissing and rubbing seems to be more or less a laughing matter among gays.

And all the gay videos available only deal with animalistic anal sexual acrobatics with as little bodily contact as possible.

I'd be happy if anyone would care to drop me a line.

Hugs to everyone :-)

Sir Jacksalot

Sir Jacksalot


Hello, Bill...

Just wanted to let you know that I just found the Cockrub / Frot website!!!! This is wonderful! I read some of the articles that discuss the brainwashing of the gay community into believing that "if it isn't anal, it isn't 'sex' ".... I couldn't believe it as I was reading... it was as if I had written it..... like someone had taken all my thoughts and written them down.... I have been looking for other men into rubbing, jo and other non-anal friction activities for YEARS and YEARS and YEARS!!!!

I can't describe how happy I am to have found your website!!!!

Keep up the good work!


Fucking hot site


This is one fucking hot site, this is what man 2 man sex and appreciation of a mate's body is all about.

Nothing better than two hot guys exploring each other's body with their own, face to face, body to body and cock to cock.

For me the most pleasurable way to get my cock up is to have a buddy rub his cock with mine until we are both dripping juices and then the fun begins.

Two cocks sliding together and eventually cuming together is one hot fucking turn on and a fucking mind blaster when our loads shoot together and no hands needed except for some great ass grabbing.

Congrats on the site, cant wait to add some personal experiences and hear what your cock will do to my 10 inch uncut but trimmed juicy horny cock.

Alan 35 tall tan and hard.


I think I found myself


I just found your site today and I think I found myself in the process. I have never heard of frot, but it is me!

About me: I am a 38 year old man, who looks 32. I am 5'7", 155lbs, red hair, blue eyes and a beautiful smile. I work out every other day for 2 hours. I am totally a virgin with men. I have always known I was sexually attracted to men, but the whole anal thing just never appealed to me. I agree with what you say on your site about "men being men". I have called phone sex lines and mutually masturbated and the question "are you a top or bottom" always comes up. My answer is always "versatile" because I want a guy on top of me and under me. I really don't want to penetrate his ass or have mine penetrated. But I certainly want to enjoy the beauty of a man.


Re: I think I found myself



Along with you, I've abstained from the gay community for a lack of sexual connection. I'm more connected into man on man, and to finally find a community where I feel so at peace with the energy is just such a relief. What I've read so far has certainly allowed me to connect with my inner feelings and desires in a virgin sort of way. Best of luck with your upcoming experiences with frottage and man on man passion!



For me, cock-on-cock is the way to go, because you're two equals and you're sharing exactly the same sensations at the same time, and it's all caused by the same action. And when I feel our combined jizz lubricating our dick interface, my orgasm intensifies twofold.

Head-to-head is fun too, but ultimately, when we "take it home," rubbing the sensitive undersides together is really where it's at.

Best of all, you don't necessarily have to be gay to enjoy it. Every guy can join in.

Sorry about the clinical term "interface." It's the only way I can think of to describe it. I'd welcome some other descriptive term. But how can you describe in words the few square inches wherein mens' souls converge?




I've spent the last 2 days picking through every part of this site, and i realize i've been given words to things intrinsic to me that I didn't know how to articulate, I am extremely greatful and awate my own experieces, content I will be satisfied in so many ways. thanks everyone.


Frot sex


So fucking great to know there are other men like me

I just found this site by accident!!




Re: Frot sex


me too man


Just what I needed


I just discovered this site today and can honestly say that I have never felt better about myself than I do now. I am 31 years old and was in a relationship with another great guy for 6 years. During that time we had fantastic sex and never once entered each other anally. Being only 22 years old when we met, he was the first man I had been with. I never had a desire for anal sex and he didn't either so we were a perfect fit. I had no idea at the time what a rare thing this was. We both grew older and apart but have managed to remain great friends. I have been single now for almost 3 years and had been feeling very discouraged. I find myself feeling embarrassed to tell my friends that I enjoy frottage and I'm not sure why. The pressure to have anal sex in the gay community is frightening. If you don't, you are looked upon as somehow being an outcast. The men I have dated since my break up have all wanted the same thing and I was beginning to think that my ex and I were the only ones out there in to frottage. After reading the stories on this site, I can honestly say that this is just what I needed. Although I'm still single, at least I know that the right guy for me is out there, and we will find each other.

Thanks to all who have written for your courage AND encouragement.



Re: Just what I needed


There sometimes seems to be a tendency to want to get into a relationship quickly.

I think it's better to wait, look and sum a potential partner up before committing.

I have , and still am, in one after 33 years, so I have an idea what I'm talking about.

A lot of hetroes are amazed when we tell them.

Love is the most important item I believe.

Screwing dosen't interest us.

There are more things in life than that, and I belive this site, and it's messages, has them.

As they say, "Keep in touch "



the most physically and emotionally


Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your website. I didn't know about your website until just recently, and I found it by accident. I think its great that you're working to get the word out that there are alternatives to anal. I had thought (until I saw your website) that I was only one of very few who preferred frot to other types of gay lovemaking. Not only is it the most physically and emotionally fulfilling way two men can please one another, in my not-so-humble opinion, but it is also the SAFEST! Gay people need to hear this. Gay men need to be deprogramed in their thinking that anal is the ultimate form of gay sex for all of the obvious reasons. Thank you for listening to me and keep up the good fight!


Not Alone Any More


When I found this site while surfing around, it was instant turn-on for me as just about everything, to my surprise, is really similar to how I think. Used to think I was the only one like this. Have definitely felt the same as expressed about anal sex, as I never have gotten into it, have no desire whatsoever, and most likely never will. It kind of amazes me that gay and bi dudes don't seem to get it: that the difference between a male and a female is a cock. Through the years, I came to the same conclusion as did Bill: I suspect the whole thing about anal sex is attempt to emulate and imitate so-called straight society. When younger, found frot to be incredibly erotic; just kind of put it out of my mind, again thinking I was the only sort of character who would think and feel this way.

Robert Loring

Re: Not Alone Any More


There is power in finding that we are not alone. There is also healing and uplifting when we find that we are one among many....and we are.


Re: Not Alone Any More


I cannot believe it...Finally there are others out there that feel as I have (for years)

Maybe now I might even find a "partner".



Home at last


Hi Bill,

I have just discovered this site to night, WOW!

I thought all of this time that I was weird or something, because I always wanted to connect with other guys in this way. Very few of the guys that I now know seem to want to and yet, frot is what I'm always dreaming about ever since the first time.

The first time was with a friend of mine, I think he was staying over night at my house. Anyway, some how we felt comfrottable enough to feel each other and ended up naked bone to bone. I remember feeling very close to my best friend and started to feel this intense rush of our dicks rubbing together.

I felt connected in a great way, no shame, no games, just pure contact which I got in to. I came all over his chest and he came over mine.

We are still friends to this day.


the feeling was intense



I happened upon your site today and have had precum drip ever since. When I was in my early teens, a neighbor boy and I played with our cocks often. We would rub them together and try to cum at the same time. The feeling was intense.

Later in high school, I was involved in wrestling. It was an incredible turnon to hold another by the crotch or to be held by another. I also loved the community shower. I weighed in at 120, my friend at 112. On weekends we would "practice" at his house. We would of course be naked. I had forgotten how much enjoyment that was until today.

Later in college, I began having open gay relationships with guys. It always ended because I do not like the thought of my ass being fucked or of fucking another.

Your site is wonderful,



New-found family


Hi Bill,

I'm so glad to have chanced upon your beautiful website. I've read a couple of personal stories from fellow frot lovers. They've touched & motivated me so much that i decided to write & join your group.

I have been immensely frustrated over the years with my inability to express this unique way to sexual gratification -- because of shame & fear of rejection. I have been partnered for 4 years now but have not been intimate for the last 2 years .... I realized that he doesn't enjoy frottage anymore as much as i do. I'm staying in the relationship because of the emotional bond & investments we've put into ... but it's been very dry physically ..... Recently, upon my friend's urging, i decided to look for some side affairs but to no avail. The guys i met were all focused on anal sex and i wasn't searching for that ... incidentally, i'm still anally-virgin & i hope to remain that way. I have yet to find that man who also appreciates the beauty of intimate body connection. I was in the brink of giving up and going celibate ..... until i discovered your website .... perhaps a flicker of hope?

Again, i thank you for your wonderful efforts of bringing together people like me into a safe community as you have created.




Finally....It's Not Just Sex


Love this site!

Frotting is the hottest sex possible..and it's more than just's love. It's hard to find that in the "gay" community and it's nice to see commitment and love being a focus. It's all about promiscuity and that's not me....I love to be dick to dick, heart to heart, and face to face.....for a lllooooooooooonnnggg time....

I'd love to meet a masculine, athletic guy that I could have a relationship with!

I'm a 24 yo African American man living in OH.

Ck me out in Frot Club and tell me what you think!


Kindred spirits unite!


I just had to write and tell you that finding this site was like finding a missing piece of myself. I always felt sexually inadequate in my relationships with men because I just couldn't get into anal. It wasn't even that I had a bad or painful anal experience the few times I tried it- it just felt wrong for me. I loved to kiss, touch, massage, cuddle, wrestle, lick, suck, "make out", ect.. but when my partner would just assume we were moving into 'anal mode' my erection would deflate quickly! I only found one guy during college who never even asked about anal. We did everything but, (no pun intended), and were very happy as a sexual couple until he returned to Amsterdam. He was a foriegn exchange student and I figured that it was a European thing. Here in the States I had yet to find a guy who didn't think that we had to do anal eventually or there was something wrong with our relationship. Having found this site and reading the stories from others has really been wonderful. It gives me hope that the man for me is out there yet! I have been telling my friends about your site and am pleasantly surprised to find others who are interested in the Frot messege. I'm hoping to find others here in Minnesota to perhaps form a group of like minded men for support and social activity. Thanks again!

Maurice Silva

Bless you!


I am a 34 year gay and I only had a long relationship with another man. Guest what? In 4 years of relationship, Carlos and I never had, not even once, penetration! Neither of us were interested, althought I have been told over and over again that as a gay I must be interested in anal sex! I don't even care about male bottoms! When I look to a man I look to his face, shoulders, chest(preferably hairy), and arms. I don't care about his bottom. THANK YOU! Before enter your website I thougth I was weird or freak! Thank you! God Bless you!

Yours faithfully,

Maurice Silva


it used to make me sick


Hey Bill -

Thanks for your website. It really helped a lot.

I felt weird not wanting to do anal. It used to make me sick when a guy would ask me to do him, but I did it anyway, not really enjoying it at all.

Thanks for telling my story,


Dale Smith



It is good to see that finally I have found a web site that deals with cock to cock and not anal. It has always been more approiate to me to do it this way as it seems to be more personal and you can get the excitement of coming off together and seeing it come at the same time. It is like stepping out into a new and exciting dimension.

Dale Smith

Marin Frot

Speaking the same language


Finding this site was like finding people who speak the same language.

I'm married and exploring my need for men and have come to realize that what I like best is Frot, I just didn't know that there were a lot of other guys who liked it, too.

I don't want to fuck -- I want the intimacy, hugging, kissing, rubbing -- that's what I really want in contact with a man, and it's a great relief to see that I'm not alone in this.

Seeing your site made me feel more "normal," and helped me understand that what I wanted was closeness with another man that wasn't about filling an orifice, but filling a psychological and spiritual hole with true intimacy.



rubbing and kissing


I'm so glad I found this site - this now makes sooooo much more sense to me - I was wondering why the whole gay thing was just not totally for me and could not put a finger on it - but your site now brings alot of it together

I'm bi and in fact only really through Frot (didn't know what it was before your site) do I really get full pleasure from another man - everything else is kind of empty - and somewhat demoralizing. I experienced Frot this summer not really knowing it - and it was hot! Came two times in rapid succession just rubbing together and kissing - problem is that most Bi guys don't want to kiss and I think that's a big part of it.

Anyway thanks again for your site -- its been really eye opening.



I felt like I was alone

Just wanted to thank you for having such a great website.

For the longest time I felt like I was alone because not many people I know get into frottage. Hell half of the people I know have never even heard the word nor do they know what it means. But I do, and I have known about and loved practicing it for some time. I also think it is the best way period for two men to have sex, not to mention by far the safest way. I have spent a fair amount of time checking out your website and as I said before I love it! Sure would be nice if more people thought like you and me. Please keep up the great work and I will continue to enjoy it.


While I was at your site on my last visit I checked out the page called Whats Hot About Frot. Congratulations my friend you totally hit the nail on the head with that page! Would love to see more pics just like it. Keep up the great work and I will certainly continue to enjoy it. As you always say at the bottom of every page Cockrub Warriors Certainly Do Rule and here's hoping they will for a long time to come.

Bill Weintraub

Re: I felt like I was alone


Hey, thank you dude

How do Cockrub Warriors Rule?

Through their bravery and their perseverance, their defiance of tyranny and their love of freedom.

And against what do Cockrub Warriors fight?

Not against individuals, but against two big lies, lies which we're sworn to defeat.

The first is that all gay men do anal.

Not true -- many gay men have never done anal and never will, others have tried anal once and will never do it again, and the rest are doing anal only because of a myriad of cultural messages telling them they're not really gay if they don't.

Those messages are stupid and wrong. Originally, the word "gay" was simply shorthand for guys who were more-or-less exclusively attracted to other guys. No one ever intended "gay" to become linked to a single penetrative act, and even those of us who don't like the word "gay" should continue to rebel against its identification with anal.

The second big lie is that str8 men have no sexual interest in other men.

The truth is that most str8 guys want intimacy with a buddy, but are afraid to act on their feelings because of their very rational and understandable dislike of anal, effeminacy, and promiscuity.

Once str8-identified guys learn about frot and cock2cock, they're able to see that there's a way for them to be sexual with another guy which preserves their masculinity, integrity, and dignity.

And they go for it -- every time.


Defiance makes us Strong.

Freedom makes us Brave.

And Perseverance is Power.

That's why



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