My Passion



My Passion


I just found your site and I want to tell you how much I appreciate your efforts in presenting such amazing material. Since my teen years I have loved frot, and have only recently learned that there are other men for whom this is the preferred sexual play and expression. I have done the anal stuff, as a top, but my heart was not fervently in it. How great to find others who love to rub and be together cock to cock.

I posted a message in Frot Club NY and thank you for that opportunity. I hope I meet someone to share my passion.

Bill Weintraub

Re: My Passion



what a beautiful post

thank you aaron

Aaron's is a very common story -- guys discover frot as children or teens, and it's at their erotic center, but after they come out they're pressured into doing anal

and the control that anal has over the culture is so great that frequently these men don't know, as Aaron did not, that there are other men who think and feel as they do

so they're left doing anal "sex," even though it's not what they want

that's one of several reasons why the big cultural institutions and websites like GayHealth and PlanetOut and POZ and the safer-sex boyz need to stop this BS of pretending that frot doesn't exist, or that it's such a minority practice that it's not worth mentioning

frot is a minority practice because the buttfuck boyz have defined it that way

it's our job to show them just how wrong they are



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