We loved each other as men,
in total equality,
and in total fidelity



We loved each other as men, in total equality, and in total fidelity.


Hello Bill

I thank you, to the best of my ability, for the vision that you have of male sensitivity and which you have shared with me and others so lucky to have found The Man2Man Alliance website--- about celebrating manhood and what is most masculine and affection, ---- love for each other delivered pleasurably, and phallically -- men not reduced to commodified sexual positions, nor roles of submission and domination.

And confirmation of the homoerotic power of Frot-- men sensually bound together, with a high degree of intimacy and liberated from deep-seeded internal homophobia, and from the potential of fatal disease.

Aware of my profound attraction to men throughout much of my life, nonetheless I never felt comfortable with the top/bottom dichotomy that prevails in 'gay' culture, and I always wondered how men could consider an organ designed for the elimination of bodily waste, as genitals for the excitement of the penis.

I thought I must be in a minority in the 'gay community', as I returned to the San Francisco Bay Area from Russia, where I had been living and working as a financial consultant for the last 5 years.

There was no gay culture in the Soviet Union. I fell in love with a man with whom I enjoyed the most exquisite forms of intense erotic play, but to this day, I do not know if the man was 'gay' or not. We loved each other as men, in total equality, and in total fidelity.

And now returning to the Bay Area, I feel as though I am in a minority.......I do not see myself as top or bottom, fem or butch, bi or gay, straight or not, ..I know myself merely as a man attracted to men, who enjoys the community of men, and who derives enormous pleasure from what I now know is Frot, the form of erotic play I have practiced for years, and only forced to be a 'top' in the last six months.

Having navigating through The Man2Man Alliance website into which you have devoted so much of your intelligence, and your passion to what is best of manhood, you have given me sense to know, that the love I seek to practice with men is truly, 'avant garde'... or is it, since this same form of love, the ancient Greeks glorified. Witness the Greek island of Delos, devoted to the cult of male beauty, which you can still visit to day.


Many thanks, and Bravo to You!


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Ck it out!

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who reject anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
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