Economy in crisis and donations



Economy in crisis and donations


I am worried about donations in these troubled times and how it affects our ability to help maintain the Alliance website. Just like other people many brothers may be concerned about losing their homes or their jobs. For those who can donate please do so to make up the slack as I think that this site deserves as much support that it can get. As for my part I am going to increase my donations and I urge others who can to do so also. It would be a tragedy if this site were to go under while analist sites would continue on. Don't let this happen warriors. Bill has worked night and day to keep this site going and at the same time been caring for his beloved Patrick who is gravely ill. Doesn't he deserve our support? Examine your own conscience and I think in your hearts you will know what to do. Peace and blessings be with you.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Economy in crisis and donations


Thank you Robert.

Robert, who's the author of many posts on this board, including Remember and Sweat and Blood, has been a truly staunch and stalwart supporter of the Alliance and I thank him again and again for all he's done and is doing.

Guys, Robert's right that we're really hurting right now.

Donations are usually a little down in December because of the holidays, but this year in addition we've got the economic crisis, plus amazon dot shit dropping us and seizing our funds.

And to date donations for December have been almost non-existent.

Please donate.

And remember, donations don't have to be huge.

As I often say, many hands make light the work.

A hundred guys donating $10 or $20 per month -- would go a long way toward getting us to where we need to be.

You can now donate via online credit card and schedule a recurring donation -- once per month.

If the economy gets worse, you can always cancel.

But that $10 or $20 appearing regularly would make a huge difference to us.

And most of you wouldn't miss that amount of money.

How many of you have cable TV costing $60 a month or more?

And what do you get from it?

99.99% of it is pure junk, and even worse, it's junk which reinforces the worst values of the society -- the greed and worship of wealth which got us into this economic mess.

While the "straight" content is nothing but heterosexualized and heterosexist bullshit, and the "gay-friendly" content is analist crap.

That's what you're wasting $60 a month on.

What you're doing is paying people to reinforce your oppression.

That's nuts!

It's crazy!

Stop doing it.

Start helping us.

Start helping us -- and yourself.

We're working for *your* liberation.

We're working to free you from all those societal forces which have made your lives so empty and miserable.

Including, as I'll be posting about, the economic forces.

Now -- let me say something about our opposition -- in this case, the analist gay male establishment.

I suspect that many of you think the gay establishment is some sort of juggernaut that can't be stopped.


In reality, the gay establishment is made up of political hacks and bureaucrats who are remarkably inept.

Case in point: the success of the "Yes on 8" campaign in California to ban gay marriage.

As a number of commentators have now pointed out, including in a Rolling Stone report by Tom Dickinson, it should have been a slam dunk for the opposition -- the forces working to preserve gay marriage in Cali.

But the people running the campaign -- gay establishment hacks -- were so stupid and clumsy that they lost -- and by a lot.

On a day when liberal causes were triumphant throughout the country, the clownish leadership in California engineered a massive gay defeat.

Yes, the religious right was well-organized and yes there was money from the Latter Day Saints.

So what?

The gay forces were way ahead in the polls early on, and then made mistake after mistake which cost them the election.


Prop 8 should have been defeated -- two months before the election, it was down 17 points in the polls -- but the gay-rights groups that tried to stop it ran a lousy campaign. According to veteran political observers, the No on Prop 8 effort was slow to raise money, ran weak and confusing ads, and failed to put together a grass-roots operation to get out the vote.

"This was political malpractice," says a Democratic consultant who operates at the highest level of California politics. "They fucked this up, and it was painful to watch. They shouldn't be allowed to pawn this off on the Mormons or anyone else. They snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and now hundreds of thousands of gay couples are going to pay the price."


"They fucked this up ...and now hundreds of thousands of gay couples are going to pay the price."

Just as hundreds of thousands of gay-identified men have paid the price for the massive fuck-up, fuck-up-the-butt, called "AIDS Prevention" in the US.

So -- these people -- "the gay establishment" -- are not invulnerable -- to put it mildly.

They're like the emperor and his new clothes -- they're actually naked -- and hoping that you and the rest of the world are too dumb to figure it out.

Let's look at some issues on which they're really vulnerable.

I mentioned HIV / AIDS.

FACT: The AIDS Service Organizations, known as the ASOs, have done a truly shitty job of preventing HIV infection among gay-identified men.

They have been and continue to be grossly incompetent.

That FACT was made abundantly clear this summer, when it was was revealed that the level of new infections in the US was 40% higher than previously believed, and had been --

SINCE 1993!!!

Do you understand what that means?

It means that all those literally HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars raised by groups like SF AIDS Foundation and NYC's Gay Men's Health Crisis have been --




They haven't done a damn thing other than pay their administrators huge and inflated salaries, while creating a parasitic class of "safer-sex counselors" who spend vast amounts of time and MONEY going to conferences and workshops, and who've been VASTLY INEFFECTIVE in preventing HIV infection.

The result?

There are now more than 600,000 gay- and bi-identified guys in the US alone "living" with HIV infection.

That's more guys who are infected today than who died in the first wave of the epidemic from 1981 to 1995.

It's mind-boggling.


What a waste!

But NO ONE will say so.


We'll say so.

If you'll only give us the means to do it.

We'll run ads at the same time that the ASOs are shilling for vast sums through their "AIDS Walks" and other fund-raisers, ads which say -- don't give your money to these bozos --

because they have a proven and demonstrable track record of --


That failure is right there in the statistics -- and in the published comments of AIDS epidemiologists like Dr. Philip Alcabes of New York's Hunter College, who said,

"it looks like prevention campaigns make even less difference than anyone thought."

"HIV incidence did not decline as much from the 1980s to the 1990s as we believed," he said, "despite the dramatic increase in condom promotion and so-called prevention education."

"So-called prevention education" is right!

The condom campaigns on which so much has been spent -- have been useless.

Yet when the Dutch told gay-identified men -- "don't do anal in any form -- with a condom or without" -- the level of new cases in some cohorts dropped to ZERO.

van Griensven GJP, Tielman RAP, Goudsmit J, et al. Risk Factors and Prevalence of HIV Antibodies in Homosexual Men in the Netherlands. Am J Epidemiol. 1987;125:1048-1057.

van Griensven, GJP, Devroome, EMM., Goudsmit, J, Coutinho, RA. Changes in sexual behaviour and the fall in incidence of HIV infection among homosexual men. BMJ. 1989;298:218 - 221.

Hospers, H and Blom, C. "HIV Prevention Activities for Gay Men in the Netherlands 1983-93" in Theo Sandfort (Ed.) The Dutch Response to HIV Pragmaticism and Consensus. New York: Routledge, 1998.

So -- HIV is a huge issue.

And the gay establishment has been hugely inept on this issue.


For example, of those more than 600,000 "gay men" who are infected with HIV, we now know from the EXPLORE studies that 95% of them -- 570,000 -- are co-infected with anal HPV, which causes anal cancer, and that 285,000 are already exhibiting symptoms of anal cancer

What's more, 57% of HIV-negative guys are infected with anal HPV too.


Maybe the public should be informed of that.

And maybe questions should be raised about how STD prevention monies are being spent.

What else?

What about anti-gay violence and HIV / AIDS?

Question: all those guys infected with HIV and HPV -- more than 600,000 with HIV alone -- how did they get infected?

Answer: Every one of them got infected through anal.

They ALL got infected through anal.

It's the anal.

Question: WHO infected them?


THEY DID!!!!!!!!!


That's how they got infected.

Ronald Reagan didn't infect them.

James Dobson didn't infect them.

Ted Haggard didn't infect them.

Pope Benedict didn't infect them.

And George W Bush didn't infect them either.


Their behavior was, as Larry Kramer says, MURDEROUS -- it's been murderous since 1984 and remains murderous to this day.

FACT: HIV infection is a form of anti-gay violence.

And it's by far the most prevalent form of anti-gay violence.

By a factor not of one or two, but of thousands.

According to the FBI, and as reported by the Washington Post, there were exactly nine murders in all of the US affecting ALL groups -- that includes race, religion, national origin, etc -- which qualified as hate crimes in 2007.

Yet in 2006 alone, more than 14,000 americans died of HIV.

At least 7,000 of them were gay-identified males infected via buttfuck.

Do those qualify as murders?

YES -- of course they do.

Look -- when you work with victims of anti-gay violence, as I have; and then you see people die of AIDS, as I have -- you understand that there's no difference between the two.

AIDS is a form of anti-gay violence.

Which is perpetrated by gays on other gays.

And which is why the gay male establishment doesn't want to talk about it.

The gay press will talk about "spectacular" gay-on-gay murders like the gay porn producer who was beheaded and incinerated by his gay business rivals;

or the acts of cannibalism perpetrated by gay-identified men against other gay-identified men in England and Germany;

or the gang of gay-identified males in Groningen that injected HIV into drugged out "straight" guys at "gay sex" parties --

but those are treated as oddities.

The gay press never mentions the most prevalent form of gay-on-gay violence and murder: HIV/AIDS via anal penetration.

The weapon is a penis loaded with HIV and rammed crudely and cruelly into an anus.

Which is defenceless against the assault.

That's the weapon.

And using that weapon, 7,000 gay-identified men were murdered by other gay-identified men in 2006.

More than 26,000 gay-identified males were infected in 2006; 7,000 of them died.

If 7,000 gay-identified men had been murdered by anti-gay thugs in 2006 -- there would have been a huge outcry.

But this goes completely un-noticed.


Give us the chance to tell the world what's actually going down.

And what about gay male date rape?

In my reply to Warrior Steve's to rub and grind and make face to face love I talked about a study which had revealed that a full one-third of gay-identified men had been date-raped -- that is, fucked up the butt against their will -- by their "partners."

Gay men as victims of nonconsensual sex


Incidents of nonconsensual sexual activity among 930 homosexually active men living in England and Wales are analyzed. Of these men, 27.6% said they had been sexually assaulted or had sex against their will at some point in their lives; one third had been forced into sexual activity (usually anal intercourse) by men with whom they had previously had, or were currently having, consensual sexual activity. The contention that male rape is usually committed by heterosexually identified men, primarily as an expression of power and control, is not supported. Recognition that gay men rape other gay men is needed, both by the gay community and support services for victims.

Key words sexual assault - male rape - gay men - sexual behavior

I mention that study as often as I can and I'm going to keep bringing it up.

Because it's a startling statistic.

That's a far higher incidence of date-rape than occurs among mixed-gender aka "hetero" couples.

Where's the outrage in the "gay male community" about that?


Where are the committees and conferences and speak-outs against this form of gay-on-gay violence?




Because the gay establishment wants "gay males" to appear before the public as victims.

Always as victims.

It doesn't want to own up to the violence IMPLICIT in the core "sexual" act of analism.

It doesn't want to talk about that.

But we do.

And we will.

Just as we talk about all the other major problems with anal:

  • no other "sex" act requires such constant contact with fecal material

  • no other "sex" act is so efficient at transmitting and promoting disease

  • no other "sex" act -- other than pure sado-masochism -- has such a high degree of pain built in

  • no other "sex" act -- other than pure sado-masochism -- is as degrading to its participants

  • and no other "sex" act has resulted in 550,000 American deaths and the infection of another 1.2 million Americans with a deadly pathogen

The anal emperor has no clothes --


So he continues in power.


Give us a chance, a fighting chance, to bring these issues before the public.

And to keep this Man2Man Alliance site alive so that it can continue to help and serve you.

And to help and serve the next guy who comes along and needs to hear our life-giving message of hope and renewal.

That's what your donation does.

It gives that guy a chance.

And even if by donating you reach only one guy -- you've done a lot.

If you save him from HIV or hepatitis C or fecal incontinence or a perforated intestine -- you've done a lot for him.

If he's miserable and alone and feels like he's the only guy who doesn't like or want to do anal -- you've done a lot for him.

If he's straight-identified and thinks that if he wants to be with another guy, he'll have to do anal -- you've done a lot for him.

If he's straight-identified and thinks he's the only straight-identified guy in the universe who's also into cock2cock -- you've done a lot for him.

And if he's an evangelical Christian or a fundamentalist Muslim or Jew who thinks that his normal and natural same-sex feelings have condemned him to life without God -- you've done a lot for him.

So -- just reaching one guy -- is doing a lot.

But the fact is that when you donate, you reach far more than one guy.

When you donate, you change and indeed save lives.

Many lives.


So -- what's it going to be?

Are you going to continue to sit on your wallets and guard your precious dollars?


It's the culture of dollar-worship and greed and the idea that dollars are markers which determine your self-worth -- which has created this tremendous crisis we now face.

And I do mean dollar-worship.

Turns out that Alan Greenspan, who was for so many years head of the Federal Reserve and whose pronouncements not just on the economy but just about anything were given great weight by the Congress, by most of the rest of government, and certainly by American society, is, according to the International Herald Tribune, a follower of Ayn Rand:

A professed libertarian, he counted among his formative influences the novelist Ayn Rand, who portrayed collective power as an evil force set against the enlightened self-interest of individuals.

Well, that's one way of putting it.

Rand, a White Russian refugee who hated communism and collectivism, put Greed at the center of her philosophic system.

The Tribune refers to it as "the enlightened self-interest of individuals."

But in Rand's work, it comes across as individual Greed.

Indeed, at one point in her writing, Rand, who was an atheist, has a character say that the only symbol worth honoring is the dollar sign.

And Rand means it.

Rand's conception of God

As a consequence, Greenspan was opposed to most government regulation of markets, including the derivatives market -- derivatives are complex financial instruments which are core to the present crisis; and, as I said, Greenspan strenuously and successfully opposed efforts, by the Congress and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, to regulate them, because, says the Tribune, he had "a resolute faith that those participating in financial markets would act responsibly."

Why anyone would believe that, given the history of the world and of bubbles in particular -- is beyond me.

But perhaps you would if you believed, as Rand and Greenspan did, that decisions based on Greed, and a society run on Greed, would be sound.

Look: I have said that core to my work is a simple idea:

That you must question the dominant paradigms -- the dominant social models -- of your era.

Whether they be "heterosexuality" or analism.

Now -- one of the dominant paradigms of our present era is that Greed is good and that the Markets are always right.

But use your eyes.

The Markets were NOT right.

And if the markets were not right, then the theory is wrong.

Some of you no doubt believe that the crisis is due to "bad actors."

No no no no no.

It's the theory behind the actors which is the problem.

It's like saying that psychoanalysis couldn't rid me of my Love of Men and Masculinity -- because my psychiatrist was a bad psychiatrist.

Or that I was a bad patient.


It was that the theory behind the pyschoanalysis was wrong.

Because the Love of Man for Man is normal and natural.

Not diseased.

Same with analism.

It's like saying, which many of the buttboys in the person of the AIDS Service Organizations do, that anal would be fine if everyone used condoms.


Anal is an inherently UNnatural act.

It's inherently dangerous.

And if you have to wear a condom to do something -- chances are you shouldn't be doing it.

So -- the theory of Markets and Greed -- is wrong.

And when you look at an event like the present credit crisis, you need to look at the theory behind the event.

Because there's always a theory -- a paradigm or model -- which is guiding the actors.

Analism is one such theory.

Genderism is another.

The medical model of homosexuality was another, which was seemingly done in, but which has survived as sexual orientation.

And the theory of Markets and the salutary effects of Greed -- is another.

So: you can continue in your dollar-worship and your greed -- phoney theologies based on faulty and failed theories --

or you can rejoin the human race and behave once again like a human being.

Which means acknowledging that human relationships and reciprocal altruism -- people helping each other -- are what life is actually about.

If you do that, you'll Donate.

Because you'll recognize that it's more important for you to keep this site and this Alliance and the hope and help it represents for your fellow MEN -- and I do mean M-E-N MEN -- alive than it is to hold on to a few dollars.

Those few dollars, kept in your metaphorical pocket, won't make any difference to you.

But combined with the dollars of your fellow Men -- they'll make an enormous difference in your life and in the lives of Men everywhere.

Robert says, "It would be a tragedy if this site were to go under while analist sites would continue on."

He's right.

But for whom would it be a tragedy?


You'll be the poorer.

Spiritually, psychologically, emotionally, physically.

And once you're so impoverished, no amount of money in the world will be able to save you.


Help build a true and enduring Fellowship of Warriors.


A Warriorhood which can be yours.

If you'll FIGHT for it.

I thank Robert Moseley again for his excellent and heartfelt post, which I hope you'll re-read.

Robert is a true Warrior.

Join him.


D O N A T E.

Bill Weintraub

December 15, 2008

© All material Copyright 2008 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

The Greek conception of God

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