Warrior Rodolfo

First Time Fighting and Frot


Hey guys my name is Rodolfo and I recently stumbled upon this site.

The first time I experience frot was when this guy who I was getting to know from high school, told me to go to his house to help him work out. As I was trying to help him he was looking for his shoe so we can go run but we couldn't find it. He was getting irritated and I told him to look under the bed. Then he screamed at me and told me to look under the bed. I yelled back at him and before I knew it we were wrestling. As we were fighting, I notice he had me in a choker hold but he was on top of me while I was on his bed. That's when I felt him thrust behind me with our shorts. I told him what he was doing and he said that's how he fights. Then I started resisting and he was on top of me FACE TO FACE!!

He started rubbing his cock on my cock and he told me to shut the fuck up next time he said so. For some reason I was turned on! He kept doing it and doing it faster. I didn't want to at first and wanted him to stop but my cock said let it be cause it felt great. As he kept frotting me, I would keep hitting him and punching him to make it seem like I didn't want it and because I thought that would keep him hard. As he came he stopped and told me we were just playing. It felt AWESOME.

He kept doing it more over the years and kinda does every now and then. Just to let you guys know. I was typing this while I was looking at him exercise. I'll post another story soon about us. Thank you Bill for your site. I dont feel shame anymore for what I enjoy!

Thanks again.


Reply from:

Bill Weintraub

Re: First Time Fighting and Frot


Thank you Warrior Rodolfo.


Guys -- Rodolfo is a MAN.

And I mean M-A-N -- MAN.

First of all, when he and his buddy started fighting and grinding, he says,

I didn't want to at first and wanted him to stop but my cock said let it be cause it felt great.

So -- he listened to his COCK.

He didn't worry about "gay" or "straight."

He listened to his COCK.



As they were furiously fighting and frotting, Rodolfo says, he kept

hitting him and punching him . . . because I thought that would keep him hard.


Rodolfo understood INSTINCTIVELY that the FIGHTING and AGGRESSION, the MAN2MAN AGGRESSION, was keeping his buddy HARD.

And of course keeping Rodolfo HARD too.

And because that MAN AGAINST MAN, HARD AGAINST HARD felt AWESOME -- Rodolfo kept hitting and punching.


Rodolfo says he "stumbled upon the site."

You know what he did FIRST after finding the site?

Did he write to me asking for help?


Did he write me to complain about being lonely -- which is what 99% of you do?


This is what he did FIRST:


I had never heard of him, I had never heard from him, I didn't ask him to donate.

He donated completely on his own.

And this is what he said:

I want to thank Bill for his site and the Alliance, you guys made me realize that frot is way more hotter than what I used to think and you guys don't label anybody. thank you and I will keep supporting you guys.

"you guys don't label anybody"

Interesting, huh?

Some people -- some MEN -- have the good sense to reject those labels.

And Rodolfo is one of them.

And Rodolfo says "thank you and I will keep supporting you guys."

And that's the MANLY thing to do -- supporting his FELLOW MEN.

You know what Rodolfo did next?

He sent in this post.

Again, I didn't ask him.

I didn't say a word to him.

He did it all on his own.

Why'd he do it?

Just to let you guys know.

Rodolfo did it to HELP his FELLOW MEN.

Now -- here's what happened next.

I had a huge backlog of email and I forgot to write back to Rodolfo.

I wrote back to him eight days late.

Bad Bill.

What did Rodolfo do?

Was he pissed?

Did he play some childish tit-for-tat game and wait eight days to write back to me?


He wrote back to me right away.

And then he donated -- AGAIN!

Rodolfo is a MAN.

I could say he's a gem -- but he's better than a gem.

He's a MAN.

And that's the best thing you can be.


Rodolfo says he's gonna look into training in a Fight Sport.

He already has Heart.

He just needs to train.


I'm going to say something to Rodolfo that he may not like.

But maybe he'll understand.

Rodolfo -- you're young.

Your post is very hot.

You're gonna hear from guys.

Who want to make it with you.

When you hear from those guys, the first thing to ask them is --

Do you support the Alliance -- do you donate?

And if they say Yes -- check with me to see if it's true.

You probably won't want to do that.

You'll feel it's intruding.

And I understand that.

But you should do it.


You need to be with a guy who's on your level -- as a Man.

Not some effeminized thing with a penis.

But a MAN.

You're a stand-up guy.

You see what needs to be done --

and you do it.

And what you need in your own life -- is another stand-up guy.

A Man.

It won't work for you any other way.

I know, because I've been there.

I've made the mistake of getting involved with males -- who aren't Men.

It doesn't work.

You need someone who's your equal.

Not a pretend man.

But a real Man.

Rodolfo, thank you again and again for your post and your donations.

You're a true Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

May 3, 2011

© All material Copyright 2011 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

Reply from:

Warrior Man Brian Hulme

Re: First Time Fighting and Frot


In one word I can sum up Warrior Rodolfo -- Amazing! He donates, he posts, he listens to his Manhood, (and so the Warrior God).

More like him please! Then the problem that Warrior Robert has described in Analist Censorship would crumble away, keep on the path of truth and the more you find the more you will want to find.

By the way, Warrior Rodolfo, this buddy of yours who you still sometimes frot with have you told him about the Alliance yet? I am pretty sure he would also get as much out of it as you.

With Warrior Love


Reply from:

Warrior Redd

Re: First Time Fighting and Frot


If before finding our Man2Man Alliance site Rodolfo felt shame--as he mentioned--for wrestling/frotting, he didn't let shame distort his thinking to stop. He listened to his body, which told him that frotting was a natural way to connect with another person. From the initial wrestle/frot, a friendship developed.

Guys are interesting: they express approval through punching and wrestling. I did often when I was young, and I remember college buds jumping me suddenly and we end up wrestling on the floor. In some cases guys wanted to wrestle me because I am short/small. Bring it. There are advantages to small stature, especially the tighter grip for various holds. I gave them hell.

In hindsight, our wrestling expressed more than approval and acceptance; it also expressed attraction. Attraction drew Rodolfo and his friend.

Can we help who we like? Do we quell emotions we freely show to a woman we desire when the subject of our emotive approval is a man? I say the same emotions that attract us to our girlfriends and wives are the ones that attract us to our buddies. In fact, emotions probably attracted us to our buddies first. Our emotions don't discriminate no matter how much we try to make them discriminate to fit inside a label.


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