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simple math


Hey you guys out there. Do any of you realize how much time and effort Bill spends on our behalf? Using the minimum wage as my guideline, a conservative estimate comes out about $1,250 per month. This doesn't take into consideration the effort he puts into his work. If it did, this amount is doubled. It comes to about $2,500 per month of time and effort! Time and effort = money. PASS THE HAT AROUND YOU GUYS. Some of you are half my age and have much more income than I have, yet you won't give one cent! Bill puts in $2,500 per month of time and effort. What is it with you? Doesn't Bill's dedication and compassion mean anything? Read my article frot pot. Sometimes I feel saddened and afraid that this site could be gone someday. Please do not let this happen. Lives are at stake here.


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