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When I was in my freshman year in college, my roommate and I went to visit his parents on the weekends as they lived in a neighboring city, and it was a chance for Brad and I to get away from the dorm. Brad's parent's were well-to-do and they had a guest house near the lake which was behind their house and they let him and I use it while we were there. Now, Brad was (is) straight, and at that time I was still deeply closeted, so the idea of us having a sexual encounter seemed very unlikely to me.

The first night we arrived, Brad's mom had invited his high-school friend Carl who was going to the local community college to have supper with us. After dinner the three of us went over to the guest house to have a few beers and chat for awhile. A few beers turned into many and before long we were all pretty drunk. I hadn't noticed, but Brad had drank so much he passed out on the floor. Carl and I had hit it off pretty well and our conversation began to turn to the subject of sex (something never far from the mind of an 18 year old). We were both pretty horny by then, and very relaxed. Carl asked me if I ever jacked off, and when I said I did, he said "Good. Me too, every day!" I laughed and said that that made two of us.

Carl then surprised me by asking if I minded if he stayed the night, and I said "No, but you'll have to share with me because Brad is staying in the room with the single bed."

Carl replied with and evil grin, "That's what I had in mind!" We left Brad passed out on the floor and went into the bedroom. We began to undress and I couldn't help admiring Carl's nice swimmer's build and nice bulge in his shorts. Carl said "I hope you don't mind if I sleep nude."

"Not at all," I replied, stripping my own briefs off, "So do I." We stood there, naked, admiring each other. Carl's dick began to rise, throbbing with the beat of his heart, mine responded in kind. Carl laughed and said, "I guess we need to do something about this, huh? How about a swordfight with our dicks?"

"Engarde!" I said, brandishing my now rock hard cock toward him. We met each other, thrusting our hips foward, grinding our members together. I was in ecstacy, loving the feel of his hardness against mine. The next thing we knew we were rolling around on the bed, rubbing our bodies and cocks together. I kissed him hard and pulled him tighter to me. Carl ground against me, responding to my kiss. We could feel each other throbbing with pleasure. The connection we felt was so intense, I wanted it to last forever. When we came at last, it was so intense for both of us that we almost blacked out. Our abs covered with our mixed cum, we lay in each other's arms, feeling the warmth of our male bodies together. Needless to say we slept very little that night.

The next morning, Brad walked into the room and when he saw us he said: "I knew you guys would get together!" I guess I wasn't as closeted in those days as I thought I was. Carl and I had many more fun times. We never put it into words, but we knew that for us frot was the ultimate expression of passion between two men.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this. It's fun to remember the past, even when you're looking to the future.



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