touching penises when hugging



touching penises when hugging


When you hug a man you know whether straight, bi, gay, do you hung just with the chest or do you get to hug full body. The only time I got to hug full body was a brother and law and to this day remember the penis to penis feel that was very special and actually brought us closer together as friends. My other brother is only on a handshake basis.

Naked Wrestler

Re: touching penises when hugging


I must point out that as a wrestler I've touched soft penis to soft penis after freestyle restling matches wearing just singlets. Happens all the time at tournaments if you watch carefully.

Guys (masculine-identified dudes who wrestle for real) will hug after their manfight. The cool thing is that the rules and the ref require a hand shake. But TRUE men, and masculine identified boys, who are more and more unafraid to show their masculine attraction for each other, will give each other a hug, reaching all the way around the back with the free hand and arm and pulling each other close, for just a second or 2, and actually touch chest to chest AND penis to penis.

It's almost never talked about or commented on after. It IS--for now--an unspoken body language that males are rediscovering. And it is a super good thing too.

Man is Good

Bill Weintraub

Re: touching penises when hugging


Thanks both of you guys.

Being shirtless, full-body hugs -- in another post beezman brought up sweat and masculine body odors -- these are all parts of Natural Masculinity which the forces of heterosexualization seek to limit and control.

So these are important issues.

I also want to say about Naked Wrestler aka NW --

NW has a gift for phrases and slogans:

Fighting is Man

Man is Good

Fighting is Good



Manhood meets Manhood

Manhood is back

In my view, those are very effective.

I can write long articles on the Greeks, but sometimes just saying:

can be enormously powerful in recalling MEN to their NATURAL MASCULINITY.

And that's what we need to do.

We need to keep saying that two things are Natural to Men:


Phallus and Fidelity

So I often use the phrase:

Phallus = Manhood -- and that we all understand.

Masculine = Aggressive. As my foreign friend says, "Fighting spirit is the hallmark of Masculinity."

Heroic = brave, loyal, faithful, true. These are all elements of Warrior Virtue and Manly VIRTUS: Courage, Fidelity, Honor.

So I put together a webpage using NW's slogans and one of his posts called ManSpace.

Ck it out.

Hot ManTools for your liberation.

Bill Weintraub

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