The True Celebration
Man to Man



The True Celebration of Man to Man




I was fortunate to come upon your site while searching the many rather frustratingly faked wrestling sites on the intennet.

How sad, and what a waste that the true celebration of man to man is so poorly presented. I was so impressed with the content of your site. Your historical and mythological references are well chosen. I had truly come to believe that I was perhaps in such a minority, that I would never find a place that addressed my own fantasies and desires.

I am over 40, I've been actively gay since I was 16. I have never found anal sex, passive or active, appealing. I hate being fucked, I don't particularly like fucking another man either.

The one truly erotic experience for me has always been cock rubbing. As far back as I can remember, the sensation of two hard cocks in conflict has put me over the top. Wrestling offers the opportunity, but too few have allowed themselves to let go and enjoy this pleasure. The videos out there only seem to focus on fucking or sucking (at best) as a climax. I would give any amount to see a real cock fight, not unlike some of the fiction in your site. Oh how hard I got reading some of those. I would love to see someone make a video based on one.

I have had some small success in finding wrestling partners who "get it." My fantasy was nearly fulfilled with a really hot guy from my gym. We went to his loft and grappled in our jocks. I was so turned on because his thick blond pubes and cock were poking out the sides of his pouch. I lost my wad too soon because he grabbed my bush and yanked really hard, he managed to pull some hair out. I shot before we could get our jocks off. I'd like a rematch, but could I get lucky and have more control next time?

Thanks for providing a place.


Re: The True Celebration of Man to Man

Dear Bill,

I wrote you some months ago when I so happily discovered your site. At that time I told you how alienated I always felt because I was not thrilled with the traditional idea that gay men enjoy anal sex. I told you that I enjoyed wrestling because it was a more pleasurable way to have the kind of body contact so many of us enjoy. The match I briefly described to you where I lost it too quickly, and shot my wad too soon, was repeated more successfully this time!!

If you recall, I had a match with a guy that I am friendly with at the gym.

We found each other physically interested and when we discovered that we both liked to wrestle we clicked. Well as you may remember, the guy got a bit carried away early in the match and grabbed my bush. That was so surprising and exciting at the same time that I came, period, end of story.

Well we agreed to a rematch. This time I psyched myself to keep control because I really wanted to get to the good part when our cocks would do the fighting. I really was set to take this match slow and steady. So we set it up to start out wrestling in our jocks as before. We agreed that would let the tension build and would give us the motive to strip each other down. It worked! We worked ourselves into a real sweat, grabbing, pulling, pinning.

The contact of our dicks in our jocks was fabulous. We teased each other and ultimately wound up shredding those jocks from each other. We rubbed dicks we grabbed each others pubic hair until we couldn't stand another second of it.

So lest I continue rambling on ...let me thank you again for providing the forum for men like ourselves. The reading is great. The support and understanding is wonderful. The stories at the site are the most stimulating I've read.


Ed have my permission to post this provided my privacy is maintained as before...Thank you


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