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True Man to Man Sex


Hey there!

Just in the past few days, I came upon your site. I was extremely glad to see more people think the same way I do about M2M sex. I am 18 year bi-sexual guy, getting prepared for going to college next year. Many guys thought my idea of M2M sex was, well,... not sex! My beliefs are, that one day I do plan to get married (to a woman), but that is later on in my life. I've wanted (I guess you could say) a BrotherHoodship with someone, you know, the guy that is your best friend, always there when you need him. Together, help one another to get through life, and to accomplish our goals of life whatever they may be. I feel that this kind of friendship can be taken to the next level of intimacy, M2M masculinely. I am hoping within the next year or so, I will meet someone who believes the same way, so I am really anxious to get things going for my life!

Before I give my opinions, I want to share a couple of things about what I believe, is that Man to Man relationships, should remain masculine (no, I am not saying that ever guy has to go to the gym every week and pumb iron.) Men who act in a extreme feminized way, is not exactly how I think life should run normally. Please note, that I am not condemning those who may be this way, keep in mind, this is only my opinion. Also, I find it very irritating that (mostly Heterosexual people) make irritating comments about M2M sex, they may classify you as still being a "fag", "Light in the Loffers" and other stupid and pointless excusses that put a person in the catagory of being really Feministic.

My other belief, about anal sex and the extreme over feminization (or stolen masculinity) of a man, who has sex with another man. My thought, how much more masculine can you get, when two men have sex together? But I guess not everyone thinks this way obviously. Anal sex is degrading, disgusting, humiliating, stereotype classifying, and not to mention diesease, and later effects that it also holds. So I can tell you now might be able to imagen what I'd say to someone who asks me if I was a "Top" or "Bottom". Today, the assumption that if you are a "Bottom" your, ... well, the Bitch, and the assumption that your a "Top", would be that your, ummm,... a bitch pretty much as well~. Sorry, but that is only my opinion. No way do I think that sex should be degrading, that is why I am totally into Frot, It is true Man To Man Sex. Last thing, is that I think that people whom go into public, flont their sexuality. (Reason I say this, is cause that I have met people who littlerally will go out and just start telling the world they are gay or Bi.) A man and woman kiss in public, that is ok. But if two men kiss in public, you see little old ladies kluching their chests having a heart attack. But personally think, that if two men kiss in public, who cares~~~~ that is their business, not everyone elses!) I do not negate those who "Come Out" to friends and family, cause that may be something that helps them, to make them feel better. As for myself, who I have sex with, really isn't no ones business but my own, and the other person.

Anyways, after my long and windy speech here. I just want to say the Website is totally awesome!!!! Like I said before, I am really really glad to hear that their are other guys that think the same way! Thanks so much for taking your time to read!

~- Bobb

~-* BrOtHeRHoOd RoCkS *-~

Bill Weintraub

Re: True Man to Man Sex


Thanks Bobb

You wrote: "My thought, how much more masculine can you get, when two men have sex together?"

That's exactly right.

Historically, most people thought as you do -- that is, they viewed men having sex with men as inherently masculine.

And as something which *enhanced* masculinity.

Which is logical.

Male plus Male should equal twice as much Male -- at least.

That's one reason m2m was so common in warrior cultures.

But of course for sex between men to be masculine, and to enhance masculinity, it has be done in a masculine way.

Like you say,

Today, the assumption that if you are a "Bottom" your, ... well, the Bitch, and the assumption that your a "Top", would be that your, ummm,... a bitch pretty much as well~...

That's right.

It's degrading for a man to be penetrated.

But it's also degrading for the man who's penetrating another man.

They're both involved in an activity which debases and cheapens.

No way do I think that sex should be degrading, that is why I am totally into Frot, It is true Man To Man Sex.

That's right too.

Frot is True Man to Man Sex.

As Alliance Warrior Orin commented

When I say M2M sex, I mean masculine to masculine. I prefer the power of the man, after all that is what sex of this sort is all about. As the Greeks knew, it was not a feminine activity but something that had just that small amount of aggression that let one know that one is really a man with another man. Testosterone rules!


For masculinity to be enhanced, the sex, like the aggression, has to be mutual.

Which is why Frot (Phallus-on-Phallus), Fidelity, and Masculinity are the three inter-related components of "Heroic Homosex."

"Homosex" because it's sex between two men.

But why "Heroic"?

Because of the way warriors and the heroes, both mythic and real, on whom they modeled their lives, behaved.

A common and endlessly repeated analist misconception is that anal penetration, effeminacy, and promiscuity have always characterized "men who have sex with men."

Yet an examination of the cross-cultural, historical, and mythic record reveals that traditionally, the love of man for man has focused on phallus, fidelity, and masculinity, and that such love, passionate and exclusive, has for millenia been seen as one of the highest expressions of the human spirit.

Most people benefit from role models, and that's true of men who have sex with men.

That's why we have the Heroes sections of our Man2Man Alliance sites, which explore the warrior ethos and make manifest and visible a central tenet of Heroic Homosex:

Heroic Homosex is Warrior Homosex

Warrior Homosex is Heroic Homosex

Thanx again Bobb.

A great post from a great guy.

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