My Ultimate Frot Experience



My Ultimate Frot Experience


I've been lurking on this site for a while but have never posted. A couple of months back I found a budddy, Vic, who is as much into wrestling and aggresive frot as I am. I saw a story posted by Warrior Biggun about a hot frot match with both warriors' equipment locked in handcuffs. I was curious to try it for myself and knew Vic was the perfect partner. When I told him about it he was as excited as I was.

Vic and I set up a match on the wrestling matts I keep in my basement. We stripped down to our birthday suits and wrestled for a while to get warmed up. When we were both hard we locked my cock and balls into one side of the cuffs and Vic's into the other. That's when it really began.

Both of us went just wild. Sometimes we were really fighting, wrestling, punching each other and struggling for dominance. Other times we just ground our rock hard cocks together experiencing each other's manhood. At times the pain was excrutiating and I felt like my balls were going to get ripped off but I knew Vic was experiencing the same thing and it was a contest to see who could take the most.

It took forever to cum but we got off together in what we both agreed was the best orgasm of our lives. In the end both of us were slick with sweat. We had chewed each other's tits raw and we were both pretty bruised. This is not something I could do frequently but I intend to do it again.

Thanks Warrior Biggun and thanks guys for sharing your experiences. If anyone wants to talk frot I'm

Your brother,


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