to enjoy another man without labels



to enjoy another man without labels


Hola! Thank you 4 your time that u have put in your page, My name is Alejandro and this is the first time in 17 years that i have a answer to my cuestions about why i ilke alot just the frot, i always was afraid about 2 tell my sex P, that i didn't enjoy anal, but i did love kissing and making out and more important the FROT the oportunity of enjoy other man without labels just cock 2 cock, touching, feeling, kissing and loving, im 33 years old Frenchmexican single father of a 17 year old boy, and after all this years today, you just describe to me that my sexual Behavior have a name and is Normal.

Frotatious Luis

Re: to enjoy another man without labels



Bienvenido! What you wrote is lovely. Again, welcome. It is so refreshing to discover others like yourself. I know, because I have been in a relationship with a man for twenty-two years now. The first two years we struggled and weren't loyal. We learned quickly what a huge mistake that was and corrected it immediately. After that it has worked out well and we plan on keeping it that way. I am glad you have discovered this sight and want you to know there are other men out there who feel the way we do. After all we are attracted to men who act like men and not men behaving like women.


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