Phallic Fidelity is a new ethos among men who love men.

The old culture of anal promiscuity is dying.

The new culture of Phallic Fidelity has been born.

and who reject anal penetration.

The Men of the Alliance are united in working to create a new culture among men who love men,
one which rejects anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy
and which embraces phallus to phallus sex, monogamy, and masculinity.

Why "Heroic" Homosex?

Too much of the present-day gay culture is based on promiscuity, effeminacy, and kink.
Heroic Homosex calls upon men who have sex with men to act heroically:
to love another man as an equal and a man with total fidelity.

not in an inherently unequal act of anal penetration

without being effeminized and degraded by penetration

nor being fooled by false and meaningless gay-bi-str8 labels

Fidelity is Heroic

Equality is Heroic

Defiance is Heroic

Heroic for gay-identified men to resist the incessant pressure to do anal.

Heroic for str8-identified men to acknowledge their own dick2dick desires.

Cock2cock is heroic: at once defiant, elevating, ennobling, and in its essence masculine.

That's why so many warrior cultures have prescribed frot for their warriors -- and that too is why we profile warrior cultures, like the Greek, in our Heroes section of the site.

Heroic Homosex
a new ethos among men who love men:

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