Warrior Jon

This is a story about a lonely Cockrub Warrior who finally finds his true Frot Guy mate.

Scene I: Introduction/Explanation

The planet had always been called Zethron, although where the word came from or what it even meant was long lost to its inhabitants. This planet was lush with every kind of environment one could imagine -- deserts and swamps, forests and plains, mountains and valleys -- but the Manimals, the beings that called this world their home, lived only in the forests. This was a species that would have been almost identical to the Human race on the far-away planet of Earth -- if, of course, the two races had ever seen one another, but their galaxies were so far apart the journey was literally impossible without going through a wormhole.

The only difference was that these beings were part "human-like" and part "animal-like," as any Human from Earth would have noticed right away -- but of course, they didn't know any difference. They were as they were, and always had been. There were males and females in this race of beings -- as there was only one 'true' race. There were of course variations among them -- some of them had different "animal-ears" and different "animal-tails" -- but, basically, they were all the same. There were twice as many men than there were women, and this was mostly because women were used by only a fraction of the males for procreation, as most of the males were fond of one another.

To them, this was normal, that the love of man between man was Divine, that was meant to be, just as the female body was built for the male body to procreate -- for those few that also found the women sexually stimulating. And their entire culture and existence revolved around this aspect, the aspect of the art, the wondrous experience, of what they called Frot.

Frot was central to their lives.

When, for example, an argument between rival males arose, they would strip off their loincloths and battle out by grinding their hard and throbbing cocks against each other, sometimes painfully, to see who would cum first, thus losing.

But often falling in love too.

For cock combat was one pathway to love.

But of course there were others.

And when they fell in love, the two males would decide to be mates for life -- as this race, unlike the majority of Humans on Earth -- chose one mate and stayed with him for the remainder of their lives together. If one mate were to die, than the "Loner" would seek out another with which he could share his Masculine Love and Being with, although it would be hard for him to find another.

But this is not a tale of their battles with one another, but is a story of finding love in a different way, of finding that perfect mate through an act of heroism against an alien creature. This is the tale of Alex.

Scene II: Alex

Alex sat on the branch that was the balcony outside of his branch-thatched hut that rested against the long forked branch way up high in the great BlackWood Tree. As he sat there his long, white fur-covered, wolf-like tail swung gently back and forth from right above his buttocks, the loincloth that covered his absolute nakedness having a hole just large enough for the tail to hang loosely, also providing the ability for him to lift his tail straight up if the emotion that did so appeared. He had curly black hair and bright crisp blue eyes, his face young and boyish -- although he was twenty years of age. He was not muscular, as many other male Manimals were, but he was, instead, rather thin; but that was not to fool anyone. For he had proven more than once that he could handle himself against any form of threat, especially against the horrid Predators, the tree-dwelling carnivorous creatures with bodies like lizards and mouths full of long sharp teeth.

He sat there for a long time, looking up at the canopy above him -- for the trees were very tall -- the gentle wind slowly blowing against his naked chest and legs. The day was warm, and green clouds like always this time of year, covered the dim blue sun above. Far off a sound caused his wolf-ears to perk, but it was nothing important. He sighed and looked down below on the lower branches, where Manimal mates were talking with one another, holding one another, loving one another, and he felt so alone. It was not unusual for Manimals his age to be alone, but Alex felt that, somehow, it was supposed to be his time to find his mate.

But that was a lot easier to want to do than to do, for him at any rate. The Manimals had always been a race of Bravery, Honesty, Faithfulness, and Integrity, and Alex followed those attributes to a tee. His only fault, the fault that he hated above everything else, was that when it came to speaking with other males, he was extremely shy, and could not make the first move. And that had kept him from ever seeking out a mate.

He muttered to himself and stood up, stretching in the dim daylight before turning and walking back into his hut and climbing down the wooden ladder, repeating the process over and over until he was on the ground level. All around him Manimals walked about. He was a member of the Group called "Wolves," as they had wolf-like tails. There were, of course, many members of every kind of Group in Zethron in his Village; ranging from "Lions" and "Panthers" to "Lizards" -- although they were in no way like Predators, they only had reptilian tails -- and "Pisces," the swimming race that had long tails with fins along the end. He made his way south through the Village and worked his way through the thinning forest until he finally came to the edge of the cliffs on which the Village rested in the small patch of forest that was the Village's backbone. The cliffs were not steep, or far, but were easily climbed and explored. From the tops of the cliff small streams ran down the grassy slopes to the rocky plains beneath.

Far in the distance, he knew, was the Great City, the largest of all Villages, where there were thousands upon thousands of Manimals, although he had never been there. He was pondering whether, one day, he might travel there, when he heard a cry of pain and anger below. With a snap of his head he shot his glance down towards the plains, where he saw a male Manimal trying to fight off a larger-than-usual Predator. The first thought that came to Alex's mind -- a thought that did not last even a half a second before he was running down the slope to help, was why a Predator was in the rocky plains and not hiding in the canopy of the trees. But then he was down there, beside the other male Manimal, a rock in hand and his body between the Predator and the other male, who was bleeding on one of his legs.

"Come on, you bastard," Alex growled, his lips snarled up in a battle pose, the tip of his canines -- a little longer than that of Humans on Earth -- sharp.

The Predator blinked its yellow lizard eyes and opened its razor-teeth filled maw, lunging at Alex. Alex spun aside, grabbing the other male with his free hand and pulling him out of the path of the Predator. Then, before the horrid lizard could understand why it had missed its prey, Alex had jumped atop the Predator's head and was bashing it between the eyes with the sharp rock in his hands. The monster hissed its fury at the Manimal on its back, opening and closing its horrible mouth with an audible snap. But there was nothing the creature could do, for Alex was hanging on tightly with one hand, and with his legs, while he pounded the monster in the eyes with the rock.

Blinded, the lizard arched its back, standing on its hind legs and tossing Alex off of it and onto the ground. Jolted but not hurt, Alex jumped to his feet as the lizard spun around and around, snapping its jaws mindlessly, trying to tear apart the one that had harmed it so. With a quick glance Alex saw the other Manimal slowly making his way, with a hobble, towards the creature -- only about twenty or so feet away from Alex -- a long sharp spear in hand. Alex put his fingers between his lips and whistled to the other male, and the other tossed the spear in the air and Alex caught it just as the Predator spun around and charged blindly towards where the whistle had originated. He jumped to the left as the bumbling monster passed by him, jumping then on top of the beast and shoving the sharp metal-tipped spear downward into the Predator's brain beneath.

The creature hissed and let out a rasp before falling to its belly, its cold yellow eyes narrowing before closing, the last breath escaping from its nostrils as it died. Alex instantly jumped off of the back of the creature and hurried over to the side of the other Manimal, whom he now looked at closely.

The other was about Alex' age, and he had long blond hair and emerald blue eyes. He was a member of the "Fox" Group if his long red and white fox-like tail and peculiarly exact fox-like ears were of any count. Like Alex, he was not muscular, but he looked able to defend himself, although his right leg had a long bloody gash down the side. The Predator must have ambushed him.

Everything else that happened seemed to be by instinct, and Alex paid it no attention other than that.

"Are you okay?" Alex asked, kneeling down where the other sat.

"I'll live," the Fox Manimal said.

Alex placed his hands over the gash on the Fox Manimal's leg and looked the other in the eye.

"What's your name?" Alex asked.

"Bo," the other answered, attempting to stand.

"Sit down," Alex ordered, gently pushing Bo back on his butt, "I have to clean this wound, it's deep, and could get infected." He stood up and reached behind his back, undoing his loincloth, "I'll be back, I need to get this cloth wet."

Then, without even thinking about being naked in front of another Manimal -- especially one so attractive -- he pulled it from around his waist and turned, naked, before walking over to the small stream and dampening the cloth, turning and making sure that Bo had not moved: and he hadn't. He was aware of the warm air blowing against his four-inch limp uncut cock and his balls. But he paid this little attention as he returned beside of Bo and knelt again before him, cleaning the wound with the rag -- seemingly oblivious to his own nakedness despite his shyness around others.

"It's deeper than I thought," Alex muttered to himself as he cleaned the gash, looking up in Bo's eyes, "but it's not infected." With quick motions he tore his loincloth into five different long shreds, wrapping them around Bo's leg to cover the wound.

"Okay," Alex said, helping Bo to his feet, "let me get you to my hut so you can rest. You'll have to climb a few ladders, can you do it?"

"I'm a lot stronger than I look, and it's not as bad as your treating it," Bo replied with a slight grin.

"Okay, then," Alex said, helping Bo walk up the hill and back towards the Village.

Scene III: Bo

Bo was sleeping peacefully on Alex' bed while Alex pulled on another loincloth. After the two of them had gotten to his hut, his old annoying habit of being shy suddenly reared its ugly head again, the adrenaline of the moment gone. It annoyed him, and, he thought, maybe he could fight it, but he couldn't. He had sat there for an hour trying to fight the shyness overwhelming him, but he couldn't. Damn it, that fault of his!

He glanced over at Bo as he sat down in a soft chair made of Basculoin Plant leaves -- the softest material on the planet and widely popular and cheap, as it grew everywhere. His ears twitched as he watched Bo breathe in and out, his flat chest rising and falling with the action. Alex could not help but let his eyes fall over the lump under Bo's loincloth, the tell-tale signs of the other's limp cock beneath. Alex wanted so bad to strip away Bo's loincloth and press his body against Bo's, to press their hard cocks together and make love to him.

But he simply sat there and watched Bo sleep, his fox-ears twitching every now and then as he dreamt.

Alex watched him for hours before he closed his own eyes and fell asleep.

Scene IV: The Treetops

It was late that night before Alex awoke to find Bo sitting up and rubbing his eyes; he had just woke up himself.

"How's your leg?" Alex asked from where he sat.

"It's good, you did a good job of wrapping it," Bo said, touching the cloth with his fingers.

They sat and talked for a while then, getting to know one another. Bo, apparently, was an only child and had decided to leave the Great City to find his own place, his own path; and the story sounded so much like what Alex had been planning to do that it made him wonder. Is this the guy? Is this the mate I have been waiting for, who I have felt incomplete without?

He did not have an answer, at least not at the moment, but they talked until they were hungry, and then they ate and talked some more.

By this time Alex had grown less shy around Bo, but was not nearly as bold as he had been when Bo's life was in danger. That kind of bravery, he knew, he only had when it really was a matter of life or death, it wasn't the kind he could simply summon at will. Although he wished different.

This went on for a few days, and finally Bo's wound had healed -- as the Manimals healed much faster than Humans on Earth -- and they were quickly walking about, Alex showing Bo everything that was to be seen. Then they made their way to the treetops to watch the three moons of Zethron as they rose and grew full at the same time.

"This only happens once every twenty-one years," Alex muttered as he sat beside of Bo on the highest and thickest of the tree's branches.

"So it's special," Bo said, turning and looking at Alex in the eyes, "like you."

Alex could not help but grin.

"You know," Bo said, scooting closer to Alex, "I have been out there in the wild for a few months, looking for something, or someone, to fill that empty void I have inside."

He looked deeper into Alex' eyes and Alex looked back, aware that he was breathing shallower, that his body was growing hot.

"And I think that person is you," Bo said, leaning his face towards Alex'.

Alex leaned forward and kissed Bo, a shock of desire jolting through them simultaneously. Alex was suddenly hard, and his erect five inches made his loincloth stand up like a tent, and, he noticed, Bo was also hard, and about the same length as Alex.

One kiss, that's all it took. Suddenly Alex growled from deep in his chest and he hurriedly untied his loincloth as Bo did the same. Suddenly they were sitting face to face, chest to chest, cock to cock, their lips pressed together savagely, their tongues twisting like mating snakes. Alex was filled with a feeling he'd never experienced before, and he loved it. With his right hand he placed the undersides of his cock and Bo's cock together before slowly stroking.

"Oh, yeah," Bo whispered in Alex' ear, kissing the base of his neck.

Alex heard a deep moan escape from his lips as Bo put his hand around their cock as well, helping Alex stroke them slowly.

Alex leaned forward and kissed Bo's nipple, licking it slightly before nibbling it ever so gently.

"I think you're the guy I've been looking for too," Alex whispered in Bo's fox-ear before kissing him on the lips.

Alex moaned as their nipples grazed together and their tongues began to intertwine again, precum slowly seeping out of his cock. Bo let out a growl as his cock pulsed against Alex'.

"I'm about to shoot," he muttered, Alex nodded and peered deep into Bo's eyes as thick white cum exploded from both of their cocks, covering their chests and necks.

Alex smiled and kissed Bo.

"So, I take it I've found my mate," Alex whispered.

"So did I," Bo replied, both of their tails wagging and their mixed cum dripping from their softening cocks.

"Let's see the next three nights of the full moons together, huh?" Alex suggested with an arch of his eyebrow.

"You can bet on it," Bo answered with a smile before kissing Alex again.

The End.

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