The Anal Emperor
Has No Clothes

Bill Weintraub, Garth, Scott, Mart Finn, and Don Frazer

More letters to requesting a page on frottage.

Bill Weintraub

The Anal Emperor Has No Clothes


All of you have received an email from me about our most recent victory on, a second article which includes a link to our site.

365Gay is an important site because both and refer readers to their news articles.

It didn't take that much effort to get those articles: no more than ten posts from us and some protest.

The fact is that our movement could be much farther along if more of you took action.

Look at a guy like Eros V -- a man who's got two dick2dick clubs on yahoo and who has created and given his wonderful frottage art to the frot community.

Or the Cockster, who's got cock2cock sites all over the web.

Or Don Frazer, who's taken the time to post here repeatedly, noble words and noble images.

Or David McQuarrie, who's waged war for us throughout the net.

Or Dave Sprowls, or Chuck Tarver, or John Renard .

And the more than one hundred other brave men who've posted in Personal Stories.

That more of you haven't participated is truly shameful. Anal penetration has brought disease, degradation, and death to literally millions of people around the globe, and you've been sitting on your hands.

But -- redemption is just a few sentences and a mouse click away.

It's time to concentrate on, a prize just waiting to be taken. has already made two very damaging admissions about anal:

1. "The anus is not a vagina."

2. The bottom's pleasure is "psychological" -- a polite term for imaginary.

So it's time to get them to put up a page about Frot that says: frot is hot, frot is safe, frot is full-body genital-to-genital sex.

Real sex.

True sex.

Not imaginary and no latex required.

Write to at with a cc to me at and tell them how you feel: that you love frot, hate anal, and are fed up with seeing the latter exalted while the first is ignored.

Don't dither -- just do it.

The anal emperor has no clothes -- he's ugly, he's out of shape, and he's ready to fall.

Take him out dudes!



Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes



Love FROT ... Hate ANAL

Just to let you know that Anal Sex is Passe in this day and Age. Back to the beginning ways, the pure, simple, non combative, non threatening form of sex. I am 51 and got this far by being myself, natural and enjoying Frottage and good old cock rubbing, body rubbing.

Let them know that barebacking, anal sex is dangerous and has been forced upon us by the Gay Establishment, and everyone knows it. Until we all realize that, the deaths will continue. I expect I shall see and live to be a good old age, and sit back at marvel at the waste of Human Lives because, some of us were stupid enough to listen and believe that anal sex is satisfying, fun and even our right. HA. I for one will turn a deaf ear to that ruse. I am proud of my sexual adaptation. Frottage Rules.


Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes


Sent to

Frottage vs Anal Sex

To whom this may concern:

I would like to take a few moments of your time to let you folks know that there are a lot of gay men out there who find complete and total sexual gratification through frottage. I've found that the numbers of gay men into frot increases with age, and I believe from my own experiences that is in part, because of all the friends I've lost to AIDS as I get older. This has never been an issue for me personally because I chose to participate in frottage as my primary form of intimacy from 12 to 40 yrs of age. The two times I tried anal sex I found it painful and "dirty". The friends that told me, "I would learn to like it," or gave in because of pushy partners, are dead now.

What's really scary is that the gay media, from publications to pornography in movies, gay love making is 99% of the time two things, anal or oral. What's also sad is that I heard of golden showers, fisting, and scatmen years before I FINALLY read the term frottage in a gay safe sex manual.

I also have a few younger gay male friends who are only into being a top or bottom (anal or oral) and feel that there is pressure to be defined by these two sexual acts and to assume a male/female-dominate /passive role as is portrayed by the gay media. One of them, already HIV positive, I met thru a frot site. He told me that his previous boyfriend would threaten to leave if he didn't allow him to "make love to him (anal sex w/ condom)". Robert gave in and after two years, a torn condom here or there.....his boyfriend had since moved on but left Rob with HIV as a memento.

Don't we owe the gay youth of the world the option to know that there are viable-sensual choices sexually and to start promoting these in the gay media?



Mart Finn

Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes



I would like to add my voice to others who have been asking you to set up a page on Frottage/Cocktocock.

Everyday we see gay male to male sex depicted as a one way street to anal sex. 'Safe sex' is presented in a functional and second rate light. Those who promote anal sex as the zenith of male to male erotic pleasure have a wide armoury of publicity and wealth with which to promote their cause.

Having the information about Frottage/Cocktocock, knowing that there are many, many other men who enjoy this safe erotic interaction to orgasm, has given so many guys the permission they needed to speak up and announce that they DO NOT practice anal sex. It is not easy to face up to any hegemony. The widely held notion that 'butt fucking' is an intrinsic part of gay male sex is no different.

I urge you not to make the mistake of categorising frottage/cocktocock as a 'fetish', a small side show to anal sex. Frottage/Cocktocock is a sexual interaction which is enjoyed by most men who like to have sex with men. It is the anal sex PR machine which has downgraded anything which is not, or leads not to anal sex. The idea that adult sex between men essentially culminates in one or the other being penetrated, automatically reduces other pleasures to foreplay or childish groping and humping. That is one opinion, it must not be allowed to drown out other views.

Important sites such as have a role to play in disseminating information ... a range of information.

I hope you will give serious consideration to a page with this subject.

Thank you



Re: The Emperor Has No Clothes


Dear GayHealth folks:

I would like to follow up on Dr. Goldstone's interesting piece about analism among gay men.

Lots of guys like myself find it gross, disgusting and an obviously *UNSAFE* activity. Whether being a pitcher or a catcher turns us off completely.

Why? Because the very idea seems to deny the possibility of union as MALES.

Analism is a parody of heterosexual behavior with one partner becoming feminized while the other "uses" the exit canal as a substitute vagina.

I find this whole concept to be foreign and repulsive, both physically and mentally.

Instead, many guys like myself have discovered full-frontal, genital/genital sex to be wholly masculine, safe, and offering the possibility of simultaneous union as MALES.

Yes, GUY to GUY---with both partners experiencing the same sensations equally and completely without feminization.

For us, it's not merely health reasons, but in fact is a love making technique that offers genuine homosexual mating.

I sincerely hope you can give this alternative your serious consideration.


Don Frazer

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