the emergence of analism and its relation to gay liberation



the emergence of analism and its relation to gay liberation


I have wondered about the sudden emergence of analism that Bill talks about which began in the mid 70's. The momentum of the gay liberation movement followed in the wake of the civil rights movement and also from the antiwar movement. It also opened the door to sexual liberation for bisexual men as well. For many bisexual men there existed only the heterosexual mode of sexual behavior because of influence of the dominant heteroerotic male culture. When liberation occurred bisexual men transferred the structure of heteroerotic behavior into their behavior with gay males, thus the sudden emergence of analism. Usually it was with men who were effeminate in appearance because they resembled women. Many males like myself who were natural males and also gay did not accept this form of behavior. Let us have a look at the similar structures between female genitals and that of a receptive effeminate male. The cheeks of a man's ass (labia) are to his anus as the labia major is to a woman's vagina except for a 180 degree turnaround. This is why barebacking is performed from the backside instead of the front face to face. I think that analism today is maintained by the heteroerotic paradigm, the structure of the behavior of barebacking is very similar to its heteroerotic counterpart. This heteroerotic domination is responsible for the prevalence of analism today. Until we rid ourselves of this domination and declare for ourselves a separate community of MAN TO MAN PHALLIC TO PHALLIC MEN FREE OF HETEROEROTIC DOMINATION. WE MUST FORM OUR OWN INDEPENDENT COMMUNITY. AND FROM THAT COMMUNITY DEFINE OURSELVES PHYSICALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY!

Bill Weintraub

Re: the emergence of analism and its relation to gay liberation


Thank you Rm.

Without question the present analist set-up is an attempt at as, Rm says, a "heteroerotic paradigm," in which there's dominant and submissive, a top and a bottom, a butch and a bitch.

And behind that, in my view, is simply a desire on the part of the minority to mimic the majority.

Even though, as was pointed out in Frances' post, from a woman's point of view, there's no comparison between vaginal arousal -- "the engorgement, the throbbing, the intense need for powerful friction" -- and the anus, which has no genital tissue.

So: The heteroerotic paradigm, which dominates our heterosexualized society, prevails in the gay male subculture even though there's NO biological basis for it.

Similarly, feminism, which has become more and more powerful over the last 30 years in the mainstream culture, has come to dominate gay male culture as well.

And we can see that very clearly in the gay establishment's embrace of transgenderism and trannies.

That embrace is absolute and all-encompassing.

For example, in a NY Times' review of The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students, which looks at 100 campuses, the acronym LGBT is repeated over and over and over again:

Each profile also has a "Fun Queer Stuff to Know" box that includes information like "best LGBT-cool athletic sport" and "best LGBT-accepting religious/spiritual organization."

And Harvard is EXCLUDED because it did not, when the guide was being compiled, have a transgender non-discrimination policy.

So the transgendered are now inextricably linked, in the academies which educate our youth and in the gay community, with gay and bisexual men.

Even though gay and bisexual men are not transgendered, and have nothing in common with the transgendered.

The best one can say about the transgendered and transvestites, who constitute a tiny and anomalous group, is that they have a "gender disorder."

By contrast, there's nothing anomalous or disordered about guys having sex with guys.

It's one of the most common and commonplace MALE experiences.

Which leads to the other issue:


Frot eliminates the hetero gender roles so beloved of not only the transgendered but of the gay establishment, yet which are clearly meaningless for two people of the same sex, while celebrating biological Masculinity.

Not surprisingly, a sexual practice which is unabashedly MASCULINE and exultantly MALE sets gender feminist teeth on edge.

That's the other problem with Frot.

Not only does it toss out the false hetero paradigm in favor of a true and authentic MAN2MAN paradigm;

Frot is also too male, too masculine.

As is the Frot Movement itself, which because it champions




has been deemed by the gay establishment to be beyond the pale.

Too bad.

Whatever the rest of the gay male / MSM world may be about at this moment, we're about Masculinity and Masculine Men who want to be Men with other Men.

As we talked about in Creating a Masculine, socially-dignified space, our goal is "to create a socially dignified space for masculine identified men to love other men. A space which acknowledges their masculinity."

Because that's the only place we'll ever feel at home.

That space must be, as Rm says, of, for, and by PHALLUS2PHALLUS MEN, free of the three tyrannies:



religious fanaticism

which, by depriving us of our Natural Masculinity, have blighted our lives and the lives of all MEN.

To repeat: All three of these tyrannies deny us and all MEN the right to live as MEN; and to love as MEN.

That's intolerable.

And those who do tolerate it are insane.

This site and this movement are a call to arms against those tyrannies, a call no less valid nor urgent, as Redd pointed out in Warriors or Soldiers than that of our Founding Fathers:

This site is men's declaration of independence. We men are the colonists who have grown used to the oppression of masculinity by the tyrannical King George IIIs--analists, heterosexism, religious fanaticism. Bill, the site's Thomas Jefferson, and the other writers--Sir Robert, Chuck, Gregg, NakedWrestler, etc. have given voice to our independence through this site.

Bill and company have detailed the atrocities of King George IIIs, so that our independence from them isn't done for "light and transient causes." In other words, we no longer support financially the causes of our oppressors; we DO support the cause of our liberation and independence: we DO support this site.

Redd says: "we DO support this site"

But you don't.

Donations are at zero.

Have been for weeks.

You don't support the site.

You don't do anything.


Bill begs us to free ourselves, but we "are more disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable, than to right [ourselves] by abolishing the forms [analism, heterosexism, religious fanaticism, etc.] to which we are accustomed."

There is a price to pay for our freedom. Paying for freedom is another given. Freedom is never free without sacrifice because the likes of King George III don't want those they enslave to be free. Your freedom exposes their folly.

"There is a price to pay for our freedom."

Of course there is.

But you won't pay it.

Which is why you're not free.

The Founding Fathers pledged "our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor."

The bit about Lives and Fortunes was not rhetoric.

If they'd lost, they would have been killed and their property seized.

And of course Honor mattered too.

I haven't asked you for your lives or your fortunes.

To the contrary: Many of you are HIV-free and otherwise healthy today because of the information and empowerment I've provided on this site.

I wonder how many of you for whom that is true have donated?

Or donated regularly?


Which makes you in my book cads and ingrates.

So: no one's asked for your lives or fortunes.

But I have asked you to behave HONORABLY.

I've asked you to pledge and donate $5 or $10 a month.

And you won't do it.


You will not.

You don't deserve it.

The world is here for the winning.

If you will make the effort.

If you won't, I'll have nothing more to do with you.

Bill Weintraub

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