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When I wrote Frot: The Next Sexual Revolution, I pointed out that anal penetration mimics heterosex, and that such was and is its appeal to the great gray gay majority.

Whereas previously sex had been a smorgasbord, with oral sex, JO, frottage, and anal sex seen as essentially equal, a new and rigorous definition of good gay sex appeared in the mid-70s, in which the first three were considered foreplay, and only the last regarded as the culminating, and therefore essential, gay sexual act.

(This new model of gay male sexuality mirrored, of course, heterosexuality, in which foreplay leads to penetration, and for which the psychiatric establishment of the time had a term: "full genital maturity." The parallel was stark: For straights, cocks and cunts. For that newly emerging ethnic group called gays, cocks and butts. Tops and bottoms, dominants and submissives -- you see, we could say, we're not that different after all.)

Gay men who didn't like anal intercourse rapidly found themselves put into a category that just a few years earlier had been reserved for all homosexuals: adolescent and immature. Their sexual choices were stridently belittled, and they were often told that they themselves were not truly gay.

So, I argued, top and bottom, butch and femme made and make it easier for gay men to assimilate.

Thus Brokeback.

While Frot is denigrated just because it's not penetrative.

Even though, looked at objectively, Frot, penile-penile sex, is truly and mutually genital -- just as penile-vaginal is -- while anal is not.

However, for a number of years now Robert Loring has been suggesting something else on this board.

And while I don't want to put words into Robert's mouth, I think it's fair to say he's been implying that Frot is too MALE for both gay culture and the larger culture.

For example, in his post titled Straight8 Acting??, he points out that gay men are suspicious of their fellows who are "straight-acting," and that so-called straight-acting gay men have to constantly defend themselves against charges of sexism and treason.

Yet, points out Robert,

What is acting about straight8 acting gay men? It's NOT acting at all in my opinion. Straight8 acting gay men are masculine men just trying to be themselves and they are not acting at all nor do they have any desire to act and try to be something they are not. I think it is the tops and bottoms who are doing all the acting.

Robert's right.

Doesn't matter.

Gay men as a group are suspicious not only of straight-acting gay men, but of straight-acting straight men, whom they view, as do many of their feminist allies, as the root of all evil.

And, notes Robert, that suspicion is not restricted to gay culture.

The larger society constantly denigrates masculinity, while the churches themselves, both liberal and evangelical, have become hotbeds of anti-masculinism.

That's true even of very homophobic churches like Latter Day Saints.

Bill S (The Greatest Gift) has described to me how in his conversations with LDS church officials, they constantly emphasize the family, and with it, by implication, the primacy of the woman.

Anything which takes a man away from his family life, they've told Bill, is suspect and bad.

A man should, in effect, go to work, go to church, and spend all the rest of his time with his wife and kids.

Thus denying men the male-bonding activities which have been such a prominent part of men's life for millenia.

What does this have to do with Frot?

Frot is a uniquely male sexual expression.

Indeed, I could say that Frot is in its essence male, but that would be redundant.

Nothing can be more male than two phalluses in contact.

And not just in contact.

But in aggressive, male, sexual contact.

Indeed, we've argued that Frot amplifies masculinity:

If you cherish, appreciate, give positive value to the qualities of another man, you also appropriate, take as your own, these same qualities. So if you add to a set of manly qualities another set of manly qualities, you get more manly qualities.

Male + Male = More Male

That's what's bothersome to gay men, and I suspect, the larger culture, about Frot -- its MALENESS.

Its masculinism.

Its masculinity.

Its *aggressive* masculinity.

I was reminded of that when I was creating the Ultimate Fighter webpage, in which Warrior Boomer describes, in detail and as only he can, the way the "guard" position in UFC-style grappling mimics Frot, and how the fighters often get boned from fighting in just that position.

That strenuous struggle of man against man finds its correlative in the strenuous struggle of cock against cock.

And just as, at the end of the UFC bouts, the fighters embrace, so, at the climax of Frot, the cocks release their sperm and the men experience that unencumbered wet union Don Frazer so often speaks of.

It is, as I've said, a passage through rage to love.

When I say "rage" I don't mean, at least necessarily, anger.

I'm talking about the intensely male feeling of two cocks rubbing together, that feeling we often describe as cock combat or dick fites or cock duels or sword fighting.

Male sexuality is, after all, aggressive.

And that's what Frot is: the aggressive thrusting of phallus against phallus, man against man.

Is that aggressive energy "violent?"


Not in the sense of causing bodily harm, injury, or death.

The irony is that ALL the sexual violence in gay male life comes out of analism and the buttboys.

That's why Larry Kramer speaks of "men into anal" having murdered each other for 30 years.

"Murderous behavior."

Analism, which denies male aggression, is incredibly violent.

Frot, which celebrates and embraces male aggression, is "non-violent."

No one gets hurt during Frot.

But in EVERY act of anal, the bottom's anus and rectum are torn.

In EVERY act.

The bottom is ALWAYS hurt.

While the top is submerging his dick in the rectal secretions and fecal matter of the anus.

It's grotesque.

Frot, which is a safe and harmless activity, and which celebrates life, is denigrated by the culture because it's aggressively MALE.

While anal, which is overwhelmingly destructive and life-denying, is celebrated by the culture because it effeminizes.

Fact is, effeminization, as Robert and I keep insisting, is dangerous and detrimental to health.

But the culture refuses to recognize that.

To the culture, the "maleness" of Frot is damning, since to be male is to be bad -- specifically, to be destructive.

We can see that with crystalline clarity in Naked Wrestler's recent post, MAN-PHOBIA: Fired for being into UFC.

In which the naked guy got fired because he told his "man-hating" boss that he enjoyed the TV show Ultimate Fighter and trained at a fight school.

His boss's reaction?


Even the young straight guys at his office thought Ultimate Fighter was "bloody and dangerous" -- not as bloody and dangerous as anal dudes -- and that men who train in fighting have problems with "anger."

Is that true?


Truth is, fighting is its own reward.

Or, as one warrior put it, We fight because we can.

Just looked at physiologically, fighting, like many typically male activities, increases testosterone.

And there's an adrenaline rush.

Plus, when done in the context of a dojo or fight school, there's an incredible bond you feel with your fellow fighters, which under the right circumstances becomes a true warrior bond.

No high can equal that.

Naked Wrestler:

I remind them that fighting is a sport, that it has safety rules (like you can't kick the guy in the balls or bite him etc). It keeps it a safe sport between men who want to experience something that's built into every normal guy: aggression.

He's right.

The aggression is built in and is normal.

Yet to the effeminizers, anything male is bad, and anything AGGRESSIVELY male is beyond bad -- it's evil and must be stopped.

In his post, Naked Wrestler observed, "Some women just hate the meat between a guy's legs so much."

But in my experience it's not just some women.

A lot of men now hate the meat between their legs.

That's the logic of it, and that's what Robert's talking about.

If you continually denigrate masculinity, eventually your MANHOOD itself will come into question.

Because after all, and as the Naked Guy has observed, it's our balls which make us fight.

If masculinity is bad and fighting is bad -- what good are your balls?

And what about your dick?

How important can a dick be to a bottom?

And how is the top going to feel about his dick if he's constantly dipping it in shit?

He's a "dipshit" -- a jerk.

Robert Loring:

The vaginized males think that being a masculine male is a mental illness when in FACT it is the vaginized males who hate their own masculinity that are the ones suffering from MENTAL ILLNESS. Self rejection and self hatred are NOT a part of MENTAL HEALTH!!

As for myself connecting the dots, honestly, I connected the dots a long time ago as a child. I saw the degeneration of society. I have witnessed the destruction of the brotherhood of man for a long time now. I have watched the man-phobia and hatred grow and have even been the victim of that societal psychosis more than once. For a long time I kept my observations silent and hidden until the day I decided to start fighting back against the psychotics who now rule over us. And, YES, they ARE psychotics! It is their own male-hatred that has driven them right into the arms of psychosis. They are obsessed with their hatred and man-hating to the point that it now rules over them.

When will the masculine male start fighting back? When will the masculine male STOP being silent and stop laying down and taking it? When will the masculine male stand up and shout that he's had enough and he's not going to take any more? When will the masculine male start being MASCULINE again? When will he begin to HONOR the WARRIOR within him instead of continuing to DISHONOR his innate inner WARRIOR? Masculine men have got to STAND UP and stop licking up the vomit that there is something wrong with them! Masculine males need to start confronting the psychos obsessed with male hatred and start shouting back to them that there is nothing wrong with the masculine male but there IS something wrong with the man-phobics!

Robert's right.

I've frequently quoted Alain Danielou on the Phallus as Sacred:

It is only when the penis stands up straight that it emits semen, the source of life. It is then called the phallus, and has been considered, since earliest prehistory, the image of the creative principle, a symbol of the process by which the Supreme Being procreates the Universe.

This is not the case of a symbol plucked at random but the recognition of the continuity of the process that links all the various levels of manifestation, according to cosmological theory. The phallus is really the image of the creator in mankind, and we rediscover the worship of it at the origin of every religion.

A source of pleasure, the phallus evokes divine bliss, the Being of Joy. Within the microcosm of the living being it represents the progenitor, which is always present in its work.

Contempt for this sacred emblem, as well as degradation and debasement of it, pushes man from the divine reality. It provokes the anger of the gods and leads to the decline of the species. The man who scorns the very symbol of the life principle abandons his kind to the powers of death.

When I quote Danielou, I'm not talking about establishing some cult of the phallus.

But I am talking about, as is he, recognizing the incredible power which lodges within the male genitals and which they express.

Neither the individual nor a culture can deny that power and retain a healthy masculinity -- or health itself:

Alain Danielou: "The man who scorns the very symbol of the life principle abandons his kind to the powers of death."

Yet that's exactly what the analists and the feminists do -- they "scorn the very symbol of the life principle" and deny the power of the male.

They denigrate it.

Robert Loring: "The vaginized males think that being a masculine male is a mental illness when in FACT it is the vaginized males who hate their own masculinity that are the ones suffering from MENTAL ILLNESS. Self rejection and self hatred are NOT a part of MENTAL HEALTH!!"

Robert's correct. In AMOR MASCULUS I presented a basic warrior formula:



What the vaginizers, the effeminists, the analists want to do is remove the vir from the equation.

At which point there's no more Man, no more Manliness, and no more Manly Virtue.

There's nothing.

Men and masculinity have become a cipher.

Useless and meaningless.

That's the world which the logic of analist-effeminist ideology leads to -- a world that is effectively without men.

So: to the effeminizers, anything male is bad, and anything AGGRESSIVELY male is beyond bad -- it's evil and must be stopped.

The reality is very different.

As Patrick has said, masculinity in men is what keeps us alive on this planet.

While masculinity and maleness are natural and necessary to men.

Truth: To take masculinity from the male is to do both him and his society irreparable harm.


So the question is: How long will all of you masculine males let the battle against YOU go on? How long will it be before YOU stand up and START doing something to FIGHT BACK? How long will YOU continue to submit to the man-haters and the vaginized male lackeys who force you to eat their vomit of hate? How long before YOU grab your balls and decide YOU have had ENOUGH and begin to stand up and fight back? And, how long before YOU decide to be a REAL WARRIOR instead of the pussy-boy wannabe warrior that you now are?

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.


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