UFC Ultimate Fighter


I've been hooked on a TV show for the Last couple months.

It's called the Ultimate Fighter. It's about a group of men who fight for a chance to break into the UFC and earn a money pot at the end of the competition. It comes on Monday Nights 11pm after WWF Monday Night Raw on Spike TV.

The show is entertaining as hell. Every guy there has a unique personality that sets him apart from the others. Some you wanna shoot and others you wanna laugh at every time you see them. Others guys are just plain Crazy.

There is one bloody fight at the end of the episode every week, where one guy gets eliminated.

These guys work their balls off. There was one episode where one guy lost 24 pounds in a 48 hour period just to cut weight. A mix of excercise and Sauna. The episode was funny as hell and hard to watch at the same time.


One of the guy's training partners (Josh K.) was dragging him in the sauna by his ankles just to make sure he would cut weight.

There was another episode, were one this guy (pissed cause he got water sprayed on him) rampaged through the house destroying things with his bare fist. He busted 2 doors and ended up shedding a chunk of flesh off his knuckles.

These guys are warriors in every sense of the word. Still, you get to see the vulnerable side of them. These guys have a lot of Heart. They cry after they lose fights, they get emotional over things, some have families at home they miss.

Last Monday a couple of my Favorites went up against each other. Josh. K. and Sanchez.


Both men are easy on the eyes. And no matter what anyone tells you, Martial Artists/Fighters have the best bodies in terms of athletes, Period. Every muscle, no matter how small is well developed and balanced with the rest of the body.

And these two guys were no exception. Josh in particular had a body carved in Divine Porportions. He is one Hell of a fighter too. He used to wrestle in college (an all american), so he is good at grappling

I'm pissed as hell that he got Kicked off last monday though. I felt like throwing something at the TV after he lost the fight.

However there was one moment after the fight before the final decision. Both fighters walked up to each other and gave the other a hug. There was alot of emotion in that hug after they were beating the snot out of each other a second ago. After they pulled away from each other they held on a bit and looked each other in the eye. For a second I could have swore they were gonna tongue kiss. (but thats only in my fantasies). But both men fought well and in my opinion, they both deserved to be back in the competition. But, that can't happen and Josh had to go.

If any of you are familiar with UFC. The competition is a no holds bars, almost no rules, beat the snot out of your competitor, throw down. Bones are even broken (But thats very, very rare). Most men would tap out before that happens. And most aggressors would put as much stress on another guys body as he could, but would usually never go as far as breaking a bone, just make the other guy think he is about to.

But within all the crushing blows and slams. There is this common position used in fighting called "A Guard"

What this is, is when one guy gets pinned on the floor on his back with the other guy on top of him (between his legs.)

Both men are chest to chest, face to face, and you guessed it Crotch to Crotch.

The guy on top is the aggressor he has leverage and tries to take as many shots as possible. The guy below is vulnerable and the only way for him to protect himself is to pull the guy on top as close to him as possible. While taking shots at him of course.

Ironically, in the midst of all this bloody fighting, these too sweaty Dudes are hugging each other as tight as possible, with their faces in smooching distance.

The Guy on top twists and grinds back and forth against the guy below to try to get lose/get leverage. While the guy on the bottom pulls him closer and closer toward him.

This is the only time in the fights were the fighters actually have a chance to rest. So they spend their time in this position for extended periods (minutes on end).

All the while breathing hard, Grinding and Twisting and Shifting. At times the guy on top lays his head on the other guys chest to rest and the guy below locks his hands over the other guy's back or neck. A few blows to the head and body get connected in the meantime so they can't get too comfortable.

When it gets broken up whether by ref or by the fighters themselves, it not uncommon for one fighter or even both to have a full Salute straining to get outta his shorts.

I watched one UFC middleweight fight were one guy kept getting a very noticible erection under his white shorts everytime a Guard position was broken up. He was obviously embarassed by it. He kept trying to yank the front of his shorts, so it would be less obvious, but it was helpless.

"The Guard" is a Dead Ringer for The FROT position.

Anyway Check out that show, It's great.

And if someone ask you what frot is, just ask them..

Have you ever watched the UFC before?..............



Re: UFC Ultimate Fighter


I also find this to be extremely hot because it seems so sexual! Two, toned,sweaty, tight bodied men applying body scissors, bearhugs, choke holds.

Their bodies locked together in combat, the ultimate in male bonding! How could they not get turned? UFC is hot.



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