Brave New Gay World

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Brave New Gay World


Recently I wrote an article -- The Debasement of Language under Analism -- comparing the tactics of the one-party state in George Orwell's classic dystopia 1984 to those of the analists.

And the comparison is apt.

But there's another classic dystopia, and that's Aldous Huxley's Brave New World.

In 1984, the slogan of the one-party state is: War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

In Brave New World, the slogan is:




Well, the community and identity part we're certainly familiar with.

And it could be argued that the contemporary gay community is quite stable, in its own way, as well.

The governance of Brave New World is far gentler than that of 1984 -- no one gets beat up, tortured, or killed by the state.

Instead, the basic idea of the ruling class is that if you give people enough sex and drugs, and tell them repeatedly, through "sleep teaching," that their situation in life is ideal -- they won't rebel.

You'll have stability -- perfect social and political peace worldwide.

In addition, the people in Brave New World possess lifelong youth.

For one thing, men and women no longer serve as parents.

All children are conceived and gestate in vitro and are raised by the state.

And, through manipulation of diet, men and women stay young and attractive throughout their lives -- they no longer age.

Rather, they've been engineered to look as though they're in their mid-twenties till they're 60, at which time their bodies abruptly give out and they die.

Their work is easy, and thanks to genetic engineering, they're well-suited to it.

While their leisure time is spent in silly but expensive games -- like electro-magnetic golf -- which encourage consumerism; and fornication.

Fornication -- that is to say, sexual promiscuity -- is promoted by the state.

"Everyone belongs to everyone else" is one of the world state's bywords, also taught to children as they sleep; and any suggestion of fidelity or emotional loyalty elicits intense social pressure to be promiscuous.

Those who don't respond to that pressure are sent to re-conditioning centers; and if that doesn't work, they're exiled.

There are even biweekly -- and obligatory -- state-sponsored orgies, called Solidarity Services, in which the "Greater Being" of sexual community is explicity invoked though group sex.

In addition, the state has synthesized and distributes the perfect drug, "soma," which in small doses tranquillizes and in larger doses is mildly hallucinogenic.

It leaves no hangover or other ill effect; and any time reality becomes painful, people are encouraged to use it.

"A gram is better than a damn," they're taught.

The state doesn't like strong emotion -- "When the individual feels," it warns, "the community reels" -- which is why the government encourages people to get stoned.

It's an essentially soulless society.

And it's quite suggestive -- in its emphasis on youth, drugs, and promiscuity -- of gay male culture today.

There's no heroism, and no tragedy.

Life is just a daily round of work, promiscuity, drugs, and consumerism -- and then you die.

It's difficult not to believe that such is what most gay men want.

If you told them they could have really good bodies for 40 or 50 years, and an endless stream of sexual partners during that time -- they'd go for it.

And that's the direction gay culture is and long has been going in.

Once HIV and HPV and other bothersome diseases are licked, the view is, there will be no barrier to a completely unbridled and absolutely consumerist sexuality.

In such a world of course, political freedom is meaningless.

Nor is it valued.

Gay men today tend to be "political," but that's because of the religious right -- if they're Democrats -- or because they want to make more money -- if they're Republicans.

Were the religious right to vanish -- or, more likely, to come to view homosexuality as no worse than any other sin -- and were the average gay man guaranteed a good job, material comfort, good health, a great body, recreational drugs, and lots of sex -- he wouldn't care about politics.

All he'd care about is getting laid.

Which the state, in essence, would guarantee for him by encouraging -- or perhaps even requiring -- his peers to be promiscuous.

The conditions for this sort of identity state are being built by disparate institutions within the gay male community.

The ASOs, with their non-judgmental emphasis and their ubiquitous "safer sex" advice, which supports "sexual exploration" and promiscuity, are one set of institutions.

And there are the sex clubs and circuit parties, which basically support the same behaviors.

These two sets of institutions -- the professional and the street -- now tend to converge.

Remember for example that back in 2001, Grant Colfax, a physician and safer-sex educator, said that circuit parties are "an important and often positive influence on the gay community."

"Community, Identity, Stability."

"We're one big LGBT community, with one identity, and we'll go on forever."

That's the message.

Such a state -- or culture -- is quite inward looking.

It has no grand goals -- just day-to-day survival.

Warrior culture, by contrast, thinks outside of itself.

That's why Warrior Jedi, in his Age of Warriors post, talked about colonizing space.

That may have seemed silly or off-topic to many of you.

But what Jedi is talking about is having a goal larger than simply getting laid.

He's saying that life has to have meaning beyond sex.

And he's right.

In Brave New World, individuals who start thinking and/or talking seriously about meaning or purpose in life are exiled to distant islands.

In the gay community, those who start talking about meaning and purpose are exiled to little internet ghettoes like this one.

We're marginalized -- effectively excluded from the great community-identity-stability.

But we exist nevertheless.

The values we seek to inculcate and expand in Men who Love Men are those of strength, decency, nobility, and caring.

Those are not consumerist values.

They're warrior values.

And Warrior Virtues.

Vir -- Virilis -- Virtus.

Thus the conflict.

Huxley points out that today's promiscuity has its roots in the revolutionary work of the Marquis de Sade, who lived after all in the era of the French and American revolutions:

Sade regarded himself as the apostle of the truly revolutionary revolution, beyond mere politics and economics -- the revolution in individual men, women, and children, whose bodies were henceforward to become the common sexual property of all and whose minds were to be purged of all the natural decencies, all the laboriously acquired inhibitions of traditional civilization.

"purged of all the *natural* decencies, the acquired inhibitions of *traditional* civilization"

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

"Get on your knees and have some fun -- bitch!"

It's a de Sadian exhortation.

And de Sade, it's worth remembering, was insane -- literally.

He was crazy.

Yet it can be argued that de Sade's brutal and dehumanized formulation of promiscuity, kink, and sleaze has come to dominate and indeed define gay male life.

Traditional values of monogamy, fidelity, masculinity, and loyalty are dead; a natural act, frot, is devalued while an UNnatural act, anal, is exalted; and men are seen and see themselves as just so much meat -- there to be consumed.

Here for example is a profile from one of the big gay internet "dating" sites:

GWM, 35yo, 6'2", 185 lbs, bl/gr eyes, lt. br hair. 7% body fat, 8.5x6" uncut, Versatile/Bottom (70%Bttm/30% Top) In shape muscular body builder. ex-model, Passionate Kisser, cock sucker and rimmer. Into hot wild sweaty sex with guys that are in shape and good looking like me. let's hook-up and play. I travel quite a bit.

Sexuality: Gay

Sexual tastes: Adventurous

Preferred Role: Versatile

Monogamous: Not very

Safer Sex: Most of the time

Dick type: Uncut

Dick Size: Large

This guy presents himself as an object to be consumed.

Literally like ground beef: "7% body fat."

He's uncut, mainly a bottom, sucks cock and rims.

He's frankly promiscuous, wants to "hook-up and play," and does "safer sex" -- which isn't all that safe to begin with -- "most of the time."

And -- he travels "quite a bit."

Now: we all understand that he's at great risk for all sorts of diseases and that he's spreading those diseases.

But that's not the issue here or in Brave New World, where, presumably, science has conquered all STD.

He says he's looking for "hot wild sweaty sex with guys that are in shape and good looking like me."

That's the de Sadian, dystopian, aspect of it.

The sex is completely empty.

It's based entirely on looks.

There's no mention of any emotional connection between the participants.

Which is just how it is in Brave New World.

Citizens are NOT allowed to become attached to each other, since such attachments are, from the viewpoint of the "world controllers," as they're called, potentially destabilizing.

Instead, men and women are taught to consume each other -- like so much meat, as Huxley explicity states.

In the book, Huxley introduces a "savage" -- a guy who's grown up on an Indian reservation in the American southwest which the world state, for its own inscrutable reasons, has left "uncivilized."

Interestingly, the savage's values are warrior values:

Self-denial, self-sacrifice, religious piety, and intense fidelity to the person he loves.

When it's discovered that the savage's mother was actually a resident of London who got lost (and pregnant) on a visit to the Indian reservation 20 years earlier, the savage is taken from the reservation and brought back to the London of Brave New World at the behest of one of the world controllers.

The savage has been taught by his mother that technology and civilization are wonderful.

But when the savage encounters the promiscuity and shallowness of Brave New World, he's appalled and repelled.

For though he was raised by his mother, he's also absorped the warrior values of the men of the reservation.

Eventually, his encounter with the citizens of Brave New World so demoralizes him that he commits suicide.

That's something to think about.

A man with warrior values forced to live in a consumerist culture -- develops problems.

Gay male culture is consumerist.

We're not.

If we're to avoid the fate of warriors like "John Savage" in Brave New World -- we'll have to fight.

Not in the sense of killing anyone.

But for the right to be ourselves:

Not "men who have sex with men."

But men who heroically love their fellows.



Re: Brave New Gay World


Hello Warriors


What a beautifull outlook ;)


quite possible to establish such a society if the forces that work on such a goal are happy enough to succed to kill all personal emotiones(soul) of an individual and use his natural sexual desires to bind him into the dictatorial collective norm.

If they succed to divide sex and love..

I think people have to have something they can believe in if they want to build a community where love is valued.

They have to believe into something greater they really feel they are a part of.

Like we cockrubbers on a personal level when we unite with our guy...we feel united with him and love him forever.

I think as well that most of the greater religiones are not able to deliver this or have discredited themselves through their own history.

This greater has to have substance and material reality (like our guy) so that we can relate to it directly and not beeing an invisible god of nothing then just words like in christianity for example.

Well we all are born and live on this beautifull planet called earth.

This planet is like a big spaceship floating through space and we all live on this spaceship.........

This huge spaceship is called EARTH

and we are the humans of earth

not the humans of jupiter

and not the humans of saturn or whatsoever

we live on earth

so we are the human of earth (the earth RACE)

From the bushmans in africa to the eskimos in the arctic...

we are the earth race.

And i think that is something we can all believe in...we dont even need the use of the word god.

So what does it mean to believe in the earth race.

It means basically that as we are interested in our own individual surviving and quality in life so should we be interested in the surviving and quality of life of the earth race on a higher level of thinking.


We individuals are not property of the big companies and their consumer slaves not at all

The big companies are property of the earth race and have to serve their needs of survival and living.

And all we individuals of earth ...we build the EARTH RACE.

The earth race is our higher identity that has soul and life just as we individuals...

something maybe more worth looking forward to...


Great is truth, but greater still, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth -- Aldous Huxley

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