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Dear Bill,

I have decided to give a direct reply to your comments on the e mail I got on 3/3/09, in which you mention that I send 10% of my unemployment monies once a month, so no reason why my American brothers can't each send $20 per month.

Well I have had support from the Man2Man Alliance and thus I became the man that I am now and I consider myself to be Warrior Brian that is who I am that is my identity, and one day I hope to share all this with my own man in Eros. I stand naked every morning to pray to Jesus as Warrior Brian for the things I need including for healing for Warrior Patrick.

I could not have thought of such 15 months ago I was just plain Mr. Brian Hulme, member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Gayguy, and scared to say so.

Now though I am Warrior Brian, Christian Man, Masculine Man, and proud of it, all thanks to the Man2Man Alliance -- so I LOVE the Alliance.

When I sign an e mail with "love" I don't mean something like they do in Hollywood all warm and sloppy, I mean a real principle, I mean Warrior Love, the sort, of not going back, doing what is needed when it is needed. The feeling that I have is because the Alliance has given me support I therefore now love the Alliance and do so 100%.

So Bill that just means I give 10% of my monies 100% of the time with my love.



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Bill Weintraub

Re: Warrior Love True Love


Thank you Brian.

"Warrior Love, the sort, of not going back, doing what is needed when it is needed."


Warrior Love means not going back, but doing what's needed when it's needed.

More of you guys need to figure that out.

Warrior Love does not mean finding some guy and jerking off with him.

Warrior Love means not going back, doing what's needed when it's needed.

Before you can have that Manly Lover in your life -- that Man of Eros as Brian so beautifully puts it -- that virtually all of you say you want so badly --

you have to become and show yourself to be Worthy of him.

And you can only do that through living True Warrior Love:

Not going back, doing what's needed when it's needed.

Thank you Brian.

A beautiful post.

From a true Warrior.

Bill Weintraub

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