Fighting and Loving



Fighting and Loving



Even though I only recently discovered this site and your superb work on this very delicate issue...I have always practiced this method in many variations whenever I could seduce the other man into it...and amazingly, thinking back, how the spark ignited into a bonfire of male bonding in all its facets...

I have undergone some pretty amazing metamorphoses in my life. From garcon fatal so to speak to a passionate cockrub warrior enjoying the dominant victory position over another man. Mostly the competitive combat for sexual supremacy, the animalistic pleasure of defeating the other man cock on cock, knowing the other man's fighting spirit is fueled by the same urge, while respecting him as an equal and always aware that we fight and love under the same banner of male bonding.

To also be forced to submit to a stronger man and to take it like a man, always face to face...

Never by being stabbed in the back....!!

Happy hunting...:))

Bill Weintraub

Re: Fighting and Loving



Warrior Gary says: "we fight and love under the same banner of male bonding"

and, he adds, "we take it like a man, always face to face...

never by being stabbed in the back"

right again

in myth, the hero is always stabbed in the back

and then, magically, reborn -- usually through the intervention of a god

in real life, if you get stabbed in the back, you die

that's what happened to half-a-million gay and bi men

so this Easter weekend three warriors -- Warrior Gary, Warrior Springer in his response to Other Males and Their Cocks, and Warrior Greg in Rebirth -- have said -- you don't have to express your love for another man by being stabbed in the back

it's not necessary, it diminishes you, and it's not conducive to true love

instead there's a warrior way of love between men

it's face to face and cock to cock

and whether fighting or loving it leads to true bonding and true union

the highest expression of the bond between men:

phallic union



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