Other males and their cocks, not the anal tyranny


The Cockrub Warriors web site is great. I live in Phoenix, Arizona. Please post this anonymously to the personal stories site.

I am a gay man that has spent his 50 years on earth very closeted and is just starting to explore my sexuality. I knew I was gay from the time I was 11 years old and was very attracted to other males and their cocks. I have always loved jacking off and my fantasies where always about what was between the legs and not what was between the cheeks. Anal sex was something I never wanted to receive or give.

I discovered your web site from an email from a local JO club. The Cockrub Warriors site allowed me to realize that I do not need to conform to the tyranny of anal sex, but can have more pleasure and feel better about myself by being myself and giving and receiving dick2dick stimulation as well as masturbation. I pray that I will meet more like-minded men wishing to explore dick2dick through the Cockrub Warriors web site. Thank you for the long hours that you have put into this club. I will be visiting often.



Don F

Re: Other males and their cocks, not the anal tyranny


Well said. This letter echoes the thoughts so many of us have always had too--that male/male communion is most intimately achieved by mating directly through penis and testicles, sharing natural masculine anatomy for real homosexual union.

The writer says: "Anal sex was something I never wanted to receive or give."

Amen. The butt-hole boys just don't seem to understand that we have absolutely no desire at all for it. Not just fear of disease and pain, which themselves are negative motivators, but that we are simply not turned on at all by the prospect of that rear-end stuff.

He also writes of "giving and receiving dick2dick stimulation" --- and yup, that's what it's all about. Guys getting it on as GUYS together in simultaneous genital communion, building to a full and natural male climax, open and free, without the need for "containment," and allowing their semen to flow and confirm their union.

I hope we can share more of this man's thoughts, because he sure writes concisely and to-the-point.



Re: Other males and their cocks, not the anal tyranny


I am convinced, after having known many men who have practiced anal sex for years, that it is a form of sexual expression that diminishes people. I can't explain why it does, but I am sure it does.

Cock to cock sex has its limitation, maybe, but long term, it enables you to really get into hot, intimate, male-to-male encounters, that don't destroy your masculinity.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Other males and their cocks, not the anal tyranny


hey springer dude -- great post

if anal sex diminishes people, it's because it locks them into the roles of top and bottom, undermines their masculinity, hedges in their sex lives with fears of disease, and inevitably associates sex with shit

those are major problems, and an even bigger problem is that the major gay media won't allow us to say these things -- even 365Gay, which took two articles from me, is now refusing to run a third -- because in it i'm too openly critical of anal and the safer-sex establishment

yet hardly a day goes by that we don't read about some new disease associated with anal, or some spike in the STD rate among gay men, or increased drug use among gay men once again associated with anal

so what's limiting is anal -- if you're the bottom, never feeling true genital pleasure in sex, and if you're the top, not connecting with what your partner is feeling and barely connecting with his body and both of you thinking of the bottom as being on some level a bitch

and needing drugs and condoms and lubes and doctors to clean up the mess you've made

and, as Warrior Greg argues in his Rebirth posts on this board, and as Robert Loring points out, there are severe spiritual limitations for those involved in anal as well

that's why the buttfuck boyz keep censoring us:

if anal didn't have all those limitations, they wouldn't be afraid of letting us be heard

for myself, cock to cock has no limitations -- there's just no hotter way to connect with another man

phallus-to-phallus cocktocock dick2dick man2man

-- it's not complicated

anal is complicated -- it needs a big cultural apparatus to prop it up, and even then its proponents are terrified of criticism

warrior dudes -- try to understand -- the analists are afraid of us -- because they're not secure in their practice

all that's needed is for you to keep speaking up -- the way Warrior Springer just did -- and the BFD will collapse


Jess Hamm

Re: Other males and their cocks, not the anal tyranny



I have been like you since I can remember. At a very young age (before puberty) I had images of "sex play" with other males - most adult. I have enjoyed looking at males, and a couple encounters with other males (mostly mutual stimulation, it has been great). Yes, I am very closeted, only have ventures with these two other males (usually both of them together, they are a gay couple).

I will have reason to be in Phoenix in September. I am safe, discreet and disease free.

I know that probably we can not meet, but hang in there, you are not alone in your search!




Re: Other males and their cocks, not the anal tyranny


I am so happy to find this site. Its amazing to see so many commonalities .. my first masturbation experience also involved rubbing against the bedsheets and imagining another boy below me. As i came out into a greater gay world i was faced with this "anal tyranny" (great word, something i had thought but not really expressed), and even though my most intense, enjoyable orgasms were from non-anal activities, I felt myself pressured to take part in anal activities, first as a bottom (which i did not enjoy), then as a top. As a top i found that my intense dislike of condoms made it a near impossible act to pull off, or alternatively, i took foolish risks by going bareback.

I am a 33 years old black man and it still amazes me that most gay men dont seem to consider it sex unless there is anal sex. I have been with men and we have both reached orgasms and these men have still made comments about us not having sex. If we both are naked in the bed and we cum from touching each other, how much more sexual can u get than that?

Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences and letting me know I am not alone. You have given me the confidence to stand up for what I like and not be defined by others' narrow definition of what constitutes sex.

Robin James

Re: Other males and their cocks, not the anal tyranny


Hi Jess:

I am closeted too. And married. My wife understands this thing we have. In fact it is a relief for her. When I recently found this site I was able to share it with her and now she understands my problems with sex with her was not because of her but because I really like frot with men. Read my story under "My first time." I never wanted to believe I was gay. It was quite a shock for me when I realized that this is what I've been repressing all my life.

Give me an Email and we can chat.

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