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We have a new site:


I hope everyone drops in for a visit.

Frot Men are masculine guys whose primary m2m erotic practice is Frot, and who don't do anal.

And of course they practice Fidelity as well.

This new site, dedicated to Frot Men, is not meant to supplant or take the place of Heroic Homosex or The Man2Man Alliance or Cockrub Warriors.

Rather it augments those sites by focusing on our emerging identity as Frot Men, Frot Guys, Frot Dudes, Frot Brothers, Frot Brothas, Frot Buddies, Frot Budz, Frot Hermanos, Frot Mates, and Frot Studs.

Not gays, bi's or straights, but Frot Guys.

And it opens with a huge gallery of over 150 Frot Men images;

Plus a page of Frot Men FAQs

which I think you'll enjoy and find really informative as well.

In addition we have four new friction fictions which I hope to have posted soon -- the authors have been waiting very patiently, for which I'm grateful.

And of course more political and cultural articles will be coming as well.

I've been an openly gay man and gay activist, never for pay or profit, always under my own name and with as much transparency as possible, for more than 32 years now.

Throughout my life, I've worked to improve and validate the lives of men who have sex with men.

By telling two truths about those men.

The first is that they are men, not anything else.

And the second is that despite what the Heterosexual and ButtFuck Dictatorships say, men who love men can lead decent, honorable and fulfilling lives, in full recognition and celebration of that love between men which is one of the highest expressions of the human spirit.

And that's what I'm doing with FrotMen.

In addition, just as I coined and have popularized the term "Frot," so I hope that the terms Frot Man, Frot Dude, Frot Guy, etc, will catch on and begin to be used by guys to self-identify.

Since people have been asking also for some sort of public identifier, we're going to be offering Frot Man tee-shirts as a premium for donors as well.

It will probably take a couple weeks to get that organized, but it will happen.

You'll notice when you visit the site that, because of recent copyright violations, I've put copyright symbols on Frot Man, Frot Men, and their various synonyms.

All written material, original art, and logos, plus other material as well, on my sites is already copyright protected.

The purpose is to prevent any commercial use of these terms, as well as folks using the terms in ways not congruent with their definition.

So long as you're masculine, into Frot, and don't do anal, you can describe yourself as a Frot Man, Frot Guy, Frot Brotha, Frot Dude, etc.

FrotMen is another step in the evolution of this club and our movement, which began life as Cockrub Warriors, a group for gay guys into Frot.

We then moved on to Heroic Homosex, expanding the definition of a Cockrub Warrior and our movement beyond the merely sexual, and into the cultural and moral values which are dear to us.

As more and more bi and straight-identified guys starting joining us, we opened The Man2Man Alliance, an umbrella organization which welcomes all men into Frot regardless of how they self-identify.

The Man2Man Alliance remains our principal organization.

FrotMen is now here to give men into Frot an easy way to self-identify to each other and the wider world.

I hope you all make good and happy use of it.



Re: FrotMen.Org

Great new site frot guy's, check it out !



Re: FrotMen.Org


Terrific pix in the gallery. All aspects of frot, all positive.

Bill Weintraub

Re: FrotMen.Org


Hey -- thnx to both David and Jacmac.

Guys, I hope that when you drop by Frot Men, you'll also take a look at warrior boomer's excellent story The Princeton Club, which is there to help inaugurate the new site.

Boomer's a college student who, in his writing, seeks to reach out to and educate his peers.

He put a lot of work and thought into The Princeton Club, as he does all his stories.

Each of his stories manages to blow me away, and I was impressed by this one because of its ambitious reach, which succeeds -- he packs a lot of info into an entertaining and hot story.

Frot guys like David, jacmac, and boomer are another reason that


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