Analists to Bill Weintraub:
you should be put in jail

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail


For the last three days, some buttboy aka shitfairy has been moving an ancient message thread titled "you should be put in jail" to the top of the message list on this board.

Clearly, this creature think it's sending a message:

Bill Weintraub should be put in jail for advocating Frot, Fidelity, and Masculinity.


You be, as they say, the judge.

Read the message thread -- it's archived here -- you should be put in jail -- and is easier to read than on this board.

David, our heroic Warrior bear, read it yesterday and said, "Actually, I am all for you being put in the White House!"

Which was very sweet of him.

But, by all means, read it for yourself.

As I said in my response to David's standing up post, the original "you should be put in jail" message thread is about some analist working at an AIDS Service Organization in Boston who emailed me in 2002 to say "You should be put in jail for saying that Frot is safe."

And he went on to say that our site is homophobic.

Of course Frot is safe; there's never been a documented case of HIV transmission via Frot.

And of course my work and our sites are not homophobic.

To the contrary, we here celebrate true homosex -- phallus2phallus and Man2Man -- which we call, rightly, Heroic Homosex.

But we need to be clear:

What actually bothers these guys isn't that we're saying Frot is safe.

It's that we're saying that anal is unsafe.

And dirty.

And degrading.

And emasculating.

That's what bothers them, and that's what they want stopped.

They want that message silenced.

Look at this guy Andriote.

He said to me, "How dare you" question my sex life?

But he has an STD -- which he wrote about at some length in the very public pages of the Washington Post.

And not just any STD.

To play the jargon game, this man has HIV, an STD which among MSM is most commonly contracted through URA or PRA.

Translation: J-M Andriote has Human Immonodeficiency Virus, a sexually transmitted disease which among men who have sex with men is most commonly contracted through unprotected receptive anal penetration or protected (with a condom) receptive anal penetration.

He doesn't want to talk about that.

But that's the truth.

Anal kills.

And effeminacy both facilitates and is a product of anal penetration.

That's the truth.

Like I say, Andriote, like Jamie Turner four years ago, doesn't want to talk about that.

Instead he says, I thought the "low-risk sex" I practiced would protect me.

Problem: If it's anal, or oral to ejaculation, it's not low risk.

Guys, everything we say about anal is true:

That it's the *highest* risk "sex" act any two people can practice.

Responsible for the transmission and spread of HIV, HPV, herpes, hepatitis C, syphilis, gonorrhea, and LGV -- just for starters.

That there's always fecal material present during the act.

That there's NO genital tissue present in the anus or rectum.

That therefore there's a huge inequality of "pleasure."

And that anal effeminizes, emasculates, and degrades the participants.

That anal penetration is a social evil, and analism the enemy of humanity.

Since the great anal penetration frenzy started in 1975, there have been 25 MILLION deaths from HIV / AIDS, and another 40 MILLION people are infected.

I witnessed about 200 of those deaths, including the death of my beloved life partner Brett Averill, a courageous and pioneering gay journalist who came out when it took true guts to do so and who worked for the gay press not because there was money in it -- there wasn't -- but because he believed in human liberation.

As do I.


I repeat what I said: anal penetration is a social evil, and analism the enemy of humanity.

And you can see clearly, on this board, how the agents of analism work.

They're THUGS -- they vandalize, they spam, they censor, they threaten, they lie.

Because that's ALL they can do -- disrupt.

If they could refute anything we say, they would.

But they CAN'T.

Too bad.



There is no ally more powerful.

Read you should be put in jail --

think about what those who advocate my imprisonment believe --

and consider your alternatives.

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

Robert Loring

Re: Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail


Imprisonment for one's beliefs? Isn't that what Communist nations do? Is that what the analists would like to see? America become a Socialist nation following in the footsteps of the 3rd Reich? Are they even aware what the 3rd Reich did to gay men and women? Most likely NOT! Hitler did NOT just attack the Jews. He spread his evil to gay men and women of the time as well. Socialists nations do not tolerate deviation from what they dictate is the "norm."

Thugs, vandalize, lie, threaten? Don't terrorists do the same things?

I find it sad that people can no longer tolerate opinions and values different from their own. I find it even sadder that they resort to being thugs, vandalizing, lying, and making threats. Perhaps one day the human race will GROW UP and decide to no longer have the minds of spoiled children.

Threats, lies, and temper tantrums NEVER resolve ANY issue. Issues are resolved through and by ADULT conversation and debate. To say that a man or woman should be jailed for what they believe in is wrong and inhumane. Is the world no longer big enough for diversity of opinion? Is the human race so small that it can no longer handle opposition?

Greg Milliken

Re: Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail


Surprising. Analists can't even do hate mail right. Although, I guess expecting them not to try would be expecting to much from them.

Keep up the great work Bill. This site and the messages on it have done more for gay men than any number of condom campaigns and effeminized support groups ever could.

Bill G

Re: Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail


Keep up the good work Bill!!!!!

And everyone, please donate to help Bill keep fighting!!!

Bill Weintraub

Re: Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail


Thanks guys.

Guys, any time you see this message at or near the top of the list, you know that these analist vandals have struck again.

They can't refute one word we say, so they seek to censor and silence through imprisonment if they can.

When they say "you should be put in jail" -- they absolutely mean it.

They would do anything to keep our message from going out.

Think about that.

And then think about what you can do to

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.

Greg Milliken

Re: Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail


I've heard this saying before, but I'm not sure where I heard it:

It is the devil's tactic to silence good men in an evil time.

How true.

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