i have no problems fighting



i have no problems fighting


.. i really dig this website.

the fact of being gay and being able to love and have a physically and emotionally loving relationship with another man without any surrender or sacrifice of either's masculinity is a great ideal for me. it is beautiful ... specially when those whole actions and experiences are based on the genuineness of their feelings for one another.

this whole thing is really amazing ... i have always been into this but never thought there were others like me out there. it is weird cause even though i know, i accept and i love the fact of being a gay man, i have never really thought of myself as one. i like men and enjoy having relationships with them, but i have never really fitted in or understood the gay world. I hate the gay stereotypes, what society and other gay men expect you to be and how to behave and specially the loss of masculinity most gay men have. for me ... if you are a man ... you are a man ... you might still like men, but you cannot neglect or deny the fact that between your legs you have cojones and a dick. so with that in mind love it and be proud of what you have cause after all we will always be men. there is nothing more beautiful than a masculine man ... a tough and virile macho man. after all, if you dig guys and you want to be into guys, go for one that looks, acts and behaves like a man ... if you are going to go after a femenine guy that is a little princess might as well go for a girl.

it is funny cause my friends always make fun of me ... they say i am a gay guy who is border line straight ... or if not that i am not a gay guy but instead a guy who happens to be gay. they say all of this because i am always surrounded by straight guys, i play a lot of sports, i have no problems fighting or confronting people when needed and just because i am myself and not another fag ... instead i am another one of the boys. i dont even like going to gay bars ... most of them are meat markets drowned in a sea of drugs. oh well...

hopefully throughout time i will be able to find another guy like me.

i thought i had found one a few years ago ... we actually lived together for two years .... we were basically married and the connection we use to have was amazing ... at least that is what i used to think. anyway, with time we grew apart since he starting discovering that what we were having was not really his ideal, even though as much as he wanted it to be, and that instead he still needed to go around and sleep with more people before completely commiting. i shouldnt have been surprised by the whole thing since when we met he had been with over 20 guys in the lapse of a year while i had only been with two in the course of two years. oh well... i gave him a chance and wayyy too much credit. i guess i was very gullible

Bill Weintraub

Re: i have no problems fighting


hey pompotous

thank you for your post

i know a lot of the guys in here feel the same

i was interested that pompotus said he had no problem fighting or standing up for himself

that's true of many men into frot, and fits our contention that anal sex breeds passivity and effeminacy

pompotus, i'm sorry about ur bf

but u know i bet he's out there doin anal

cause promiscuity and anal go together

just as frot and fidelity go together

we know it's hard sometimes even for men into frot to resist the culturally-sanctioned call of promiscuity

that's why we do all we can here to strengthen the bonds between loving men

that's why in Frot Club we don't allow posts which solicit more than one partner

because gay male subculture supports promiscuity and encourages and pressures guys like your former bf to keep looking for hotter and more muscular partners, and to measure their self-worth by the relative attractiveness and numbers of the men they're sleeping with

so the more involved you are in that subculture, the more likely you are to be compulsively promiscuous

we also need to recognize the degree to which that subculture is being re-inforced and strengthened by commercial interests

because basically the only way to make money off of sex is through promiscuity

many gay businesses therefore -- bars, sex clubs, guesthouses, travel agencies, gyms -- depend upon promiscuity to keep the money flowing

tragically, promiscuity is now underwriting other forms of gay or gay-dependent businesses: condom manufacturers, lube purveyors, pharmaceutical companies, AIDS Service Organizations, and safer-sex educators

and of course drug-dealers

you don't need any of those businesses or "services" if, like pompotus, you're into frot and you're faithful

you don't need, in Paulino's terrific phrase, "gay bars ... meat markets drowned in a sea of drugs"

that's why we're so insistent in The Man2Man Alliance on building a new culture among men who love men

not just substituting frot for anal

but building a culture based on phallus, fidelity, and masculinity

Fidelity and Frot

the simple, masculine, HOT solution



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