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I was wondering how many other Warriors here share the same fond memories I have about Marvel superheroes. Now that the Spider-man movie is a smashing box office success worldwide and other heroes are coming to the big screen next year, Marvel is rightly living a new season of glory, as it was during the 60s and 70s. Marvel comics are full of great stories, thanks to excellent artists and writers, but I think one of the most important reason of their enduring success and popularity for over four decades is the wonderful use of ancient themes and myths, reworked for each new generation. Just like our fathers and grandfathers used to read and love the legends of King Arthur, the Nordic and Greek mythologies and the epic tales of heroes and monsters, my generation - I'm 38 - grew up with the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Spider-man, Thor, Daredevil and all the great characters created by Stan Lee and his staff. As in the ancient myths (like those of Gilgamesh, Arthur, Hercules and others), the Marvel heroes often wrestled each other before becoming friends (and maybe more...). I remember reading those comics in the 70s as a kid and watching with particular attention the colorful panels where two big muscular men clashed together, fighting page after page. I still do read these comics and I own some of the old ones, so I often return to those pages where the Thing and the Hulk fistfight and smash their big bodies against each other, or Thor and Hercules (both taken from classical myths...) test their strength against each other in hot wrestling matches, smashing everything around them (memories of Gilgamesh and Enkidu!). Yes, those fights were - and still are - highly exciting to look at (and great jack-off material - I dream about dick to dick combats between the Hulk and Hercules, or Sub-Mariner and Thor!), but we must remember that, at the end of the match, the two heroes often ended up as close buddies for the rest of their life (and even wrestling again from time to time, just for the sake of it!). True wrestling partners, like those from the myths or from some of our own life experiences! Marvel comics helped me to develop and understand my interest in wrestling, and I'm sure that it led somehow to my deep-felt passion for cockfighting. Let's share the memories of those great battles. Who is your favourite hero? Which wrestling super matches you find hottest? This is part of our cockrubbing/wrestling community too. Long live our heroes, we really need them in times like this!

Reply from Cockrub Warrior Roman

Hi there Andrew !

You are absolutely right - superheros and wrestling buddies have always figured largely in many of my fantasies too and I tried to get hold of as much material as I could which might feature anything like this (not that I had a great deal of success with that !).

In my mind, I could usually see a kind of scenario featuring huge naked muscular men with enormous penises and heavy balls - men kept purely for the pupose of wrestling other big naked men for the sexual pleasure which this gave to spectators (this would be in some kind of ancient arena in Greek or Roman times). These men would always be hugely muscled and slow moving - with the emphasis on strength and long slow straining musclebound matches. Their naked bodies would be heavily oiled all over and their huge genitals sway as they strutted around the arena prior to the match, exhibiting their bodies whilst bets were taken.

Contests such as Hercules v Samson spring to mind - or Thor against Conan - with outdoor matches under the hot sun (with plenty of sweat) or indoor matches on either mats or in a mudpit. All contests would be designed to force their enormous cocks together in bearhug battles or hand to hand tests of strength and such contests would drive the spectators crazy, with huge prize money on offer to encourage the wrestlers to struggle until exhausted.

Muscles would bulge, huge cocks bump and rub together big balls mashing heavily as the wrestlers strained and sometimes they would go down on the ground or into the mud, rolling over and over like pigs totally oblivious of the cheering spectators and focusing only on winning the struggle, as well as the pleasurable sensations which both experience as their cocks clash.

Have any other guys apart from Andrew and myself fantasised over such scenes? I am intending to write a story set in the Roman arena based on such a scenario (I have already written the introduction) but need plenty of time to make it a good one.

I would love to hear from any other guys who share these kind of fantasies.

Happy Cockrubbing fellow Warriors !

Reply from Cockrub Warrior hosswres


My first experience was when i was young and wrestled my brother in a fake superhero wrestling match. We would strip to briefs, use robes as capes and eventually put on cheap masks to look like superheros. Then we would roll around on mattress play fighting and wrestling. I always loved watching his bump in his briefs as we rolled around and felt mine get hard as he dove on top of me and crushed my groin between us.

I soon found i wanted this so bad that i would bribe him to wrestle me when out parents were away. Even though i am now 40 and grown, I still get in a mask and briefs and wrestle around when i can find someone to do it with me to acheive that hard on only watching my oponent and the close contact this match gives me. I would do it everyday if i didn't feel i had to be very discreet with my loved ones, and what people would think about me if they knew. I love that brief or speedo covered bump being grinded against me or feeling my hard dick attacked by another guy's while we wrestle.

I still love the costumes and brief attire that excited me too. Is this weird, i guess most would thing so except those who really know what i am talking about...

Reply from Cockrub Warrior Kumba

Monster Frot

I've always been fascinated by the 1933 King Kong movie.

As you can imagine, my favourite scene was the gorgeous T-Rex fighting scene with the two savage beasts in heavy combat. I first watched this when I was about 11 and still in that age I had the feeling that there was something erotic in the sequence. I watched it over and over again, using it as masturbation material, fascinated by watching those two ferocious forces of Nature clash passionately. Of course the fight ends with Kong killing the reptile in a very brutal and graphic way, but I always imagined the fight to turn out quite different: if the two monsters would not fight because of HATE but because of LOVE to each other and the fight would be a frot battle with Kong orgasming at the end of it.

Indeed, there are some images during the movie fight that would easily fit into this (like Kong laying on top of the T-Rex after knocking him down). But why is this Fight so fascinating? Well first of all, King Kong is seen by some people as a symbol of man or mankind, as "the Archetype of the Archetype", as someone said. But he is also seen as a symbol of our "dark" sexual forces, as the purest embodyment of lust, sex and, maybe, frot as well as the T-Rex is phallic.

He is gigantic, muscular, fleshy, he is pure maleness and his power never seems to end!

This Power is of course shown in the fact that those Beasts are, like mentioned before, very muscle-bound, so, everytime I see a monster with very large muscles (a werewolf, for example, no human monsters) it reminds me a little of King Kong and I imagine that beast fighting against Kong or the Dinosaur, both rubbing their giant dicks against each other, archetypes of man to man.

Reply from Cockrub Warrior bill

I thank all these warriors for their posts.

A great many of us share these sorts of fantasies.

Some of us, like Roman, get off on the idea of arenas and spectators.

Others, like myself, love the thought of two warriors meeting completely alone in the wastelands of battle.

What's interesting to me are the mythic aspects of these contests and their sociobiologic roots.

In the early years of the last century, the Swiss psychoanalyst C. J. Jung, noting the similarities of myth cross-culturally, posited a collective or racial unconscious among human beings.

Such an unconscious store of archetypal heroes, he insisted, would not be mystical, but would be rooted in our biology, our physical being.

Later thinkers, such as Joseph Campbell, were dismissive of the biological aspect of Jung's work, suggesting instead that cultural diffusion of mythic ideas and figures was sufficient to explain the many similarities among such heroes as Maui, Gilgamesh, Hercules, Samson, and Thor.

But in the last 25 years, sociobiologists and primatologists have given new life to Jung's ideas.

Specifically, we now have a far clearer idea of the biological basis of male aggression, violence, and bonding.

For example, among male gorillas seeking mates and harems, death matches are the norm -- indeed, a male gorilla unwilling to fight to the death has little chance of reproductive success, and as a result male body weight is 237 percent higher than that of females.

So it's not surprising that so many of us have fantasies of sexually aroused and massive men colliding in arenas -- we share, after all, more than 97 percent of our DNA with these great apes.

But we're even more closely related to chimpanzees, and among them male bonding, a form of the reciprocal altruism seen in other species, makes possible extreme co-operation in warfare, which in turn is used to capture and keep mates.

As a consequence, male chimps are only 123 percent the weight of females -- they've substituted co-operation for bulk.

As have we.

Further, we now know that successful cooperation by bonded groups of men -- such as a victory in a military exercise -- raises testosterone levels throughout the group.

And that winning a prize fight increases the victor's sperm count.

So there are biological reasons why so many of us are turned on by thoughts of strong men -- or great apes -- fighting.

And why we find male bonding to be such a high.

And why we find male bonding through a fight to be an even greater high.

So what frequently happens with men into frot is that we combine a combat scenario with an extreme male-bonding scenario, in which fighting leads to passionate love-making.

Is there a biological basis for our thoughts?

I don't know for certain -- but what I can say is that these sorts of fantasies supercede sexual orientation -- that is, gay guys, bi guys, and straight-identified guys all share these fantasies.

Indeed, often they are virtually identical.

And that suggests very strongly that the origin of these combat frot fantasies, like cock2cock itself, is not cultural, but biological.

Reply from Cockrub Warrior Roman

Hi there guys

There is so much good old-fashioned commonsense in this forum from almost everyone who contributes - and I am proud to call you all my brothers.

I was interested to read of Kumba's comments re the King Kong film and his reaction to the titanic clash of the monsters ! Such scenes have always thrilled me too - and whilst it is true, as Bill says, that I have often seemed to favour an arena type setting with spectators witnessing the clash of enormous cocks between the wrestlers, I am also very turned on by private scenarios (so well described by Andrew amongst others), and can definitely include such a scene between monsters.

I have always felt that there is something magnificent and primal about two naked male beasts simply hurling their bodies at one another in a titanic battle with almost no thought for their own safety, totally unconcerned as they clash naked and cock to cock in an almost death like struggle for sexual dominance. This raw and primal act has never failed to stir me, and whilst I believe that it is triggered by innate sexual rivalry (which is why all naked men look at each others cocks however briefly - this is not a gay thing or a straight thing - but an instinctive male reaction!), my own suspicion is that in most cases between human males, such a struggle would not be to the death.

From my own wrestling experiences, I have the greatest respect for any male who has the courage to wrestle naked, putting his entire body on the line. Win or lose (neither of which is that important to me), bonding most definitely occurs during the struggle - and it is often the case that only through common struggle will men bond. Without the restriction of clothes and all barriers down, it seems only natural that souls also come together.

For me, no other aspect of male-male communion comes even close to this - the blending of souls and bodies, face to face, chest to chest, belly to belly, cock to cock and balls to balls - two men struggling as equals, looking at each other deeply in the eyes, no secrets...............

Yes, like Kumba, I too can imagine King Kong and his monster rival clashing bodily and rubbing their enormous penises together in the struggle !!!!!!!!!! In fact Kumba, I am certain that far more people were turned on by that scene than you might imagine..........but few with the courage which you displayed in sharing it with your brothers here.

I could wax lyrical about this subject for a long time, but we all need our shuteye.

Peace my fellow cockrubwarriors - and if anyone is ever in London Uk and fancies a meeting.............


Reply from Cockrub Warrior Anthony

Hi guys,

First, I'd like to thank Andrew for bringing up the subject of superheroes.

I started reading comics when I was about 10 yrs. old.

Muscular superheroes in tights with nice bulges, such as Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Captain America, Aquaman, Daredevil, and others still fascinate me at 46. In my early teens, I started having frot fantasies between these superheroes. Those fantasies helped affirm my masculinity at a time in my life when I kept secret my sexual orientation.

I love frot, and it's great to be able to visit a website like this one which has so much to share.

Reply from Cockrub Warrior Kumba

And there is one link between Superman and King Kong:

I suppose you all know the Superman cartoons by Max Fleischer. I own a few episodes on video and among them my favourite is "Terror on the midway" where Superman has to fight a giant Gorilla running loose in the Circus which is truly terrific!

The gorilla grabs Superman by the leg and pulls him to his chest. they both fall from the Circus pylon to the ground and start wrestling wildly. Flames of a fire cast dramatic Shadows of the two wrestlers on the wall, the music also gets more and more dramatic, like an orgasm building up.

And then, there is this one shot: we can see Superman's gorgeous red-clothed back as he stems against the hairy, snorting King-Kong-ish Juggernaut who pushs Superman closer and closer to the viewer before tossing him against the pylon (and that's where the music reaches a dramatic climax).

I don't know what the creators originally intended with that shot, but for me it was was an irritating shot when I first saw it. I simply didn't know how to understand it but in a sexual way and as a hidden erotic variation on the "man and beast" theme.

Reply from Cockrub Warrior Randy

Hey guys,

After reading some of these posts, I realize why I have read comics all these years.

I've been reading comics since I was six and have included superheroes in many of my fantasies. I'd like to see a comic book where Superman and Batman frot, but thats probably just me. And when I took a comparative literature class in college, we read all the great epics like Gilgamesh and the Iliad. We spent an entire class talking about the homosexual relationship between Achilles and Patrocles; how their bond was the reason for Achilles' return to the war. Thinking back in my life, these stories have always inspired m2m fantasies for me. Even back in the day when I played with action figures I would create frot scenes (which at the time I didn't know what it was called).

To all the warriors out there, I would recommend any artwork by Alex Ross. He pencils/paints realistic graphic novels. So if you wanted to see what Superman or Wolverine might look like in real life, or just wanna see great superhero fight scenes, check him out. His work has definately given me some good frot fantasies.

Reply from Cockrub Warrior bill

to understand more about Achilles and Patroclus, see Mythic Identification and the Warrior Bond on the Heroes section of the site

and remember wrestling buddy superhero warrior dudes


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