wrestling and rubbing



wrestling and rubbing


I have read your philosphy before and I am in complete agreement.

I do not consider myself gay because I have never fallen "in love" with a guy. But m2m wrestling and rubbing is an area I bet more men wish they could explore without being looked down on in general.

I remember being young and roughhousing with one friend in particular who would let me just sit on his crotch. I still remember those feelings. In fact later in high school, when I became friends with a kid who wrestled, I was surprised when it never turned into anything more when we wrestled. He always just went for the pin and got right up.

These are great stories and I wish my life lent to more contribution. But thanks for being there and I will visit often.

Bill Weintraub

Re: wrestling and rubbing



another wonderful post -- you guys always blow me away

a couple things:

one is how we define ourselves

early on in the club i remarked to a guy that he was "bi," and he responded, well, i don't call myself "bi," cause my relational life is all with women -- i just have a few friends i like to fool around with

and then Nikos wrote in Greeks and Sex on this board that he was a str8 guy who likes to wrestle and cockrub with other str8 guys

and then just the other day a guy wrote to me that he's married with kids and his best bud's married with kids, and they rub cocks -- and they're very happy

so -- the thing that unites us here is that we're all men who like to have sex with men -- cock2cock -- and that's what's important

cause inevitably the old definitions will fall by the wayside as new forms of m2m come into prominence

the other thing that ray talked about was boyhood "roughhousing" and the feelings it aroused

that's another common denominator among us -- see for example Boyhood Brawling in Warriors Speak -- and there are a lot more like that one in Warriors Speak

so again the important thing is how our frot and wrestling desires start early -- and remain a source of joy for us throughout our lives


Robin James

Re: wrestling and rubbing


Hi Ray:

I am like you. It is a great feeling being on top of another man feeling his cock through your clothing and perhaps later, in bed naked.

I don't understand why if feels so good. It feels good remembering what it was like as a teen sitting on my friend cock 2 cock.

Email me, lets talk.

Bill Weintraub

Re: wrestling and rubbing


hi robin

it feels good because it's supposed to feel good

cock 2 cock is genital-to-genital sex, and all men are hardwired for that to feel good

the real question isn't why it feels so good, but why it's been suppressed

the answer basically is homophobia, but it plays out differently in different communities

among nongay people, homosexuality in general is viewed as bad, because it's believed to violate a religious prohibition, and because it's seen as emasculating

of course, the reality is that cock2cock is in no way emasculating -- rather, it strengthens masculinity and the bonds between men -- and the meaning and validity of the religious prohibition itself is hotly debated

among gay men, penetrative sex is pushed because it mimics heterosexual intercourse

the fact that anal penetration is a lot less pleasurable and a lot more dangerous than cock2cock is, at this point, less important to gay men than having sex based on the majority model

we can change that -- by publicizing frot and by offering an accurate and realistic assessment of the pleasure and risks inherent in anal penetration

and that's what this site is about

so though i understand why you wonder, asking why cock 2 cock feels good is like asking why sugar tastes sweet

cock 2 cock is a natural high, which you, like almost everyone else on the site, discovered on your own

no one had to teach you or initiate you or break you in

it was there, waiting for you, part of your birthright, yours simply by virtue of being a man


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