Warrior BradWrestle2000

Posted 5/1/01

I'll just get this discussion off to a start with three things that some of you also have thought about when you're jerking off in a wrestling/frot fantasy. Some of these may seem as un-hot as snow, but I just figure honesty has always made me hard, and maybe it'll get you talking honestly too.

1. At the point of rubbing to a climax, I think about the imaginary dude under me being inexperienced in all this, and I'm basically teaching him about what's about to happen, and others are watching me go through it with him, and if I've got enough willpower to actually talk out loud at that point, "Okay, let's keep our cocks together til they come," etc., then it's somehow more explosive.

2. Sometimes, even though I've been rubbing to the fantasy of a naked dude with his cock pressed next to mine, at the point of coming, I go back to picturing him just walking in the door, shyly taking his clothes off, with a whole of world of possibility about to happen. I guess as a kid I always dreamed about a real dude walkin through the door who was as shy as I was, versus a phony confident sort. The thought of another dude experimenting with wrestling/frot on the other side of my bedroom is just mind-blowing.

3. Finally, I sometimes come to the thought of a classic school boy pin happening underneath me, but with the additional angle that the hot guy underneath me has a stubby beard and is rubbing his chin against my thight at the same time as I'm rubbing my bulging cock against his upper shoulder and neck.

Okay, your turn. Just keep it honest, okay?

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bradwrestle2000's profile:

29, minnesota, pro wrestling on tv got me started way back, i'd hump my pillow while watching muscular young pro wrestlers, still think cock on cock is hottest, let's go speedo cum rubbing rules!

reply from bill

Okay, I'll play

Sometimes it's just being warm and loving, feelin the guy's cock under mine, being chest to chest and heart to heart, kissin and humpin - I'll do that if I'm thinkin bout Brett for example - so thinkin bout Brett under me as I'm cummin, rememberin his soft grunts, the feel of his balls

But a lot of the time it's fightin, really fightin the guy, and I'm tauntin him, really hard, saying c'mon man, thought you were tough man, c'mon man, show me what you got man, thought you could take me man, c'mon man, c'mon man, c'mon man, c'mon man, bearhuggin him tight and ruff, grapevinin his legs, maybe letting go just enough to exchange a few punches, tastin the blood and sweat, pantin and breathin hard, jammin my cock into his, slammin my chest into his, feelin our balls slappin, then poundin his cock with mine over and over and over, squeezing the pillow underneath my cock so it gets harder and harder and tighter and tighter till every part of my being is focused on our warring cocks

And we both explode

That fantasy goes back to when I was about 14 and used to get off thinkin bout fightin some of the bad kids in junior high - the JD types who really turned me on - and I've had it ever since

Body builders have never done it for me - what I fantasize about is street-fighter scrawny kids (teens) and roughed up adults - don't like pretty

Brett used to kid me about the sort of guys I would pick up and bring home - trady, but not real trade

The link between sex and male aggression is not well understood, but I think frot wrestlin and cock combat guys have a unique take on it, and I'll be writing more about that in Phallic Masculine Heroic

I'm super aware of male sex aggression cause I live on a ranch, and I see it in the animals. The business of this ranch is thoroughbred horses, but the owners, two women in their sixties, won't keep stallions anymore - 1500 lbs of raging male hormones are just too hard to handle.

So the mares are bred elsewhere, on ranches that have an entire crew just to deal with the stallions.

But right now we have a gelding here who's my best bud - I love hangin with him. He was a champion - he won a lot of races. And because he's just come off the track he's still pumped full of testosterone - so he's still incredibly male - almost beyond belief - it's like his whole body is cock - he's huge, every muscle rock hard, thick heavy veins - there are Greek vase paintings of what are called phallus horses - and I can see why

And because this county is open range, we get bulls on the ranch from time to time. They're incredible too - dangerous and they like to fight - and you understand why ancient peoples worshipped bulls.

And why the Spartans called the chief of their young warriors "Leader of the Bull Calves."

The Spartans made a science of managing male aggression and channeling that aggression through an intense system of training that produced fierce erotic bonds between warriors

Frot wrestling and cock combat dudes channel male aggression too - so how far are we from Novus Spartia?

reply from Warrior nybox43

REPLY: what do you think about when it's time to come?

As I feel I'm about to cum, I am usually finishing my opponent off as I have him locked and trapped in submission under my dick and ass. Because I associate the feeling of pleasure with power and aggression, I think of cumming as a sweet reward, a victory celebration sweeping from my dick to my ass, for being the greater man.

In my mind, as I start to have pre-cum mini orgasms, my thoughts are of how ultra masculine I am and how it is at the expense and humiliation of the loser beneath under my ass

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reply from Warrior Thomas

Got into my first cock fight at the age of 13 or 14 with a older neighbor boy who was 17. He helped out on our farm from time to time.

It became a regular routine and we would make it a point to cum on each others dick. Given our age, large cum shots and multiple cum shots were typical in our sessions -- our cocks were pretty soaked when we finished.

As I pointed my fine, brown hair cock straight at my friend's larger blond cock, cum would be oozing out of our tips. We would usually exchange eye stares. He would say that for a little guy, I had a tough dick. Sometimes I wanted to cum first and would get on top of him. Our ball sacs would be slapping together until the time came closer for us to cum. Then I would check out our bodies, saving the last look at our cocks being held together by his hand or mine. With that my cock was ready to cum so I would ask my friend to point by cock where he wanted me to cum (he always returned the favor). He would keep stroking me and point my cock either at his balls, shaft or cock head. And would say "my cock want to see what your cock can do".

That would do it as I would rocket a gallon of cum on his cock and he would stoke me until the last drop was out.

reply from Warrior Rob

My fantasies run along the same lines as Bills. I am usually thinking about fighting/wrestling a guy and one of us is about the dominate the other.

I fantasize heavily about cockfighting.I am trapped in a contest of wills. Will he cum first or will I?

Sometimes I think about fucking a guy's face after I have made him cum.


profile: 6'2", 212lbs, musc, masc, bm, 32y/o

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reply from bill

right rob

except that my fantasies never involve domination

when i'm taunting the guy, it's cause i want him to fight hard and cause i want his rage to grow so that it matches my own

but then when we cum -- and we always cum together -- the rage dissipates, it's shot into space with our jizz, and we let go totally and melt into each other

and we emerge into a transformed post-cum world in which we are warrior-lovers/comrades

that's why Gilgamesh is so important to me

so i get to assimilate his desirable qualities and he mine

we are complete equals, and completely devoted partners

and in the ultimate form of this fantasy, through this process i discover in him, and he in me, the only person in the universe either can trust

the power of this fantasy when i was a teen lay in that reality -- there was no one i could trust as a teen with either aspect of this -- the fighting or the sex

by fighting me, getting hard with me, and then cumming with me, the other boy reveals that he too is an outlaw -- and that he desires me -- crucial confessions

question for rob: when you were fighting with Odie did you want to

a) dominate him
b) have him dominate you
c) neither
d) both
e) something else entirely?


reply from Warrior grindonme2

Hey! From one Brad to another - cause that's my name - I love the opportunity your entry gives to share those hot, intimate and true thoughts. When it's time for me to cum, all sorts of possibilities open up for me. One is close to Brad's: I recall the fantasies I had about young friends who I never got to frot with....there's the innocent sensual joy of feeling his cock hard and throbbing against mine. As I cum, I long to recapture that innocence. Another exciting image is inspired by stories like Bill's, where a bunch of guys are watching two guys frot, and it gets them so hot that they get naked and start to grind cocks together....a cockrub orgy.

Here's a true story: in my junior year of college, I was cast in a summer stock company up in Eureka, California. I got to play the title role in a musical version of Tom Sawyer. The actor in me was incredibly excited, but so was the emerging gay boy. I made a promise to myself that I would sleep with the guy playing Huck Finn. I made this promise sight unseen! It seemed right that these two fast friends from literary mythology should make love to each other.

When I got to Eureka, I met the young man playing Huck. He was older than me and fairly stocky...not at all as I would picture Huck. But he was a lot of fun and, it turned out, a total slut! By the end of the first week or so, we were in his bed and our cocks were grinding together. We slept together many times that summer (and he broke my heart by sleeping with any man - or woman - who would have him.) But I will always hold dear the fact that I recreated mythology by bringing Huck and Tom's cocks together.

P.S. I also slept with the actor playing Mark Twain.....he was even cuter!

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reply from Warrior Rob

To answer your question Bill. Sometimes when I fought Odie I wanted to dominate him. Sometimes I wanted him to dominate me. And sometimes I just wanted to play.



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