The Essence of Love
Between Men



The Essence of Love Between Men


the essence of love between men

the connection between frontal sex, male intimacy, heroism, and struggle

to fight in order ultimately to love

note from bill:

in just three days i have received, completely independently of each other, three essays from three different men -- Warrior Rob's Heroic Masculinity, Warrior CowboyAngel's sacred male bonding, and this brilliant and incisive note from a new warrior (who wishes to remain anonymous) which i've titled The Essence of Love Between Men -- on the themes of masculinity, heroism, and the sanctity of male bonding.

of course i'm gratified to see men responding, as i believed they would, to the idea of heroic homosex, but i've also learned, as i find i always do, from these posts

i've said before that the club and our movement is a collaboration, and that's true

from the first emails i received from Warriors Don F, cumbat1, and Vic Logan, through the remarkable posts of Warriors like Chuck Tarver, Andrew64, Samuel, the Cockster, BradWrestle, GentleWarriorBrad, NYBox43, David McQuarrie -- and of course i can't list all the names -- there are more than 100 now -- right down to Warriors FrotWrestler and LatinoRubMan -- you guys have shaped, challenged, and changed my thinking

so in everything i write there's something of each of you

and i'm honored to know you

please read this most recent in a long line of stunning statements from men speaking their hearts



Dear Bill--

A friend of yours in New York referred me to your website. It's a work of art and radically overdue.

I think you have encapsulated the essence of homosexual love between men, which is completely lost in the Christopher Street / Chelsea (lack of) culture. The connection between frontal sex, male intimacy, heroism, and struggle: It all makes sense now, and I see that my own fantasies reflect exactly this scenario (probably an ancestral legacy encapsulated somewhere in the Y chromosome and memorialized in myth -- the scientific counterparts of a Jungian "archetype"). I even see how many of my own tumultuous interactions with other men on a purely mundane, day-to-day business level (which have caused me no small trouble) are expressions of this same impulse to fight in order ultimately to love. Even now, one of my warmest professional relationships is with a colleague with whom I fought nastily and bitterly soon after we met. He is straight but gay-friendly, and probably more than that as I suspect.

The recapitulation of the Gilgamesh epic says it all--the "gods" in this case being the surrounding culture that resents being excluded from the intimate love between two men, who in a sense "stand up against the world," not letting others into their secretly intimate world.

I am not and never have been an athlete myself, but I have always wondered how wrestlers must feel when they are pinned against each other. I know now and also know why they engage in wrestling--it's male love that is condoned by "the gods" because it is allowed to go up to struggle but not beyond. That must be very frustrating for the wrestlers. At least before they reach the locker room.

The most intense orgasm I ever had was with a guy that I met in a park in Athens. We found a secluded corner of the park and he found a discarded box that we used as our bed. We lay down and plowed over each other frontally as we lay in each others arms, face to face, kissing intensely. The power of the orgasm spent me completely.

I support your efforts to make heroic homosex a movement--a cultural and in some ways (within the gay world, at least) a political movement.




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