His + Mine = OURS



His + Mine = OURS


In the above post (Euphoric Rubbing) and in Bill's reply, again we witness the possibilities for real masculine union through genital mating. Instead of just "gettin' off," buddies can experience the SHARED sensations together and often achieve simultaneous orgasm.

It was my college bud that first used the expression OUR climax to describe the sense of UNION felt intimately as we ejaculated together. The incredible feeling of having become ONE with each other was only possible for us by mating male anatomy for true feelings of completion in one shared climax....OURS.

This is a phenomenon two young guys were able to achieve without much practice, and in fact happened so naturally that we got hooked on it from the gitgo. Admittedly I couldn't tell after the first couple seconds, if the semen was his or mine and it didn't matter anyway because we were "doin' it" together, and it became OUR climax.

This union between males (as guys) is something positive we need to promote more because it IS possible and a fuckin' beautiful thing for buds to experience.

Don F

Bill Weintraub

Re: His + Mine = OURS


that's right Don -- and we're to promote it everywhere we can

because we have a special knowledge of what's possible between two men

and it's our responsibility to share that knowledge

you know dudes

sometimes when i'm feelin frustrated or low

i run into one of our guys on another site

or get an email from someone

or see a new post from someone like Don

someone who understands and shares our ideals

someone who knows what it means to be a man who loves other men


naked wrestler



the cockster

eros v


chuck tarver

greg from croatia



oscar vallejo

beagle jones

greg milliken

these are all beautiful men

true warriors

being around them is uplifting

being among them is empowering

just hangin with them is ennobling

Heroic Homosex and Cockrub Warriors are for those men

unfortunately there are a lot of guys out there who are cynical, and jaded, and who have let their lives be destroyed by the hate that's thrown at them

and who, if we let them, would destroy our lives in turn

i've been out for thirty years -- and i've seen the effects of self-hate all too often

so in this club and on this site i've drawn a line -- the way a single Roman senator did in the sand outside of Alexandria when an ancient alien army was about to destroy it -- and i've said -- the sleaze, the raunch, the drugs, the drag, the promiscuity -- cannot cross that line

i've said take it somewhere else -- go anywhere u like in this wide world, but don't bring those agents of self-loathing onto this site and into our lives

and i'll continue to do that

for brad and greg and bob and andrew and mart and ken and david and don and chuck and scott and rob -- and all the others, the tens of thousands of men who understand and are ready to throw off the centuries of oppression

and live


Don F

Re: His + Mine = OURS


As always, Bill's kind supportive words are gratefully appreciated.

The point being that simply being "anti" something (such as anti-anal) out there in the trenches of misery and self loathing that often characterize "gay" (non-sequitur) society is not enough. Here on this forum, we proudly proclaim our maleness and the beauty of sharing those fundamental masculine feelings with another through genital mating.

We are PRO cock-to-cock.....defiantly challenging the he/she culture by advocating the true homosexual union of male anatomy. Not as a substitute for penetration, but in fact the REAL THING.....the main event enabling male union in the most direct and intimate experience by joining cocks and balls and sharing the culmination of masculinity together as equals.

Those of us who KNOW what it's like need to put our feelings into words that can inspire those "real guys" out there who may have only an unfulfilled need and no idea how to share it. Yeah. When you feel your buddy cum with you it's special 'cause you're joining honestly as males.

It's a quintessential masculine experience that needs to be trumpeted for the beauty of it.



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