Bill Weintraub

Sleazy or Heroic?


Because this site is about m2m sex, and because it's on the internet, some people who are new to the site assume it's about sleaze too.

It's not.

Cockrub Warriors and Heroic Homosex are political sites seeking to

  • Empower men into Frot and break the deathgrip of anal penetration on the lives of men who have sex with men;

  • Change the culture of men who have sex with men from one of anal promiscuity and effeminacy to one of phallic fidelity and masculinity; and,

  • Present to them an heroic ethos and offer them an heroic ethic.


Because no matter what the present gay male leadership may think, you can't build a community around anal penetration, effeminacy, and kink -- it's like basing a relationship on a suicide pact -- it simply won't last -- either people will opt out, or they'll die.

For the sake of their bodies and souls, the men on this site have opted out of mainstream gay male culture: they've said no to anal, no to effeminacy, no to promiscuity, and no to sleaze.

And yes to phallus, yes to freedom, yes to equality, yes to masculinity, yes to health, and yes to loyalty and love between brave men.

That's what the site is about -- the beauty and spirituality of the uniquely male act of phallic mating.

Mating -- not promiscuous rubbing.

And bonding -- not meaningless sex.

Wouldn't you rather have that?

Love with another man as strong and noble as you are.

An unbreakable bond with a bro and best bud who's as decent and caring as you.

Someone you like.

Someone you love.

Isn't that better?

Isn't that what it's about?



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