Donations are way too low

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Donations are way too low


Donations are way too low.

I understand that people have been donating, and properly so, to tsunami relief.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that while literally tens of millions worldwide will donate to that cause, only a very few will donate to this one.

The tsunami relief effort has many, many supporters.

This one very few.

And without those few, this effort will die.

We need donations now.


If you've already donated to tsunami relief and have little money to spare, donate a small sum: as I keep saying, $5 once a month is ideal.

And if you can donate more, do.

But above all, DONATE.

My sense is that far too few of you understand what's at stake here.

Yesterday we had two new posts about the dangers and realities of anal penetration: Is Anal Penetration Pleasurable? and The Cycle of Abuse.

And we revisited Robert Lorspir's The Ultimate Defeat.

What these posts make clear is the damage anal penetration is doing not just to the health of men who have sex with men, but to their psyches and spirits as well.

And that's what this is about: a battle not just for the lives but for the souls of men who love men.

In my reply to Is Anal Penetration Pleasurable, I quoted from a recent speech by pioneering AIDS activist Larry Kramer, who spoke of gay men *murdering* each other through anal penetration.

He's right.

And that too is what this is about: murder.

Physical murder.

Psychological murder.

Spiritual murder.

Physical murder -- by the gift givers.

Pyschological murder -- by the ASOs and their safer-sex boyz.

And spiritual murder -- the work of an entire subculture.

Only we are opposing these forces.

The pansexualists aren't -- they're aiding and abetting them.

And the religious right isn't -- it wants to see all men who love men destroyed, and the love of man for man, part of God's creation and God's loving plan, wiped from the face of the earth.

That's the reality.

Only we stand opposed to these two vast and enormously rich forces of evil: the analists and the "religious" right.

We cannot successfully oppose them without raising money of our own.

Not possible.

Yet we have the numbers to generate the money we need.

You have the strength to fight these people -- if you will only find the courage to do so.

There are two other new posts on this Personal Stories board.

In Heroes United, Orlando, a gay-identified man, speaks of how his analist "friends" called him "the last unicorn" -- that is, the last of his kind -- because he wouldn't do anal.

I reassured him that far from being the last, he was in the vanguard of a new sexual revolution: Frot.

And in a man through and through, Chaz, a straight-identified guy, says

I'll never be anyone's bitch and I would never want him to be mine.

I enjoy sex and romantic love with women, and will most likely get married at some point. Yet with guys, there is something really crucial and rewarding as well. Sexual love with men is different from women. I don't need to penetrate or be penetrated. I like it face to face, heart to heart, cock to cock - nothing like it.

face to face, heart to heart, cock to cock - nothing like it.

Which culture will prevail?

Whose model of happiness will you be constrained to follow?

The analist: a culture built on promiscuity, effeminacy, and anal penetration?

A world of disease, death, and dissembling?

Or that of the Alliance, Frot Men, and Heroic Love?

An m2m world in which masculinity is prized, fidelity is honored, and sex is phallic, an expression of equality and love between men.

Theirs is a culture of disease, death, and lies.

Ours is a world of health, life, and truth.

Only you can decide which will prevail.

Fight back.

And take back your sweet and only life.



Re: Donations are way too low.


brothers donate your money to this cause...

dont use the tsunamis relief efforts as an excuse...i gave money to that fund and i gave money to this cause...

i live on a very meager salary...i work long hours...i donate my time to people who are the victims of anal rape...i donate my time and my money to this cause...

there is NO excuse for not donating $5 a month...most of you pay three to six times that much money on cable or satellite television...

$5 a month...$60 a year...thats $600 in a decade...some of you spend that much money on cigarettes...what a reason to quit smoking...give that money to this cause and forget those cancer sticks...

$5 a month...thats less money than most of you spend on beer and other alcoholic drinks...go sober for a month and use the money you would spend on beer to support this cause...

Bill...what it comes down to is the unwillingness of the brothers to sacrifice...Bill has sacrificed for years to protect men from disease and psychological trauma...and most of you wont sacrifice $60 a year to help this cause...which is aimed at protecting your life...and the life of so many men who are at risk of contracting AIDS...or suffering severe psychological problems...

Get out your check books...write out a check for $60 and send it to Bill...what could be simpler than wont even notice it by your next pay check...

$5 a month...thats less than what you will spend at a restaurant for a single meal...skip those lunches out for a week...brown bag it...and send the money to is as simple as that...

there you have at least three ways you can afford to send money to Bill to support this excuses...

there is nothing worse than having to shame MEN into doing something as simple as giving money to a worthy cause...

$5 a bet if you open up your wallet right now you probably have a dollar in it...i am guessing you piles of change sitting on a bureau or night stand...collect it and send it to Bill...simple as that...

if somebody said let's have a kegger...i am guessing most of you wouldnt hesitate to go to the liquor store and buy ten dollars worth of booze...or you would be willing to shell out a $5 door fee to get into the give up those parties for a month and send the money to is as simple as that...

i can go on...i am tired of seeing Bill plead with you for money...the man has too much else to do than beg you for men...or as i tell my kids where i want to call yourselves warriors...but you arent even willing to part with some cash...what happens when people come knocking at your door and want to send you away for being they did in Nazi Germany and Communist'll think back and say...gee i should have spent a few dollars to help Bill...then blam blam...two bullets to the back of your head...thats what happens BOYS...when good men fail to stand up to evil...its not fantasy...its historical either wake out some cash...start supporting this site with your ideas...or sit idly by and be sheep...



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