NEW: Warrior Christendom and WARRIORS!

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

NEW: Warrior Christendom and WARRIORS!


We have two NEW webpages up -- Robert Loring's Warrior Christendom, and WARRIORS!, a page which includes posts from George, Naked Wrestler, Robert, and myself.

WARRIORS examines ancient Greek, early Roman, and barbarian-Medieval attitudes towards the male-male warrior bond; and explains the very important warrior concept of vir -- virilis -- virtus:

that is, the relationship between being a man, being manly, and possessing virtue.

While Robert's Warrior Christendom discusses the warrior ethos in both the Old and New Testaments, and in the person of Jesus, and how that ethos relates to masculinity.

Between them, then, these two pages examine two of the most important components of Western culture:

that of the Warrior Greeks, Romans, and northern barbarian peoples such as the Celts and the Teutons, who had a strong emphasis on the free association of men and resistance to tyranny;

and that of the Judeo-Christian tradition, which, as Robert points out, "is a religion of Soldiers and Warriors!"

To repeat: these two elements, one pagan-barbarian, the other Judeo-Christian, are what make Western culture, which is being taken up by people worldwide, the great gift to humanity that it is.

Yet everywhere today, the warrior ethic, and masculinity itself, is under attack.

Robert points out that "Christ was a perfect example of a masculine male."

Yet, warns Robert, at the hands of the effeminists and the politically correct,

Males are becoming soft. Males are becoming something the Creator never intended them to be and that includes Christian males today. The innate WARRIOR in most men today, Christian or otherwise, is already DEAD! Yet, unrealized by these males is that it is the Warrior within us and every male that is our strength. Without the innate Warrior within us the male has NO STRENGTH.

Masculinity and the innate Warrior within.

Why do we talk about that here -- in this forum and in the Alliance?

Wouldn't our lives be easier if we just pretended that masculinity, and particularly the masculinity of men who love men, was unimportant?


But masculinity is important.

Masculinity is that which is natural to a man.

Again: Masculinity is that which is natural to a man.

Male sexuality is expressed phallically, in the way which is natural to a man.

Thus our Man2Man Alliance formulation:

That's what this is about.

Forget disease.

Don Frazer has long said we pay too much attention to what is a buttboy problem.

I agree.

We're not into dick2dick cock2cock cockrub Frot because of HIV.

We're into Frot because WE ARE MEN AND FROT IS NATURAL TO MEN.



If you're a man, you express your sexuality through your manhood.


Like Doug said in memories reawakened:

Guys are supposed to hump chest to chest.

And cock to cock.

What does gay culture say?

Gay culture is like the religious right.

It pays lip service to one thing while its actions promote another.

Go to any gay male dating / hook-up site, and you'll see guys "looking for a masculine man."

But what are they seeking to do with that man?

Engage in an act which degrades and destroys manhood.

What's the ideology behind that act?

That masculinity is evil, and that it's good for a man to be effeminized by being penetrated anally, because so doing robs him of his "masculine privilege."

Essential to that ideology -- not incidental but essential -- is the dichotomy between "gay men" and "straight men."

"Straight men" are masculine and masculinity is oppressive and bad.

"Gay men" have, through penetration, lost their masculine edge, and are thus liberated.

That's the ideology.

What does that mean for men, whether gay-identified or straight-identifed or just plain bi, who are masculine and who cherish their masculinity?

It means their place in the world -- as Robert points out, both in the churches and in the larger society -- is being destroyed.

And as Robert says, the implications of that destruction are huge:

The natural male is being turned into an UNNATURAL unisexed male. Yet, some think all this will have no effect on a male in his spirit and mind but I assure you when you replace something natural with something that is unnatural, trouble ALWAYS follows especially in the realms of the mind and spirit.

Warrior Christendom, and WARRIORS!

Richly illustrated and not to be missed.

And guys, don't forget that we now have six index pages, listing more than 450 separate webpages, of Warriors Speak.

This is an enormous Frot Man / Cockrub Warrior resource.

Use it.

Use it for your authentic liberation as a MAN who loves MEN.

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